Exclusive Memory

Chapter 64 The Late Night Snack

"That's great. It's good for you. Otherwise, Steve won't care about you without other's attacked. It's a
pity that one's manager has given up on her or him. Besides, one has signed with someone and has to
work for the manager for several years. You couldn't afford to wait. "

"Yes. I won't make such a mistake even if you didn't mention it. After all, Mr. Jasper has a girlfriend. I
can't get be third person involved in this. Don't worry."

This time, it was Aimee's turn to be shocked. She asked incredibly, "does he have a girlfriend?"

"Yes, I've met her before. She is about my age and very beautiful."

Aimee was shocked and remained in a trance for a long time. "How could he have a girlfriend... Didn't
he say that he had no interest in love... How come he has a girlfriend? "

All of a sudden, Ashley felt pity for Aimee. It should be said that all the women who hold on deeply and
cannot get who she loved were very poor. Although Ashley didn't know much about what kind of person
Jasper was, she could get to know from others that Jasper was a very cold person, at least in the
aspect of love.

Looking at Aimee, Ashley felt lucky again that she had composure. Due to Jasper's charm and the
favor he had saved her from danger, she was not moved at all. 'Well, good. Divorced people are really
different. '

With a sigh in her heart, Ashley left Aimee and went to meet Jasper with her hemline. The floor at the
backstage was not very clean, and there might be a box of lipstick or something. She wore stilettos and
bowed her head to look at her feet. On the way, Jasper came over and held her arm. "What did you say
to Aimee for such a long time?"

Just now, Ashley looked at Aimee, but looked up at Jasper. Moreover, since they were so close to each
other, her neck was even more crazier. "She said that you would never fall in love with anyone in the
company. She told me not to have any love affair with you. Otherwise, I would end up miserable." After
telling her the truth, Ashley put her neck down. It was so painful that she didn't know what Jasper's
expression was.

"Okay. Let's go home." The man's voice was deep. Nobody could tell whether he was happy or angry.

"Okay." Ashley left the hall with him.

The high-heeled shoes were new. She didn't try on them carefully when she bought them because of
Sara. At first, she walked fine, but after walking for a while, she stood there, feeling a little painful at her
toes. As she walked, she felt more and more painful. According to her past experience, Ashley thought
that her toe was probably scratched.

Alas, she couldn't help but howl in her heart. That gardener Dustin was right. Jasper was a lucky man,
and the retribution for his bad luck would come on her. Jasper's girlfriend had been suspicious of him
buying a dress and going to an award ceremony together with his admirers who taught her a lesson.

Jasper walked beside her and slowed down as much as possible to accommodate her. However, when
he saw that Ashley walked more and more slowly, he finally felt something wrong. "What's wrong with
you?" He asked.

"My feet seem to be rubbed through."

"Why didn't you say anything?"

The man's voice was angry, and Ashley immediately knew that it was better not to say anything.

Looking at Ashley's pitiful look, Jasper couldn't lost his temper. "You wait for me here. I'll drive the car

After Jasper drove the car over, Ashley sat on the passenger seat. Jasper turned on the car light, he
took out a box of band aid from the storage and said, "I'll see which foot it is."

Ashley felt too embarrassed to let a man look at her feet. "It's okay. It's okay. I'll take care of it myself
when we get home."

Having no choice, Jasper put the band aid back in place and said, "take off the shoes, don't put them
on again."

For her, taking off her shoes in front of a man as unbearable as taking off her clothes, though her feet
were not in secret. She shook her head and said, "let's talk about it later at home. It won't matter as
long as I don't walk or stand."

Jasper looked at her and finally did not say anything.

When they returned to Zhan family's house, they went into their own room. As expected, Ashley's skin
was scraped off. There was someone knocking at the door. Ashley put her feet away and said, "come

The servant carry the medicine box and came in, "Miss Ashley, the master asked me to bring the
medicine box here."

Ashley's heart skipped a beat at the maid's words. Although Jasper had sensed her resistance, he still
thought of her injuries. He summoned a maid and brought in a first aid box. "Thank you. Please leave it

The maid put the first aid box on the table under the floor to ceiling window.

"Does Mr. Jasper take a rest?"

"No. he went to the study room after he gave instructions. He must have something to deal with." The
maid said and left.

Ashley sat there in a daze for a while. She felt that Jasper was not in a good mood today. Of course, he
was always not in a good mood, but today seemed to be in a terrible mood.

After dealing the wound on her feet, changing home clothes, putting on slippers, Ashley went
downstairs. Nelson had already fallen asleep. The others returned to their rooms even if they didn't
sleep so early. The entire villa was quiet. She went to the kitchen and got herself a glass of warm
water. After taking a sip, she cast a glance at the study room and thought for a while. Then she turned
around and opened the refrigerator.

