Exclusive Memory

Chapter 62 Come Across Sara

Austin nodded and asked, "So Mrs. Fu will come to take care of you every day?"

Jack did not even bother to roll his eyes at Austin. 'He's too obtuse to take the hint.'

"Alright, I'll come clean. She will come here to take care of me. I just don't want others to think that she
comes here to be my nanny. I don't want to hear that kind of chatter around. Do you understand me,

Austin was trying his best not to burst out in laughter. "I understand, sir," he nodded.

'Is he afraid that people might think he has Rachel beside him just because she's a doctor?' he

Jack wasn't the kind of person that would flaunt anything to others, but when he decided to be with
Rachel, he wanted the people around him to know.

When he was together with Celine, he had tried to hide the fact that he was married, so a lot of people
believed that he was never married.

But now, he didn't want anyone to misunderstand Rachel.

He was the one who did something wrong. When word got out that he had been married five years
ago, it also meant that he had an affair with Celine for the past few years.

Only people in the business circle knew this.

He never wanted Rachel to be the subject of rumors and issues.

Rachel shouldn't have to suffer the consequences of his actions and be involved in pointless chatters.
Jack had never involved her in his social circle before, but now it seemed like it was inevitable. He

knew well that he had to prepare for anything that might arise.

Jack had been worrying about his wife the whole day. Earlier this morning, he sent her two messages,
and all he got were words that barely held any affection.

One was "The housekeeper's coming."

The other one was "What do you want to eat for dinner?"

It was just her style of texting. Jack, on the other hand, seemed to have become a totally different

It looked like he was the one who got fucked the whole night and was waiting for the other person to be
responsible for him.

Jack forced himself to stop staring at his phone. Rachel didn't bother to text or call him after the last
two messages she had sent.

Jack tried to focus on working, but he couldn't stop thinking about Rachel.

'What has she been doing all day?'

Little did he know that after he left, Rachel stayed in bed for another hour. She was surprised how
difficult it was to maintain good habits, and how easy it was to pick up the bad ones.

Her habit of sleeping early and getting up early in the morning had been lost.

It wasn't really because she didn't want to get up early anymore. It was because she was too sore to
move after what had happened last night. She ended up staying in bed falling asleep again.

Rachel was deep in her sleep until the door abruptly opened from outside.

The housekeeper who was holding a bucket and a sponge bolted out of the room after apologizing
several times.

Now that the housekeeper had arrived, Rachel had no choice but to get up.

After Rachel decided to move in with Jack, he immediately told the housekeeper. But it still came as a
shock that they had to meet like this for the first time. She didn't expect that someone was still in the
bedroom at this time of the day.

When Rachel finished cleaning up herself, she went out of the room. Albeit hesitant, the housekeeper
bowed her head and greeted Rachel. "It's nice to meet you, Mrs. Fu."

'Mrs. Fu? That's going to take some time to get used to,' Rachel thought. "Nice to meet you too."

The housekeeper breathed a sigh of relief. She was afraid that she had made a terrible first impression
because of what happened a few moments ago.

Before she was assigned to this house, the company's supervisor had emphasized that this employer
was very meticulous.

The salary was quite high, and the only thing they requested was that the housekeeper assigned to
them was particular with their work.

If she was being completely honest, the work here was quite easy for her. But she still worked very
hard. She didn't want to disappoint her employer.

She had already met her employer several times, and it was true that one couldn't be so casual with
him. Now that she had disturbed Rachel in her sleep, she apologized immediately. She was lucky that
Rachel didn't mind.

"It's okay. You don't have to apologize," said Rachel.

"Would you prefer that I clean up somewhere else before cleaning up the bedroom, Mrs. Fu?"

Sweat ran down Rachel's temple but she tried to keep her cool. "Don't worry about the bedroom, you
don't have to clean it."

In truth, the bedroom was a complete mess. It had not been cleaned up yet, and Rachel did not want
anyone to see it like this. She was embarrassed of what they might think when they saw the state of
the bed.

The housekeeper bowed and went back to work. When the housekeeper left, Rachel went to the
bathroom and realized that it was already noon.

She started to prepare for lunch after replying to Jack's message.

While she was in the kitchen, the housekeeper was cleaning behind her and would cast her a glance
from time to time.

She was surprised to see that Rachel was cooking. Cooking was actually part of her job, but Jack
hardly ever came home that she barely got the chance to cook for him.

After another look at Rachel, she stopped what she was doing and approached Rachel. "Would you
like some help, Mrs. Fu?"

Rachel shook her head and concentrated on cooking her noodles. "No, it's alright. I can do it myself."

