Exclusive Memory

Chapter 66 News

After all the announcements were cancelled, Jasper was making various phone calls. Ashley could
hear that he was looking for announcements for her.

Jasper kept polite to talk with others, so she felt miserable in her heart. Although Jasper was her
manager, and what he did was his responsibility. But now such an arrogant and superior man lowered
his profile. She could not bear it.

At nine o'clock in the evening, seeing that there was no one in the company, Ashley was relieved and
went out of the office with Jasper.

Henry stopped at the door of the office building. Seeing an acquaintance, Ashley was inevitably timid.
But Henry broke the silence. "Ashley, why don't you look at me?"

As soon as he spoke, she was much relieved. "I am embarrassed to look at you."

"It's not a big deal," Henry started the engine. "As for people, who don't have any shameful things?
Everybody knows. Let's talk about Flora. If it wasn't Mr. Jasper to handle the scandals for her, she
would have been drowned by the public's spits. This is the disadvantage of being a star. You don't have
privacy. Your wrong steps would be magnified infinitely. Of course, if the contents of the posts are true.
Ashley, you have made a big mistake."

"It is not true as the rumors online say." She pulled a long face.

"I also know it's not true. You are not that kind of person. I'm just saying that if..."

"Henry!" Jasper warned him.

Henry immediately fell into silence.

The car arrived at the Zhan family in silence. After sending them to the villa, Henry drove the car away.
Although it was in autumn, the weather was still hot. The cicadas in the middle of the night kept singing

"Don't go out these days. Just stay at home and read the scripts. I'll let you know if there's any update."

She nodded.

Francis received the news at about three o'clock in the afternoon. When he knew that something
happened to Ashley, he immediately called her, but the phone was rejected. Then he called again and
again. A few moments later, Ashley sent him a message. "Don't worry. I'm fine.".

He didn't think so.

In fact, as soon as this happened, his first reaction was that Sheila did it. Because there was no one
who hated Ashley more than Sheila did, and Sheila was very clear about the chain relationship of the

The two had a date tonight, but he was so anxious now, so he had to put the questions aside and talk
about them in the evening.

At seven o'clock in the evening, Sheila arrived at the destination cheerfully, wearing a beautiful dress.
And Francis was already there waiting for her. In her stilettos, she walked up to him with a smile.
"Hello, Francis."

"Here you are," he greeted, turning around

Sheila came closer to him and felt that something was wrong with Francis, because as usual, he would
have stood up and helped her arrange the seats. Because of the quarrel last time, Sheila was a little

careful to Francis. She sat opposite to him, put his handbag aside and asked, "is your work not going
well today?"

Francis shook his head and replied, "no, I have a good job."

"What have you done?"

"I made some budget and filming plans." Francis waved the waiter over.

They ordered their meals and had dinner together. Francis didn't talk much during the dinner. He was
lost in thought. After dinner, Francis asked her to have a walk on the commercial street. There were
few people on the street because the light was dim. In the dim light, Francis hesitated for the whole
night and finally decided to ask her the question.

"Sheila, do you know there is a post about you and me online?"

Sheila stopped. She knew what was on Francis's mind that night.

Seeing that Sheila did not speak, he answered by himself, "you should know, after all, your company is
also in this industry, and the gossip news spread quickly."

"Did you do it?" Francis asked.

"How can you think of me like that? Am I such a woman in your eyes?" Sheila shook his hand off and
refuted, "I didn't do that! If I defame her, I don't need to let me involve in such a scandal." Then she
walked away in anger.

Francis stepped up immediately, "That's not what I mean."

"You don't mean that? Then why do you still ask me such a question? Is it only Ashley feeling
embarrassed for such a scandal?" Why don't you ask me how I get here? Why don't you ask me if my

colleagues spoke ill of me? "

Francis was left speechless.

Sheila couldn't help but feel aggrieved as she said, "you only care about Ashley who is in an awkward
situation. Francis, are you really my fiance?"

Seeing this, Francis immediately comforted her and held her in his arms. "I'm sorry. I'm wrong. I'm
really worried. If something happened to Ashley, it might affect the filming progress of Nature of
Nanshan. I'm the film producer. I'm really worried."

Sheila raised his tearful face in Francis' arms and asked, "is that really because of the play?"

"Yes, it is. I divorced her already. You are my fiancee."

Sheila was relieved.

"Sheila, let's have a talk," Francis tried to persuade Sheila while holding her in his arms.

"What is it?"

