Exclusive Memory

Chapter 67 Rage For Beauty

The next day was a cloudy day. After Jasper got up, he took his son to the grass and jogged for a
while. After that, he went back to the bathroom and took a shower. When he went downstairs, it was
almost 7 o'clock in the morning.

There were already many people sitting at the long table of the dining room. Abbott was serving the
food on the table with two other servant. Seeing he came forward, they greeted to him immediately.

"Good morning, young master!"

"Good morning, boss!"

Jasper nodded and sat on the farthest side of the table. Then Nelson jumped into his arms with joy and
innocence and said, "Daddy, hold me."

Hearing his words, Jasper couldn't help but smile. He put his son on his lap and handed him a glass of
milk. The little boy wriggled in his arms. He held the milk cup with both hands and sent it to his mouth.
"Daddy, drink it."

"Help yourself. I'll drink it later."

The kid took the milk and drank it at a gulp. When it was seven o'clock, everyone else in the villa slowly
came and began to eat breakfast with chopsticks. It was quiet when Jasper was at the table. No one
talked. Only the slight sound of bowl colliding with chopsticks could be heard.

After breakfast, Nelson changed his clothes and began to sort out his schoolbag. Although he was
short, he still didn't behave himself. He leaned on the sofa and hung his schoolbag from the couch. As
Jasper was browsing the news on his phone, he held his hands to wrap the little boy up to protect him
from falling to the ground. The boy asked as he sorted his schoolbag, "Dad, is aunt Ashley not at home
these two days? I haven't seen her."

"She is at home. Your aunt has been in a bad mood these days, so she didn't come out of her room."


After Nelson left, Jasper waited for a while, but Ashley still didn't come out. He then looked towards the
direction of the third floor, wondering whether she was still awake or she had forgotten about riding a
horse. After looking at the sky and the clock, Jasper stood up and went to the study.

At nine o'clock, a gust of wind blew outside. The window of the study was open, and the papers on the
table had been blown away. Jasper stood up and lowered the window a little.

"Knock, knock, knock!" There was a knock on the door.

"Come in!"

Bradley opened the door, "Young master, horses have arrived."

"Have you cleaned the rein?"

"Yes, I have."

"Put the horses on the ground first, let them have a walk there."

"Yes, Master." After listening to the order, Bradley was going to unlock the bridle.

"Wait!" Jasper stopped him, "Is Ashley still in the room?"

"Yes, Ashley didn't come out yesterday. I was worried about her, so I sent a maid to check her room.
Then I knew that she had woken up for a long time. Do you want me to send the maid to check? Maybe
Ashley has already got up. "

"Okay," Jasper stood up, "Go and ask the maid to take a look. I'll go to see the horses. If Ashley wakes
up, you come to find me on the lawn in the back."

"Yes, Master."

After Jasper put away his book, Bradley followed him downstairs. As soon as they went down a few
steps, they heard someone whispering.

"I was wondering why Ashley didn't go out the past few days. I didn't know until now that something like
this had happened."

"How shameful for her to be exposed such scandal by others? If I were her, I would directly hit the wall
and kill myself, let alone stay at home."

Another man laughed in a low voice, "if she really died, where can she make money? Although other
stars like her look gorgeous, all of them are like bitches. How could you get married while she was
pregnant with other's child? It's disgusting. "

"Yes, her baby's father wasn't his husbands. The baby really suffered a lot in her belly."

Then they laughed in a low voice.

Standing next to Jasper, Bradley's face turned pale with fear. How could these two people be so bold to
gossip like this here? Did they want to die?

"Shut up!" Bradley walked downstairs and reprimanded the two maids. "Here isn't a right place where
you can gossip randomly. Am I too tolerant to you so you don't know what rules are?"

The two maids who were gossiping downstairs were scared to death when they saw the man.

"I'm sorry, Steward Bradley. We dare not do it again. Please forgive us."

"You have worked here so many years. How can you not know what you are doing? How can you
gossip Ashley like this?"

Jasper went downstairs with a dark face. Nobody knew how much Ashley had heard of such words. As
an outsider, he could feel his heart broken. She would probably be even more Heart-pierced.

The two maids were stunned at the sight of Jasper. They would have collapsed on the ground if they
were not supported by the furniture.

"Uncle Bradley, pay them the salary." Jasper's face looked as cold as ice.

The two maids clearly understood what he meant. They ran in front of Jasper in a panic. "Mr. Jasper, I
know I was wrong. I can't lose this job. I need to support my family."

