Exclusive Memory

Chapter 71 The Temple In The Mountain (Part Two)

'Oh my God! Boss, you can't do it'. Ashley was freaked out by him, "That's God, how can you undress

"It's no big deal. They are lifeless."

"You are too profane! You Anyway, you can't take off his clothes! "

Seeing that she persisted, Jasper had no choice, "my coat is too thin. It's easy to catch a cold in sleep."

"I'd rather have a cold!"

"Well, ok." Jasper completely gave up.

Seeing that Jasper had finally given up the idea, she let out a sigh of relief. She stood in front of the
statue, her eyes closed and her hands folded as she muttered, "I don't know who you are, God or
Buddha. We've offended you a lot just now. Please forgive us. It's a stormy night. I'm so sorry that we
have offended you by sleeping in your temple. "

Looking at the woman standing in front of the statue, Jasper was amused. But then he thought the
woman's look was really devout and beautiful.

He sat beside the fire and added more sticks to the fire, "You go to sleep and I'll watch the fire."

Sitting on the floor where the jacket was laid, Ashley asked, "Are you worried about the difference
between men and women?"

Jasper stared at the sky, wordless, "Do you think I'm such kind of man?"

She smiled awkwardly, "not really."

"Someone must watch the fire. Or it will break down when a gust of wind blows on us when we fall
asleep. He explained.

"You can put out the fire."

Jasper shook his head, "it's cold in the mountain, and it's raining and blowing. We don't have thick
clothes around me. If We don't light up the fire to warm yourself, we'll catch a cold in the middle of the

"Then you go to sleep. I'm here to watch the wire. You have a lot of work to do in office. I have nothing
to do."

"How come you have nothing to do? You have to attend the interview the day after tomorrow." Jasper's
voice became a bit strict. What's more, do you think I'll leave a woman watch the fire while I'm sleeping

Ashley chuckled awkwardly again We can rest in turns. "

"No one will sleep well in that case."


Seeing that Ashley finally didn't ask any more questions, Jasper took one of the two shoulder pillows
and lay it under her buttocks, "go to sleep quickly. Spread both of your coats under it. It's cold on the

She didn't say another word such as 'put on your coat lest you catch a cold'. As the boss ordered, she
put the two coats under her body and looked inside with the pillow made with her backpack, "I'll sleep
then. Good night."

"Okay. Good night."

In a small temple in the mountains, there was a God. The left side of the God was filled with dried
wood. On the right of the God, a woman lay on her side on the ground, and a man sat in front of the
woman, holding a bonfire in a random way. From time to time, he added some firewood into the fire.

The man's profile was in warm light. The wind and the wind blew his black hair occasionally. But he
didn't notice it. His eyes were fixed on the sleeping woman.

Ashley couldn't sleep well, and she heard the sound of thunder and lightning. She felt like a ship
floating on the waves, but there was no one to rely on, which was going to be turned over at any time.
Seeing that she could not sleep well, Jasper reached out his hand and patted the woman's back.
Unexpectedly, she seemed to have found a life-saving straw. She turned around and grabbed his hand.
He then quickly approached the woman.

In case Jasper had to stretch out his leg to prevent her from falling onto the fire. At last, Ashley got into
his arms and held his waist. She finally fell asleep.

The next morning, Ashley woke up with sore all over her body. When she opened her eyes, she found
that Jasper was not beside her, only ashes left at the gate of the temple.

It was sunny and the birds were chirping. Water dripped from nowhere and the clear sound of birds
echoed in the quiet mountain forest. Sunlight penetrated through thick trunks and slanted over, making
this place an immortal like place, given the haze of darkness and sunlight.

"Jasper?" Ashley shouted.

There was no answer.

Ashley stood up and walked out, but she didn't dare to go far because she was afraid that when Jasper
came back, he couldn't find her. She looked around and found that it was a temporarily high platform
formed by a debris flow. The side of the platform was a rock, and the temple were cut in the rock. The

platform was not far from them and it was a steep cliff deep. Fortunately, Ashley and Jasper were so
lucky yesterday. Otherwise, they would fall down from the platform as long as they kept going.

"You woke up. I was just looking for a way."

Ashley turned around and saw the man in dust walking slowly down the slope, grasping the bare root of
a tree.

"How's it going?"

"Go up the slope, and we can go back to the original route after a few steps."

She looked in the direction he pointed. But as the steep slope blocked her sight, she saw nothing but
piles of trees and misty mountain haze.

"Then let's pack up and set off."

The two men put their coats and trash into their backpacks and began to clean up the unfinished wood
and ashes of the bonfire. The man stood outside the temple, while she stood in front of the statue with
her hands folded. She bent and bowed again. "We've been bothering you a lot last night."