There were all kinds of semi-finished products on the frozen floor. In order to make them convenient,
she found shrimps and chicken balls and then took a doll dish from the refrigerator. She opened the
fire, put a little water in the casserole, and cooked it with shrimp, chicken ball, and other ingredients,
such as baby vegetables, scallion, coriander and coriander, which were easy to cook.

She found a plate, put the night snack and various kinds of tableware, took it to the study, and knocked
at the door.

"Come in." Ashley opened the door and walked in with the food.

As the files on the desk weren't spread out but an ashtray, Jasper didn't deal with anything. There were
several cigarette butts in it.

"We didn't have a good dinner tonight. I cooked something for you. Let's have it together." She put the
midnight snack on the tea table.

With a cigarette between his fingers, Jasper stared at her with a pair of cold eyes. There was a
complex emotion hiding in his eyes. Ashley could not tell how he was feeling at the moment.

Then she sat on the sofa beside the tea table. The sofa was soft and comfortable, which reminded her
of the unpleasant things that had happened in this study room! All of a sudden, Ashley's body became
stiff. She had deliberately forgotten it before, but now she suddenly remembered that this man had her
photo in his hand! And right on this sofa, they had had an intimate entanglement!

After taking a few cigarette, Jasper was in a better mood. He took a deep breath and stubbed out the
cigarette in the ashtray. Then he walked over and sat on the sofa. "You can cook."

But Ashley was so nervous that she stood up at once.

Not knowing why, Jasper frowned and asked, "what's wrong with you?"

She sat back slowly, "I don't like being touched by anyone. You were sitting too close just now."

She had used this reason last time during the collective training test. However, Jasper was so
convinced that he really moved outside. Noticing that he was a CEO of a company and had been
cheated into doing this by her, Ashley felt sorry for him. Her mood lightened a little. She reached out
her hand to grab a bowl of night snack, and asked, "Mr. Jasper, you were not in a good mood tonight,
weren't you?"

"Yeah, just a little boring." "From tomorrow on, as long as there's no news, you can go back to the
company to continue your training. In the morning, you practice classical dance, calligraphy, and music
in the afternoon." Jasper moved his night snack closer to him.

"I can understand the classical dance. But why calligraphy?"

Taking a sip of soup, Jasper said, "I want to cultivate your emotion."

As what Jasper said, the next day, Ashley got up at 7:30 again and went to the company with him by
car. After practicing for a whole day, she went back to the time of training. Not only did she work in the
gym, but also in the company. She could also see other colleagues in the training together. It seemed
that they were all trained by their agents.

However, with Ashley enviable physique, it wouldn't be long that she could live a peaceful life. On that
day, Ashley was doing yoga with the coach. When Jasper came to the gym to see her in person, she
found that Jasper looked unhappy. Without any delay, she changed her clothes and went out with

When they got into the car, Jasper gave his mobile phone to her while Ashley took it and saw a post
about her.

It said the story of her, Sheila and Francis. If it was only about this that would be fine, the poster was
obviously vicious. The post distorted the fact intentionally. It claimed that Sheila and Francis were in
love and it was Ashley who interfered in. Moreover, it claimed that Ashley was wanton, had another
man's baby and was abandoned by another man before she married Francis. When Francis discovered
the truth, he divorced her.

Ashley was trembling with anger. Who did that? Was Sheila or Alice or someone she didn't know?

Jasper took his cellphone from her hand. "The post was sent at three o'clock in the evening. I've asked
people to delete the original post, but it was reposted in a large amount. There should be someone
behind it."

"The post wasn't real." She said.

"I know. I trust you." Jasper comforted her.

"Mr. Jasper, the truth is not like what they said on the post. I'm not that kind of person." Ashley covered
her face with one hand and bent down. As her voice was obstructed in her hand, it was humming with
many kinds of emotions mixed with grievance, heartache, sadness, helplessness and all these
emotions, making the voice like a heavy hammer slamming in the heart of Jasper.

He patted her on the shoulder and said, "I know. Don't worry too much. I'll handle it."

Standing up straight, Ashley took a mobile phone out of her bag and opened Weibo. Her Weibo was
newly registered, and she was not famous, so except for a few staff and a few friends, nobody paid
attention to it. But now, she had hundreds of thousands of fans and the number kept rising.

There were also a lot of retweets and comments in the only few microblogs, and the comments were
full of criticism. She was a wanton woman, and there were worse words.

Public opinion in the most unbearable was mistress, plus her entertainer status. Everyone could act
God to censure her.