"Let's clarify it to the public."

The flame Sheila had just put off rushed up again. She struggled to free herself from the man's
embrace. "Clarify? How to clarify? Is it because I seduced you with lust, or because you didn't control
yourself and fell in love with your sister-in-law? "

"But Ashley is indeed the victim. It has nothing to do with her!"

"What do you mean by that it has nothing to do with her? Didn't she cheat on you before marriage?"

"She didn't cheat me. It must have had inside information."

Sheila was shocked, "how do you know?"

"I know Ashley very well. Moreover, before we got married, we were basically together. She couldn't
have any intimate contact with other men. There must be a misunderstanding that night."

Sheila was even more shocked, and the anger was no longer replaced by uneasiness. "But you didn't
think so before."

"I was blinded by jealousy, so I did a series of wrong things afterwards."

Sheila was shocked. She was so shocked that she had no idea when Francis had changed his mind.
"A series of wrongdoings?" Did he begin to regret to divorce with Ashley? He regretted being with her.
Sheila's inner uneasiness almost overwhelmed her.

"Francis... Francis..." She shouted at the top of her lungs. All of a sudden, she was at a loss. She didn't
even know how to make it up. "Francis When will we... When will we get married? "

"We'll talk about the wedding later. We have to deal with the post first, or we'll delay the preparation of
the drama. If so, that would be a problem.

'nonsense! Your progress is just that you are still thinking about Ashley, ' she complained in her mind.

Sheila was so jealous that her heart was filled with flames of fury. She clenched her hands tightly, and
the pain of fingernails piercing into the palms of her hands made her a little calm down. "I will not clarify
this matter to the public, and you are not allowed to clarify it."

"Why not?"

Why? She gritted her teeth and said, "then tell me how you want to clarify it first."

After keeping silent for a while, Francis said, "I will say I dated a girl because of myself."

"What about me? You and Ashley were in love and got married. Who am I? A vicious mistress who
destroyed your marriage? Do you think you can change the accusation of me as a mistress by claiming
that you are a womanizer? "


"Francis, leave it alone, okay? Didn't Jasper stay with Ashley? Can you just leave us alone as Jasper is
capable of dealing with it?"

The next day after the post was Friday. As usual, Jasper was going to date with Sara. After thinking for
a long time in the office, he called Sara to cancel the appointment.

In the evening, he came home early. Seeing that he came back so early, Nelson was very happy and
asked Jasper to accompany him with his homework. Jasper intended to go to the third floor to see how
Ashley was doing, but he couldn't make it as he knew very well that he didn't spend much time with her
son, so he accompanied Nelson to play the piano for a while, and then wait until Nelson went to bed at
nine o'clock. After he coaxed Nelson to sleep, he went to the third floor.

He knocked at the door of the room on the third floor. Soon her footsteps were heard and the door was
opened. Standing in the room with messy hair, Ashley said, "Mr. Jasper, why are you here?"

"Well, I heard from Uncle Bradley that you didn't come out the whole day. I want to see how you are."

"Oh, please come in." Ashley turned to let him in.

The bedding in the bedroom was a little messy. She looked pale and morbid pale. He sat on the sofa
and asked, "what did you do today?"

"Sleep. I read a book."

"What book?"

"Interview Record In Mental Hospital which you gave me before."

"Don't read this book recently. If you are in a bad mood, you can go downstairs to take a walk in the
garden, or go to the lawn to ride a horse."

"I don't know how to ride a horse." She shook her head and smoothed her hair with her fingers.

"Tomorrow is weekend. I'll stay at home and teach you." He looked at her and said.

"Don't you work all year round? Don't you work on weekends?"

"That depends. The company can operate well without me."


Seeing that she was not in the mood to talk about it, Jasper stood up and said, "go to bed early. I got to
go now."

"Okay." Ashley stood up and sent him to the door.

Coming out of the door, Jasper turned around and looked at the pale woman in the light. He wanted to
say something but hesitated.

Confused, Ashley asked, "what's wrong? Mr. Jasper."

"You'd better not surf on the Internet. Or you can just ignore the contents online. I'll inform you if


After sending Jasper away, Ashley went back to the bedroom. The thin quilt in the bedroom was used
by the tablet computer, which was giving out bright light. There were many pictures of her in the album.
Each one of the pictures was her, but not her.

Because on every photo, there were blood, knife scars, human skeletons, and even some naked
clothes. Although she knew that the naked body was not herself, her heart was still suffering from bouts
of twitch.