Exclusive Memory

Chapter 104 Making Enemies

After leaving Sheila's room, Ashley was finally relieved. She had a dinner at home. Since she hadn't
been back home for a long time, Samuel had been very kind to her. Generally at this time, Sheila must
be very jealous. It was probably because what Ashley said to her in the afternoon worked. After having
a good meal, Sheila behaved herself during the meal. Ashley was happy with the result. She went to
bed early after dinner.

After finishing playing cards and coming back home in the afternoon, Gloria felt that Sheila was even
more strange than before. However, no matter how Gloria asked her, Sheila didn't answer her question.
When she heard the gossips from the servants that Ashley had visited Sheila, she blamed it on Ashley.

As soon as Ashley went to bed after washing, she heard a knock at the door. Then she opened the
door in her slippers and a slap came to her face.

How skilled was Ashley? How can she be plotted? She immediately stepped back and dodged
successfully. Gloria's slap was hit on Ashley, but it hit the doorknob all of a sudden, and she
immediately bared her teeth in pain.

Ashley sneered in her heart, but pretended to be kind and said, "Auntie Gloria, are you okay? I'll ask
my father to come and see you."

Holding her injured hand, Gloria said, "you're such a bitch. You always provoke disputes every time you
come back. You're asking for your father's help. Your father and his friend are out."

It turned out that Samuel was not at home. No wonder that Gloria dared to find fault with her. However,
since Samuel was not at home, Ashley did not want to be entangled with this old woman. Without
hesitation, she slammed the door.

Gloria never expected Ashley didn't not follow the common rules at all. Unable to dodge Ashley's
attack, Gloria was hit on the forehead again and screamed in pain!

A servants rushed over and asked, "are you all right, madam?"

A gust of fury swept over Gloria, but she felt it was inappropriate to shout at the servant. Just like her
stomach was full of anger, she was so furious that she wanted to tear Ashley into pieces. She gritted
her teeth and said, "Ashley, open the door. I have something to tell you."

Ashley raised her eyebrows. A sneer hung on the corners of her mouth. What Gloria wanted was to
threaten her, beat her and blame her. She would not look for trouble for herself. She started to revenge
on Sheila, and then she would revenge on Gloria. Ashley turned a deaf ear to every word the woman
said outside the door. She did skincare, turn off the light, and then went to sleep.

At seven o'clock in the morning, Ashley was supposed to arrive at the crew. She got up at five o'clock
and went downstairs. It was still very quiet in Fang family. The sky outside the house was still not
completely bright. The air was filled with the unique cool air of early autumn. Ashley was wearing a thin
coat and walked out of the villa with some clothes that she found in the wardrobe. When she walked
out, Jamie had been waiting for her in the car for a long time.

They had breakfast bought by Jamie in the car. After eating it, Ashley lay in the back seat and closed
her eyes to get some more sleep. When she arrived at the destination, she was woken up by the noise
from outside.

No matter how breathtaking they had been outside the past two days, the filming at the sanatorium was
still busy as usual, and it was about to come to an end. The filming would be taken at the next site next

Last night, Chase had a ray cut in the editing room until two days later. After breakfast in the hotel
dining room, he went to the editing room to check the progress. "How's it going?"

"I'll have a rough cut right away." The film cutter was sitting in front of the computer and his whole body
had been transformed into a statue. Only the fingertips of the keyboard could tell that he was still alive,

"I haven't seen Penny in these two days."

"They have asked for leave, and they will come today," said Chase.

"Although Penny is a supporting role, but her part seems like a leading role after we cut the film." The
film cutter kept on working with his fingers without any delay.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to Chase. It was not that Penny acted like the leading role, but that
Ashley was so brilliant that she had changed a supporting actress into the leading role.

"In comparison with the urban love between doctors and patients' family members, the innate mental
disease and the taboo love between brother without blood relationship is even more interesting." The
film cutter kept his body unmoved, his eyes fixed on the screen of the computer, and continued with her

Chase was moved, but he considered more things. "The script has been confirmed. Even if they revise
it, they can't modified in large scale like this. The production time is too long. If the shooting time was
delayed for one more day, they would also spend more money. The investor will also be in trouble."

The statue remained its rough cut. He finally stretched out his arm that had been stiff for the whole
night. He didn't move for a long time, and his bones crunched up when he stretched. Turning his head,
he was a man with stubble on his face. He said, "it was just a casual talk. The cut is really troublesome.
We work and get paid. Just chat freely! Don't take it to your heart!"