After she had finished cleaning, there was nothing left for the housekeeper to do.

The housekeeper packed up her things and bid Rachel farewell. After Rachel ate her lunch, she
cleaned up the kitchen and it took her almost an hour to finish.

Having an open kitchen was impractical. Every time someone was cooking, the oily smell would spread
all over the living room.

It was beautiful, that much was true, but it was also a hassle. She wondered why Jack would choose a
kitchen like this.

She was almost certain that there was someone else who selected the house for Jack before he
decided to move in.

He probably just moved in without having a hand on the interior designing.

Rachel remembered that it couldn't have been Celine because Jack specifically told her that he didn't
live with Celine. Rachel shrugged off the crazy ideas in her head and carefully wiped the table.

The following day, it was Rachel's first formal day at work in MK Group. They went to work together,
and for most of the time, Rachel stayed in the lounge of Jack's office.

There were quite a number of people coming in and out of his office every now and then.

He was much busier than she had initially thought. She thought that he would have more spare time on
his hands. She was worried that he might overwork himself again.

However, every time it looked like Jack was done with his task, another replaced it. He was always
busy talking to the managers and looking through documents while he was having short meetings. The
lounge wasn't sound proof, so she could clearly hear their conversation from inside.

Compared to their apartment, the lounge was quite lively.

Rachel looked around the lounge and she noticed a few things. There was a cigarette and a lighter
placed on the coffee table, and Jack's coat was on the sofa.

There were several people outside. They seemed to be discussing some cooperation case.

Rachel heard some names of famous real estate tycoons. It seemed that MK Group was going to
purchase a piece of land from them.

Rachel was getting bored of staring at her laptop, so she opened the curtains to let the light in. The
French window was located at the 23rd floor.

There were still dozens of floors above them, which had Rachel confused. Why didn't Jack choose an
office on the top floor?

The street was crowded with people and cars, and the office building of MK Group was located in the
busiest street downtown. You could hear the honking of cars from where she was standing.

MK Group was founded by Jack's grandfather. After two generations, it had grown into an industry

As she stood on the balcony, Rachel stared at the scenery. It had been raining for several days, and
now the rain finally stopped. It was cloudy today, and the streets still showed signs of the aftermath of
the rain.

Rachel's daydreaming was halted when she heard a knock on the door. When she came to her senses,
she told the person to come in. Jack pushed the door and said, "Come on, let's get something to eat."

Rachel stared at Jack as she was smiling at her. "Who else is coming?"

"With some of the managers outside," said Jack as he held her wrist. "Come on, I'll introduce you."

Rachel was still hesitant but she knew that she could no longer afford to be as timid as before.

"Fine. Wait for me outside, I just need to change my shoes," she replied. Rachel waited until Jack went
outside and prepared to get ready.

She followed behind him shortly after putting on a more suitable pair of shoes. She didn't want to
embarrass Jack after all.

When Rachel got out of the lounge, Jack put his arm around her waist and said "Everyone, this is my
wife, Rachel."

All of them were too shocked to say a word.

Frankly, changing girlfriends was not that big of a deal for them. But this was new, he just introduced
her as his wife.

She was obviously much more important to Jack than his previous affair.

After a long pause, someone finally had the courage to say what everyone was thinking. "Mr. Fu, have
you registered your marriage?"

They guessed that they had registered their marriage but they had not conducted a ceremony yet.

And they were right on the money. It was true that Jack and Rachel had gotten married without a
celebration. At the time, they only invited some of their relatives and held the marriage abroad.

Not even their closest friends could attend the wedding.

"It was registered five years ago," Jack responded flatly, holding her hand under the table.

They were even more shocked than before.

Rachel acted like nothing unusual had been said, as if she wasn't staring at a bunch of astound people.

Out of everyone, Austin was the calmest. He had known about this all along after all.

Seeing that his colleagues were all too dumbfounded to say another word. Jack pressed his fist against
his lips and cleared his throat. "Let's go have lunch."

It was an uneasy lunch. The managers present were all the right-hand assistants of Jack. They knew
that Jack would give them what for if they kept acting like idiots.

They have to stay calm no matter what they were thinking right now.

They introduced themselves to Rachel one after the other. They were glad that she responded so
kindly to them.

While they were seated together, everyone thought that they looked like a lovely couple.

It was just a private gathering. Jack wanted the people around him to get familiar with her first.

It was his own way of showing Rachel a glimpse of his work life and social circle little by little. He didn't
really want her to blend into his social circle, but he at least wanted her to be familiar with the people he
sat down with.