Exclusive Memory

Chapter 65 Secret

As Jasper was about to say something, he suddenly had a strange feeling and looked up at the front of
the car. Ashley also felt his movement and followed him to look over.

An entertainment journalist was shooting photos!

"Don't hide!" Jasper ordered in a low voice, stopping her from escaping.

"Say hello to him."

The journalist was excited to catch the news. She saw the similar expression on her face when she
was a journalist before. But now seeing her expression like that, Ashley could not help but shudder.

"Two sisters are so disgusting to sleep with a man. I can't even bear."

"Yes. At first, I felt pity for Ashley, because she was always bullied by Sheila. Don't judge by her
vulnerable appearance. It's said that the deceased child she had was not Francis'."

"Really? Tell me the story."

A voice like the tide rushed into her mind, as if she was not in Jasper's car, but in her room of Fang
family; there were not traffic and people on the street outside, but the servants were eating melon
seeds and guessing the family's privacy with vicious thoughts.

All of a sudden, it reminded her of the time three years ago, when she had just given birth to her child
and went back to the Fang family house.

Ashley felt chilling. The spread of the news was at a frightening speed. It was not restraint in

some sort of small circle. Netizens all over the country had the chance to watch the news.

Could her father take this? 'what would Jasper think of it? And her new friends such as Zoe, Morris.
What would they think?

"Say hello to him." Jasper said, holding her hands.

She finally came up with an idea. Looking at her hand which was holding hers tightly, she took a deep
breath, raised her head, smiled wryly and waved her hand towards the journalist ahead.

Jasper helped her fasten the seat belt, "this is not the right place to talk. Let's go back to the office

As they walked out of the elevator into Jasper's office, countless people greeted Jasper on their way.
She didn't know if it was an illusion. She felt that those eyes were always floating on her intentionally or
unintentionally. Have people here seen that post? Her body was as painful as a needle. Right now, she
only wanted to find a place and shut herself up, so that she could avoid the seemingly invisible gazes
from the outside.

Entering the office of Jasper, she sat on the sofa in the reception area. The single sofa wrapped her
body, giving her a sense of security.

Jasper ordered his secretary to prepare a cup of chocolate in the kitchen, and then he turned on his
computer to deal with some other work. After the hot chocolate was ready, the secretary knocked on
the door. Jasper put aside his work and took over the hot chocolate by herself. He didn't let his
secretary in.

"Have some sweet food. It will make you feel better." He put the chocolate in front of her.

She looked at the brown liquid in front of her, spurning it with a spoon in her hand, and then she put it
on the tray. Due to her trembling hands, she didn't put it firmly. The spoon fell down from the edge of
the cup and then fell on the marbles tea table.

Jasper took a piece of tissue, put the spoon onto it, "I don't know what happened among you three.
Can you tell me what happened?"

She didn't want to say it.

For the same circumstance, she might be more relaxed to face Dylan. Because Dylan was evil enough,
what she had done was not a big deal in front of him, which would not burden her too much. But now
she faced Jasper, a nearly perfect person, with decent family background and behavior. In front of such
a person, she could not reveal her dirty past.

Seeing her silent, Jasper was a little irritable but he knew that it was not the right time to be angry. He
stood up and paced back and forth in the office. He opened the door and called out to the secretary,
"make me a cup of coffee."


After the order, he closed the door and leaned against the wall. According to his past experience,
artists were unwilling to tell others about their privacy. Perhaps there were many reasons that made
them too embarrassed, afraid of ridicule, afraid of being sold, and unwilling to mention But in the final
analysis, all the reasons were that the other party did not trust him.

The establishment of trust required some successful cooperation. They just established a relationship
of manager and artist. If they got along with each other for a long time, he believed that they could gain
her trust. But nobody would do that to her, a nobody nobody nobody.

"Mr. Jasper." There was a knock at the door.

He opened the door and took over the coffee. "Thank you."

Jasper sat in the lounge with a cup of coffee. After taking a sip of the coffee, he said, "how about this? I
tell you my secret, and then you tell me yours. What do you think?"

She couldn't help raising her head and saw the man's deep and sincere eyes.

"Okay." She nodded.

"I remember you asked me a lot of questions. Nelson's mother, my interest, and something about love.
Which one do you want to know?"

