Exclusive Memory

Chapter 63 The Award Party

The hall of the alma mater was still the same as it used to be. The three sides of the stage were
covered with screen, and all kinds of petals were playing on it. The audience on the first and second
floor were crowded. At this time, almost all the guests had arrived. Jasper took Ashley greeted their
peers. All of them were escorted by security guards. They entered the backstage of the hall through
special passageway.

It was crowded inside. Some had to recite lines, tidy up clothes and moved round the props. Jasper
crossed the crowd with one hand protected Ashley and got to a place where she could have a rest.
However, a second after someone called them.

"Mr. Jasper!"

Ashley turned to the voice. It was Cleo. She was followed by glowing Aimee and three assistants
around Aimee.

Aimee was wearing a pure golden sun top dress. Her long hair was draped over her shoulders. The
hemline of the golden dress overlapped and luxurious. Afraid that her dress might be messed up, her
assistants cautiously carried the golden hemlines as they blocked the passers-by.

It was the first time for Ashley to meet Aimee in reality. And Henry once described Aimee as a uber, it
was precisely. Ashley could tell at a glance that this face was really a breathtaking beauty. And in
reality, Aimee's power of beauty was far greater than that in the screen.

"Mr. Jasper, why are you here in person? I can handle it. I will take care of Ashley." Cleo finally came

Leaning against the wall, Jasper answered, "it doesn't matter. Have you got the cards?"

"Yes, I have." Cleo took out a pile of card from her purse and handed it to Ashley. Ashley took it and
had a look at the lines.

Aimee looked down at the girl sitting on the props box, and then looked at Jasper, "long time no see,

Ashley was shocked by the way Aimee called Jasper. Ashley could not help but look up at Aimee.
Aimee was an artist in the early days of Jasper, who had only been a manager before he took over
Shengshi Group. However, now that Jasper's identity was no longer as before, it was not appropriate
for Aimee to call him in that way.

"Long time no see. Your dress is beautiful." Jasper was kind to the backbones of his company.

"Thank you. It's been a long time since you worked with the artists last time. I used to see that Flora
took her assistant and her agent along with her. Why are you so interested today?"

"Yes, I'm free now. And I'm worried about her because she hasn't arranged an assistant yet."

"You are still so considerate."

"It's my duty to treat my artists well."

Ashley couldn't help thinking of their previous conflicts, and she felt that the conversation seemed to be
a little hostile, and it was aimed at her.

"Mr. Jasper, this is the procedure sheet. Please have a look," Cleo interrupted.

After taking it from Cleo, Jasper frowned, but then he loosened and handed the list to Ashley. "The
person who will award the prize with your partner is Francis, who is experienced and can take good
care of you on stage."

Francis? Ashley was surprised. But it didn't surprise her that circle was too small, she might run into

As if to prove what she thought, Francis was walking towards her with a form in his hand.

"Mr. Jasper, you're here, too. Aimee, Cleo." After greeting the others, Francis stood in front of Ashley
and said, "I thought I was wrong when I saw the schedule. I didn't expect you to be here."

Holding the schedule in hand, Ashley smiled, "I was also surprised that I could meet you in this way.
But it's much easier for me to have your partner."

"Don't worry. The presenters had a little words. I will pick up if something goes wrong."

"Mr. Francis and Ashley already knew each other?" Cleo noticed that they seemed to know each other
very well.

"We have known each other for many years." The attendant who had been with Francis returned and
handed cards to Francis. Francis took it and said in a low voice, "thank you."

"No wonder the role of the Nature of Nanshan has been decided before Ashley finished training."

They were chatting for a while, and then a group of people called out the first group of emcee on the
stage. Soon after, the two emcees began to make fun of each other on the loud speaker. The
atmosphere was heated up soon and a lot of applause broke out among the crowd.

"Aimee, you and your partner should set your lines. You will be the host in the second group."


"Ashley, let's do the same." Francis suggested.


Jasper looked at the two person in front of him and then turned to look at Ashley. Ashley knew the
meaning behind Jasper's eyes - don't get too close to Francis. Ashley was worried about how to
"seduce" Francis if Jasper kept an eye on her in the future.

After looking at the two people without saying anything, Jasper moved aside and chatted with Cleo.

Ashley heaved a sigh of relief. Francis sat down next to her and said in a low voice, "you're so afraid of

She wiped the sweat off her forehead with her hand. "He's my agent now. Of course I should be afraid."