The other one was also pleading. If they were in the old society, she would kneel down. "Mr. Jasper, I
really know I was wrong. Please forgive us this time. For the sake of my service for this family for so
many years, please forgive us."

"That's right, Mr. Jasper. If you fire us now, we can't get such a high salary at our age."

Jasper was expressionless.

Knowing each other for years, Bradley intended to relieved them. "Since you know you get a good
salary here, why don't work hard. Can you remember the lesson in the future? Do you dare to talk
nonsense? !"

"Yes, I can remember and I can remember the lesson!"

"We won't talk nonsense any more. Mr. Jasper, please give us another chance."

Squinting slightly, Jasper said, "Bradley Mo, you didn't hear me clearly, right?"

Hearing that, Bradley's heart was tightened. Although he was a servant, Jasper had always been nice
to him. He had always called him uncle Bradley. And the time he call his full name can be numbered.
Once he called his full name, it meant that Jasper was really angry.

"Jasper." A soft voice came from upstairs. Everyone looked up, and it was Ashley. Ashley walked down
several steps and asked, "what happened?"

The two maids seemed to see the Savior and rushed up to her, taking her hand. "Miss Ashley, please
help us plead for mercy. We don't want to leave here."

Ashley looked at Jasper, but she couldn't see his face clearly as he was standing with his back to her.

"What happened? Why should you leave here?" She asked.

The two maids hesitated for a while, and one of them whispered, "because we talked about you just

"Really? What did you talk about me? "

How cool they were talking to her just now! How painful it was when there were slaps on their faces! No
one had the courage to say it again.

"Bradley Mo!" Jasper called out his full name again.

Bradley's body trembled. He said, "stop dawdling and get moving. I'll pay you!"

The two maids finally stopped struggling, their faces as pale as ashes.

Hearing their words, Ashley had guessed what had happened. After the two maids left, she walked to
Jasper and said in a soft voice, "it's not worth it. They have been working here for so many years. It's
not easy for them to find a suitable job.

Fury was written all over Jasper face. "Do you think you are less important than two maids to me?"

She slightly opened her mouth and for a moment did not know what to say.

"Have some breakfast first. Then come to the lawn and see me." After giving his order, Jasper walked
out of the room first.

The wind was kind of strong outside. After breakfast, Ashley put on her coat and went out to look for
Jasper. The swift wind swirled around the open grass. As soon as she stepped out, her long hair was
blown in the air.

She could see the man standing in the distance through her hair. Beside him were several horses. Due
to the impact of the wind, the horses were grass ridden, and sometimes swung their tails to stroll on the

"Where is this horse from? I haven't seen it before," said Ashley, putting on her coat

"Someone sent the birthday gift to me when I was young. I have kept them in stud-farm these years. I
just arranged someone to pick them up today." As Jasper turned around, he looked much better.
"Which one do you like?" she asked

"The black one." She pointed to a horse.

Jasper walked over and led the horse over. "Let's go up."

Ashley was speechless. "Nothing Should I ride on it? "


Looking at the horse wagging its tail from time to time, Ashley asked with fear, "doesn't it need me to
cultivate feelings with it? Does it resist strangers?"

"I've taught these horses to be docile. I'm holding the rein. It's okay."

Ashley was uncertain. She tried to pull the horse rope. Seeing the horse didn't resist, she stepped on
the horse with one foot. After all, she had practiced martial arts for several years. She leaped at ease.

"Nice bodily movement skill." Jasper praised.

Ashley finally smiled too.

"Grab the horse rope and leave."

As Jasper held the reins, the horse moved forward slowly. It was a new feeling to ride a horse. As the
horse moved up and down, she shook with it.

The wind kept blowing, and the clear and cool breeze blew on Ashley's face. Her sight was much
higher than before. It was a novel feeling to look at many things.

After a while, Jasper put the reins on the horse so that the horse could walk slowly.

She looked like a baby who had just come to this world. Now she found everything new. The horse
would stop for a while and then took her to walk on the grass leisurely. It was not that she was walking
with the horse, but the horse was walking with her.

She didn't know how long she had been walking in this way. When she stopped in this way, she
seemed to be much calmer than before. When the horse finally came back to the man slowly, she
jumped off the horse with the help of the man. When she got off the horse, she lost her balance, but his
arm was strong enough to hold her firmly.

She didn't know when Jasper had gotten a digital SLR camera hanging on his neck.

"Hold the horse. I'll take a picture."

"Why do you take photos?"

"I will upload the photos to your Micro-blog." He lowered his head and adjusted the camera, raising it in
front of him, "hurry up."