When he got up in the morning, Hazel wanted to have breakfast with the director and talk about work
with him. Upon hearing that the director went to the edit room, she wanted to see the cut, so she went
in drowsy steps.

The door of the editing room was left unlocked. She walked to the door and heard from the people
inside that they were discussing the production process. She had to wait there. She didn't mean to

eavesdrop, but people inside the room changed the topic about changing the leading role. Her sleepy
mind suddenly became clear.

"At the beginning, I liked the supporting role, Penny, but it was a pity that the supporting role wasn't
paid high." Chase's implication was that the low salary for supporting role meant that the performance
quality of the actress they found was not good enough. She might unable to perform well Penny. "We
didn't expect that Ashley joined unexpectedly, and the more you shoot, the more interesting she was."

Before other film cutter finished their work, this rough man was faster than them. He had already
finished his own work before the others were still immersed in their work. "I heard that Mr. Francis had
planned to let Ashley act the leading role, but she required to play Penny herself."

Chase yawned and said, "yes."

Once again, the rough man urged, "Mr. Francis likes the actress very much. Maybe it's not a big deal to
ask him to change the script."

Chase laughed immediately, "why do you still think about that?"

The rough man scratched his head and laughed, "it will take a year and a half to make a play. Nice
scripts are scarce, and I just want to make an elaborate one.

Hazel stood outside the door, feeling more and more dreadful. She had never encountered such a thing
since she started her career. The preheated advertisement had been done, and all press released that
she as heroine. If Chase would, indeed, really cut her from the first heroine to the second heroine, that
would be a shame!

Hazel didn't listen anymore, but got angry, and tiptoed out of the editing room quietly. At the beginning
of the trial, when she saw Ashley, she felt a sense of crisis. She felt that this woman would probably be

a strong opponent in the show business in the future. There were only a few good scripts in the circle
each year. And sometimes, a good play could make a star famous.

To her surprise, the competition came so fast.

When Hazel arrived at the film site with her assistant, she saw Ashley and Dylan talking with each
other. She was really jealous of her beauty, acting skill, connection and passion. Many people had
worked hard to get these, but to Ashley, It seemed as if she was born with them.

Soon after, Francis also arrived at the filming site and brought some snacks and juice to Ashley.
Considering the scandals of Ashley some time ago, her intimate relationship with Francis was already
obvious. Although she did not know what was going on with their marriage, Francis' care with Ashley
was real. The chat between Chase and the film cutter was still sounding in her ears. Since Ashley
could choose the leading and second role, it was not a big deal to change the role of the heroine.

Thinking of it, Hazel suddenly became jealous and hateful.

The treatment of Penny was at the later stage, so she could only correct some of her small problems.
But it was still impossible to correct her send of value. Finally, with the help of Eugene's feelings
towards Aaron, the hero of the play, she planned to train Penny's behaviors through coldness and
reward. After addressing the dispute between the heroine Lydia and the heroine Aaron, Aaron
conceded and accepted the treatment.

The video they shot that day was to treat Penny.

After the shooting began, Ashley obviously felt that Hazel was hostile. Although Hazel had been
indifferent to her before, she had never been so obvious against Ashley. She would block the shooting
and be unwilling to cooperate with her, and steal scene... What's more, she had been very professional
and made it foolproof. After a whole day's shooting, Chase had scolded Ashley many times.

In the evening, when she was taking a rest, Kerr gave her a shoulder massage. Sitting on the horse,
Ashley thought of the unusual behavior of Xavier this day and felt that something was wrong. "Kerr,
during the two days when I was away, is there anything wrong on the film set?"

Jamie was busy with cleaning. "I don't know. I've been making up your sleep deficit in the hotel these

Maybe she thought too much. Hazel didn't like Ashley from the very beginning. Maybe she just disliked
Ashley more after staying for a long time.

A security guard outside the nursery trotted over. "Ashley, someone is looking for you. A woman said
she is your friend."

A woman was looking for her? She didn't have many female friends. Was it June? She might not have
time to come here since she was busy with her work. "Jamie, Let's go outside and have a look."

After leading Jamie through the fitness area and the lawn, they came to the outside of the sanatorium.
As the night fell, a slightly fat woman in a camel coat outside the sanatorium turned her head. It was

It suddenly dawned on Ashley that why Linda was here.

"Ashley, sorry to bother you," Linda smirked. There was an obvious fawning and flattering smile on her
face because she wanted ask Ashley for help.

Ashley disliked Linda. And besides, she was in a bad mood, but she didn't show it on her face. Instead,
she put up a smile and said, "come on in. There are reporters outside the nursery."