She looked at him. She was curious about all these questions, but what she wanted to know the most
was not this. She asked, "I heard from Francis that you didn't want to take over the business of
Shengshi Group in the past. I want to know what changes you have made in the end."

Hearing her question, Jasper froze for an instant. He had never thought that Ashley would ask her such
a question. Perhaps, in addition to her parents, no one else had asked him this question, and he didn't
even tell his parents about it.

This question was very deep and Ashley could see that he didn't want to talk about it. She withdrew her
gaze. 'what Jasper has done is to solve my current predicament. I have to be tactful, ' she thought, "Not
all the posts are fabricated." She said with difficulty, "that baby... The baby's father was not Francis...
We divorced because of that, but it was not as stated in the post. "

She didn't say what was the true reason, and Jasper didn't ask any more. He drank a cup of coffee and
calmed down. "It might probably not a bad thing to expose such news at this time."

Seeing that he didn't ask more questions, Ashley breathed a sigh of relief and took a sip of the hot
chocolate. The sweetness and mellow taste of the chocolate mixed with the sweetness calmed her
down. "Why do you say that?"

"It's about time to start filming the Nature of Nanshan. With the help of Dylan and Hazel, all the other
roles in the play, especially you, will draw public attention. If we manage the spread of the news well,
your fame might possibly comes a few years faster than other peers."

"How to operate?"

"I'll give you a rough idea. But it's up to you whether to follow it or not. It's not going to be a pleasant

"Okay, what is it?"

"Firstly, post on Micro-blog and deny the content of other's posts. But since they have no solid
evidence, the public and the manipulator behind it will continue to add fuel to the debate. In this
enthusiasm, I will arrange interviews, charity parties and variety shows for you. These activities are the
best opportunity to build an image. If the popularity can last to the press conference of the Nature of
Nanshan, on or after it, I will arrange a press conference for you to clarify. "

"Are you kidding me? Will the casting crew of the Nature of Nanshan change a corner because of this

"Of course not." Jasper shook his head, "On the contrary, they really hope to have a chance to hype it.
In this way, the Nature of Nanshan will be more popular and possibly win a better audience rating. After
the announcement, you will be still the focus of the press conference. You set up a positive profile.
Then more and more news will be sent to you. This will form a virtuous cycle for you to hear more. "

"That's easy," She smiled.

"It's not easy. It depends on your performance in the interview or other activities. It also depends on
whether you can successfully clarify it or not in the end. After all, you don't want to expose your privacy

at all. "

She fell into silence again.

"I said it's up to you. I won't force you to accept my offer."

Ashley pressed her lips, "can't we get through this crisis without making those news public?" she

"Yes, you can, but it will take a long time. You have to keep a good image for several years in order to
be recognized by the public. Besides, there may be some complications. Once you act carelessly or
the news that is bad for you is disclosed again, your previous efforts will be in vain. "

"I will reconsider it."

"Okay." Jasper nodded.

They drank their drinks in silence, and there was a moment of silence in the office.

After a long pause, the man beside her continued, "if you choose to publicize the news, I will tell you
the answer of your question."

She couldn't help turning her head. The man's eyes were unsophisticated, with the outline of the
outline, and his dedicated eyes made her scared.

Although she hadn't decided what to do, Jasper had asked the public relations team to post a
statement on Micro-blog, which was simple with concise words, "they are confounding black and white
and fabricating stories. We have already leave it to the police." When the announcement was posted,
she was still sitting in Jasper's office. Upon seeing the thin post, she asked, "did you call the police?"

"Yes, we did call the police," answered Steve

The crisis soon spread. The previously prepared photos of magazines and commercials had been
cancelled. She was very idle without doing anything in the company until next month.

Fans on Micro-blog were still rising, and by the evening, there had been more than a million. The
comments and private messages were all abuses. People around her called her one by one, and
Ashley was not in the mood to comfort others. She only sent a few messages to reassure them that
she was safe and sound, in addition to a few words with her father on the phone.

For the whole afternoon and the whole night, she had stayed in Jasper's office. There were a lot of
people coming and going in the man's office. Her back was facing toward the door, burying her figure in
the sofa, absent-minded.