As soon as she saw Jasper take another glance at this direction, Ashley stepped back and kept a
distance from Francis consciously.

After the two awards, the performing audience came to the stage for singing. After the end of the
songs, the host gave a speech. Then it was the time for Ashley and Francis to give the third prize.

After the performing audience went down the stage, Ashley and Francis went to the backstage on the
left to make preparation for the stage. She looked at the bright lights on the wide stage and lots of
people were in the audience. She wasn't nervous at first, but she became nervous in the blink of an
eye. She turned her head to look at Jasper, who was standing behind her. Seeing her turn around,
Jasper bended and asked, "What's wrong?"

She shook her head, "nothing." Her voice was a little nervous.

The girl in front of him looked so pretty under the light that her face was covered with light and her tiny
pores were visible. She was so nervous that some beads of sweat came out from her nose.

"You should speak more slowly and don't rush to finish the sentence. It will be nice to speak it slowly
and perfectly." Jasper stroked Ashley's head to comfort her. Then he stood up and said to Francis, "Mr.

Francis, sorry to trouble you later."

"Please rest assured, Mr. Jasper."

The host announced in front of the stage as the special guest and didn't make any comments on
Ashley. Ashley had nothing to talk about so the host mainly talking about Francis, he continued, "now,
please take a look at Guantang Group's general manager, Francis and the actress, Ashley, and tell us
the award-winning result."

It's time for them to come onto the stage.

Ashley took a deep breath and walked to the stage with Francis. She stood at the left side of the stage.
Her legs and hands were shaking. A locker was in front of them. Francis was holding her hand and
Ashley felt calm now.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Francis."

Although Ashley was still nervous, she remember what Jasper had said to her so she spoke slowly and
clearly, "Hello, everyone. I am Ashley."

Then, Francis finished all speech. He put on a funny line of words as if he was making a talk show.
When he finished, the lights went down and the screen started to play.

In the dark, Francis held her hand tightly and turned his head to look at her. The darkness made people
feel safe and Ashley's nervous heart finally calmed down. After the video was over, Ashley held the
card and smiled as she announced the winner.

The crowd burst into applause and the winner was onstage. The ritual girl went down the stage with the
awards and certificates in her hands. Francis and Ashley went to the center of the stage and received
the awards from the host.

At last, they left the stage.

"It's over. Isn't it quite simple?" Francis held her with smile.

Ashley also laughed. They went to the backstage while Ashley looked at the original position, only to
find that Jasper was no longer there. Ashley's sight swept around the room for a while and finally saw
Aimee and Jasper chatting in a corner. They were handsome men and pretty women. One was tall and
the other was slim. They looked like a perfect match.

It was not a good time to go there now. Ashley stood there waiting and chatted with Francis.

After a while, Aimee turned around and walked to them. Their conversation was supposed to have
ended. So, Ashley stepped aside to make way for her. But she didn't walk over to Ashley. Instead, she
stopped in front of her and asked, "Mr. Francis, can I borrow your partner for a few words?"

Francis looked back and forth between them. In a tender voice, he said, "of course you can. Now that
everything is over, I'm going home. Ashley, call me if anything happens."

"Okay." Ashley waved goodbye to Francis. She didn't know what Aimee in front of her was going to say
to her. They were about the same height, and Ashley stared at the woman in front of her without saying

After glancing at her for a while, Aimee began to talk slowly, "Jasper is the same to all the artists under
his management. He will take care of their daily life, clean up the obstacles in their work and maintain
the image of the artists. But that's all. No matter how meticulous he is, he does it for his job. I hope you
can understand this. "

Hearing that, Ashley was a little pale. Of course she knew that. "Yes, thank you for your advice."

"Jasper has a clear distinction between work and emotion. He believes that if he has an affair with his
subordinate or partner, his subordinate won't be easy to manage and will cover his employee's
favoritism or prejudice. So he will never have any personal relationship with anyone in the company. "

Clenching her fists, Ashley realized that what Aimee meant was obvious. But why was Aimee warning
her not to have any personal feelings for Jasper, or should Aimee warn her that she should stay away
from Jasper that Aimee afriad Jasper was seduced by her? He he smiled in the heart and smiled with
eyes and mouth, "thanks for your advice, Miss Aimee. Mr. Jasper is several years older than me and I
prefer my peers."