The morning sunlight and mist surrounded the woman. They stood quietly, as if they were in a temple,
isolated from the time.

"Let's go."

After that, Ashley stepped forward, and then they climbed up the slope with the tree root and walked
dozens of meters before they saw the burnt tree. After she went up a slope for a few dozens of meters,
she finally reached a road which was shaped.

It took them more than two hours to walk out of the dilapidated mountain. They were back to a world
with humans. There were several women on the foot of the mountain. They seemed to go to the
mountain to pick wild vegetables. Ashley lowered her head and hided herself by Jasper's side.
Fortunately, those women weren't curious about them, and they just passed by.

In the yard, Nelson was throwing sandbags with Bruce. Seeing them coming back, he ran over in
cheers. "Dad, aunt, you're back!"

"Uncle Tom, is there any warm water in our house? We are covered with dust." Jasper asked, picking
up her son from the ground.

"Yes, yes. I've already prepared warm water. Have breakfast with Miss Ashley first. Then you can have
a shower."


There were porridge and bun for breakfast, and there were also some pickled cucumber, fried Chinese
cabbage and fried egg with balsam pear. After they had a cold night on the mountain, they felt starving.
Ashley had never eaten balsam pear before. It was delicious even if she ate balsam pear now. She
was really hungry and any food will be tasty for her.

After the meal, she comfortably took a hot bath in the bathroom. Not until Ashley changed into clean
clothes did she feel that she came to life.

She sat down on the bench under the eave to have a rest. Nelson came over to show her several big
pearls he had just got and taught her how to play the marbles. When Jasper was taking a shower in the
bathroom, his grandfather Bruce stood with his hands behind his back and said, "I've heard that you
live with Jasper now."

"No, we didn't. We just lived under the same roof," Ashley explained hurriedly, her heart trembling.

"Oh, that's exactly what I meant."

'Perhaps what you said is also too ambiguous.' She said in her heart.

"His house is big. There are only a few servants in it. Since he is still very young, he doesn't have many
servants. It's good that you live there to make it like a home. He told me that you work together. Are
you his underling?"

"No, he is my manager."

"Okay." The old man nodded, "it's good for you to live there. And it's also convenient for him to take
care of your work and life."

Although she knew it was this old man who founded Shengshi Group, she felt strange to hear him
talking about work and taking care of her in such an old age. "Was grandpa also a manager before?"

"No, we didn't call manager at that time. The main reason of founding Shengshi Group to develop film
and television. When it was passed to Jasper's father, they gradually started artist manager."

After coming out of the bath, Jasper didn't dry his hair. A towel was hung around his neck. He sat on
the stool under the eaves while drying his wet hair with the towel.

"When are you leaving?" The old man asked.

"I suppose very soon. I have asked the driver to pick us up. When he comes, we will leave."

"Henry?" Ashley asked.


"I can drive."

"It's a long way. I didn't sleep last night and couldn't drive. I'm worried about you if you drive yourself.
When Henry comes, you can drive in turns with him on the way. It'll be safer."

She had nothing to say since the boss was so considerate.

"Grandpa, won't you live with me for a few days?" Jasper asked.

The old man shook his head, "I don't like living in city. It's too noisy there. When you are free, come
back to see me often. I don't have much time left for such an old age like me. We rarely have chance to
see each other. "

"Yes, I know."

These two men's sentimental words were normal to each other, as if they were just daily necessities.

After a short while, Henry, wearing a suit, arrived at the entrance by taking a tractor. He got off the
tractor, turned around and walked into the car where Ashley and Jasper had come. He started the car
and walked towards the entrance to wait for them.

Bruce and that Tom sent them out while Ashley packed their things. Bruce and Jasper didn't talk too
much. Nelson cried badly and held Bruce's thigh and refused to leave.

Jasper squatted on the ground to comfort his son for a long time, then the little boy released Bruce's
legs, with tears on face. Jasper held his son in his arms and said, "Grandpa, I'm leaving."

"Well, be careful on the way. Miss Ashley, have a nice trip too."

"Thank you, grandpa Bruce. You and uncle Tom take care of yourself, too."

"Ashley, I hope you can come with Jasper and stay with me for some days if you have the chance."

The old man said seriously, and Ashley didn't dare to neglect it. "Well, next time when Jasper comes to
see you, I'll come with him if I'm not busy with work."

Lord Nalan gently smiled and said, "you should work hard. Everything will be fine."

Her nose twitched in an instant. "Yes, thank you."

"Let's go! It's getting dark now!"