Exclusive Memory

Chapter 102 Love Between Men And Women

However, she stopped her thought as soon as it came to her mind. Not to mention that Jasper had a
girlfriend, even if he was single now, she could not have any sexual relationship with him. If she really
had sex with Jasper for momentary pleasure, Ashley couldn't imagine what would happen to them after
they woke up.

If they had sexual relation, what was her relationship with Jasper? Did they become lovers? But Jasper
had Sara. Wasn't she a mistress? Ashley hated being a mistress.

What's more, even if Jasper had broken up with Sara, she couldn't started to be with him. Jasper could
not accept her in his heart, she could not either. Jasper always persisted that he would never get
married. She couldn't let her become a second Sara.

If they didn't make up, they would regard each other as a one night stand. But as an artist, it was
inevitable for her to come into contact with him at work. How could she face him?

Under the effect of drug, a man and a woman stayed alone for a long night. She dared not say how
strong self-control she had. Not to mention her, Jasper, as a man, if he really wanted to do something,
she couldn't stop him.

Believing that fighting Jasper was a decent person, she didn't mind be with him in the corridor, but now
she realized that she had made an absurd decision.

She had been in a dilemma, but Sheila didn't struggle about this.

The drug in the calla quickly evaporated into the air, while Sheila was sucking, even if Ethan poured
herself under the shower, Sheila was experienced that she was not so resolute after being affected for
a long time.

Sheila didn't know it was because of the aphrodisiac, she felt a bit hot so he wanted to take a shower.
Then she went to the bathroom to urge Ethan.

"Ethan, have you done?" Her voice was delicate and soft, with unstable breath. When she heard it
herself, Sheila was shocked.

Ethan had been enduring for a long time. Hearing her beloved girl's shout outside the bathroom, he
couldn't help but said in a hoarse voice, "I've almost done. Wait a minute."

The man's voice lit up the fire in her body. For some unknown reason, Sheila opened the bathroom's
door. When they looked at each other, they both had lust in their bodies, and suddenly they couldn't
control themselves.

With her hair dripping, Jasper half knelt down at the washing basin. His clothes were half dry and in a

His thought was different from that of Ashley, but they were almost the same. Years ago, he had made
a mistake and then Nelson was born, so he didn't make the same mistake.

As Jasper bit his tongue, the blood, sweet and salty taste immediately filled his mouth. He stood up
with the help of a wash basin, and said to the person behind him, "don't soaked in the cold water for too
long. Otherwise you will get sick. Go outside and sit on the sofa."

Ashley still trusted him. She knew that he wouldn't do anything harmful to her, so she climbed out of the
bathtub without thinking too much.

Outside the bathroom was a meeting room, on which there was a table, a sofa and a tea table. With
her legs and feet supporting the wall, she walked outside weakly. As soon as she left the bathroom,
she heard a "bang" inside. Ashley turned her head in shock, only to see that Jasper had plunged into
the bathtub filled with cold water.

At that moment, she could rest assured that Jasper would not do anything to hurt her.

However, at this moment, she was inexplicably filled with resentment. She could not figure it out. She
dragged her weak body to the sofa beside the tea table. Her shaking legs could no longer hold on, and
she bit on the sofa.

The two of them stayed up all night in the room, separating by a door.

They didn't know how long the efficacy lasted. When it was over, Ashley fell asleep. She woke up
naturally the next morning. It was a sunny day. She just woke up, and her brain was not clear at first.
Looking at a strange environment, she suddenly felt it was hard to tell what happened last night.

Sitting up from the sofa, she thought for a while and realized that Jasper was still in the bathroom. She
stood up all of a sudden and was about to into the bathroom. She felt dizzy because of her
hypoglycemia now. As soon as she sat down again, her phone vibrated. Covering her dizzy head,
Ashley picked up the phone on the floor and found it was from Dylan.

"Hello." Her voice was hoarse.

"I've called you so many times. What took you so long to answer?" said Dylan angrily.

"I just woke up."

"Look, what time did you wake up?"

Ashley turned her head to look at the clock on the wall. It was 10:10 now Ten o'clock!

Her sleepiness was gone at once. She's finished! She should be on time to the filming site at seven
o'clock this morning. "Where are you now? Brother Dylan."

"I'm at the site."

"……" Ashley was so desperate that she had no companion with her.

"Don't worry. I have asked a day off for you. As for the work, you don't have to worry about it. But
you..." Speaking of this, Dylan was a little hesitant. He asked timidly, "are you all right?"

Hearing that, Ashley was a little embarrassed. She coughed and said, "Mr. Jasper is a real gentleman.
Don't worry, Brother Dylan. I'm fine."

"That's good, that's good..." Hearing that, Dylan finally put down his uneasiness, and said, "I guess our
plan worked yesterday. I saw Sheila and Ethan walk out of the room this morning, Sheila's pale, and
Ethan standing beside her with fear and trepidation."

Ashley supported herself against the wall and walked to the bathroom. "It's good. Are they able to
figure out the aphrodisiac?"

"No, that drug will be evaporated and no one will find it out."

Sheila spent the whole night with Ethan. The next morning, when she woke up, she felt that the sky
was falling. Francis was trying to break up with her. If he knew it, their relation would be over.

She warned Ethan not to tell anyone about it. But Ethan was not a fool. He took the opportunity to
make further requirements and asked for maintaining a relationship. Otherwise, he would tell Francis
what happened between them. Sheila had no chips for negotiation but agreed reluctantly. That was
Dylan saw Sheila come out of the room with a sullen face.

After leaving the club, Sheila was going to buy some contraceptive pills. As a gentleman, Ethan would
never let her to buy it herself. So she got out of the car and went to the pharmacy. Sheila knew that she
had to spin things out for as long as possible. Ethan had his own considerations. When he went to the
pharmacy to buy pills, he bought a packet of vitamins. She went back to the car, opened the package,
unscrewed the bottle, and handed the water and the pill to Sheila.

Sheila was so disturbed that she drank the water without checking the medicine.

In the club, after hanging up Dylan's call, Ashley opened the door of the bathroom. However, what she
saw surprised her again -- Jasper was still in the bathtub!

He had soaked in it for so long!

In a hurry, Ashley dragged him to the floor, and shouted, "Jasper! Don't sleep any more, Jasper!" The
man didn't respond. Ashley pulled him out and tested his forehead. It was cold.

"Jasper! Jasper!" She slapped and pinched him, but he did not respond at all.

It was quiet in the room with only the sound of flowing water. Ashley felt that her heart was going to
stop beating. If anything happened to Jasper, she... She didn't dare to think about what would happen
to herself.

She called the ambulance as soon as possible. Then she touched the man's head, which had already
been burning. He must have got a fever for some time. She didn't discover it till now because he was
soaked in cold water.

The club was surrounded by convenient traffic. The ambulance arrived in five minutes. The medical
staff got Jasper on the car, and Ashley followed them. After they arrived at the hospital, Jasper was
sent to the emergency room.

Ashley stood in the corridor, looking at the doctors and nurses coming in and out of the emergency
room. She felt as if her heart was dug into a hole. She was flustered and empty.

"Is that Ashley?" A woman doctor in white coat came over.

Stunned, Ashley slowly nodded her head.

"I guess you are. Come with me to deal with the wound."

Following the doctor's gaze, Ashley found her arms, hands and legs scratched by herself last night.
The blood on the wounds had clotted, and they were all insignificant superficial wounds. She shook her
head and said, "I'll wait here. These injuries are not serious."

"But if you stay here, I'm afraid there will be something unpleasant." The doctor said with a concerned
look on her face, "you don't look very well now. You'd better follow me to tidy up. Standing here won't
help much."

Her clothes were disheveled, so was her hair, and her arms and legs were stained with blood. It was
truly sensational. After weighing the pros and cons, she decided to obey the doctor and followed her to
her office.

After the wound was treated, she went to the bathroom to wash her face and tied up her messy hair.
Although she didn't wear make-up, she could finally go out to meet people in a decent manner.

Knowing that she couldn't handle everything on her own, Ashley called Henry. Henry was so efficient
that he didn't ask anything. After he arrived at the hospital and went to pay the bills.

Wearing the medical mask that the doctor gave her, Ashley waited by the wall in front of the emergency
room. She looked at the door with anxiety and was in a trance.

Because of many warnings, because Jasper has Sara, and because of many reasons... Ashley thought
she was by his side, so she controlled her heart and treated him as a friend, colleague and boss. She
deceived herself and made herself almost believe. However, the moment she saw Jasper lying in the
bathtub quietly, all her feelings burst out from her heart.

Why did she vent your anger on Sara? She knew well that what Jasper had done was wrong, but she
were still angry at him; why didn't she push the relationship between her and Francis into the hotel?

Why did she always try to find excuses to refuse by revenging Sheila through Francis. All those
resentment, hesitation, entanglement, all because she had already fallen in love with another man.

The warning from Aimee was still clear in her mind. It was impossible for any actress to have an affair
with Jasper. What's more, Henry had told her what the end of those artists who entangled with Jasper
would be. Sara's pale face was very somber yesterday, and it was like a nightmare to her.

She thought to herself, 'I shouldn't have fallen in love with him. Now that I have lied to myself, I
shouldn't let myself have the wishful thinking when I have seen Jasper lying half-deal in the bathtub.'

She shouldn't have known that she actually fell in love with a man unconsciously.