Exclusive Memory

Chapter 41 Kidnapping (Part Two)

Ashley put on an aggrieved expression and said, "I have been sitting for a long time and my body is
numb. I just want to change a posture."

A beauty's aggrieved expression was naturally very powerful. The man did not question again, but he
did not relax his vigilance. Ashley had been observing the surrounding road condition. After getting out
of the car, she needed to run back for more than two hundred meters and then crossed the road. Since
the cross road was 500 meters to the South and the crossroad must be under the monitor, they dared
not chase after it.

If they still followed her, she could run to residential area and green belt, which would be more likely to
break them away. Maybe the worst situation was that she was taken back, but she had to seize every
possible opportunity. If she was taken to their destination finally, things would be more difficult to

When the man next to him was relaxed, she raised her foot and kicked the door. Then she opened the
door and rolled out of the car!

Everything happened too fast. When Arvin reached out to grab her, Ashley had already got out of the
car and ran away.

"Hurry up! She has run away!" Shouted Arvin.

Ashley ran as fast as she could towards the place she planned. The wind whistled into her ears. She
felt like she was flying.

The men took a step after her, but their boss shouted at the others, "get in the car, she is running too

Then they all ran back to the car, got on it, made a turn, and chased after Ashley. In less than two
minutes, Ashley had reached the crossroad, and she was still running.

In the police station, Jasper was smoking silently, the technical person standing beside him by
suddenly said, "Ashley appears!"

As soon as he heard that, Jasper turned his head back all of a sudden, Shawn had already stood in
front of the computer, he asked, "where is she?"

"At the crossroads of West City Road and Ziding Road, she is running toward the east along Ziding

"Call the sub-offices police to arrange a block around the intersection. Where are you going, Jasper?"

"I'll take my people there first. You can make the arrangement later." Steve stood up.

"Okay." Shawn said to his colleagues, "Basil, you take the police dog and go with Jasper. "

"Yes, sir!"

The taxi drivers stopped at the intersection. Cary looked at Ashley who was in the distance and said,
"boss, are we going to chase her or not? There is a camera in front!"

The man was called boss gritted his teeth and commanded, "chase her!"

The taxi whizzed out, and Ashley heard the sound of the engine behind her, so she turned and ran into
the green area. After the taxi was stopped by the green belt, their boss, Cliff and Arvin entered the
green belt to grab Ashley while Cary drove the car to the periphery.

The green belt was very wide, almost a large park, full of all kinds of peach, Magnolia, Begonia and
wooden chairs scattered. Ashley ran towards the green belt as fast as she could, hoping there would

be a chance of survival in the other side.

"Hey, chick, stay here. Aren't you tired? There is no residential area here. No one will save you."

"We are going to catch up with you. You can't run away anymore."

It took her more than a month of physical training to help her out. After running more than a hundred
meters, Ashley ran into a wall. It was late at night and the green belt looked darker even more. With the
help of the faint starlight in the sky, Ashley felt the wall was endless.

Hearing footsteps behind her, Ashley squatted down but did not move. She hoped that the dark night
could help her escape from the gangsters.

However, things usually happed unexpectedly.

It was silent, so they three turned on their phone flashlight and looked around.

Ashley was were filled with fear and hatred when she saw the light. Finally, a beam of light shone on


The men surrounded her with the daggers, while the leader grabbed her up and said, "Hey, chick, you
are a good runner. You have great physical strength!" After finishing his words, Darren slapped on his
face two times angrily. "Fuck! It's not easy for me to deal with women!"

Ashley felt the smell of blood in her mouth.

"I won't run anymore! Fuck you!

After saying that, Ashley got another kick on her belly, which made her fall to the ground out of balance.
She curled up her body and looked up at the starry sky. The sky was covered with dark clouds, which

looked like a dark world.

"Take her back."

It took half an hour for them to run out of the villa at a high speed. They threw Ashley back into the car.
The heavy sound of car closing was followed by the sound of accelerator.

The taxi went back to Ziding Road again and drove back to the pathway that they had driven away.
This time, the boss looked after her in person. The other three had to move the roadblocks out.

Five minutes later, the roadblocks were cleared away and the taxi went on driving along the road.

Another ten minutes later, Cary's voice sounded, "Boss, are there any police ahead?"

Ashley's eyes lit up.

"Shit! This is an unlucky year. Let's take a detour!" The boss ordered.

Another ten minutes later, the car stopped again. This time, Ashley also saw that there was a police car
not far from the intersection. The police light on the roof of the car was constantly flashing.

"Hey, chick, you are really something. The police come to block your way so soon." The boss sneered.

Ashley didn't say anything.

"Cliff and Arvin, get some gauze and bind her mouth with it. Cary, find a safe place nearby. As soon as
you get it done, we'll leave."


Ashley's mouth was taped. The taxi turned around and drove back into a wood.

"Arvin, I told you to have sex with her first. And then Arvin, Cary, Cliff in turn. I will be the last one. We
are outside to keep an eye on them. Arvin, you'd better hurry up. "

The other three men went out, leaving her and Arvin in the car. With her fists clenched, Ashley would
rather die than be insulted by these people!

After hesitating for a while, Arvin finally had the desire to rape her. He rubbed his hands and pressed
on her!

Ashley had already prepared for it, and when he started to attack, she took a step back, and her knees
firmly resisted the man's lower body.

"Ah!" Arvin screamed.

The others opened the door of the car immediately. "What's wrong?"

Arvin covered his crotch with his hands and screamed, "Don't scream to invoke the police." Their boss
covered Arvin's mouth with his hand, "you hold Arvin out now. I'll take care of this bitch."

Cliff and Cary helped Arvin out. Obviously, their boss Ahern was skilled in martial arts. He immediately
grabbed Ashley's legs to prevent her from moving and then tried to pull her clothes. With his great
strength, he successfully broke her T-shirt.

With red eyes, Ashley pressed his head to the roof of the car.

"Fuck! This bitch is really strong!" Ahern covered his head by hands. And then Ashley took the
opportunity to pull one of her legs out and kicked the man's shoulder hard, kicking him out of the car!

"Cliff, open the door and drag her out. We can't do that inside!" The boss Ahern ordered.

The door opened from the back, and Ashley was pulled out of the car by the two men. Cliff and Cary
caught her, while the other man walked over with his head covered with his hands and slapped on her
face again. "I'll teach you a lesson today!" Ahern said.

Ashley was sharp eyed and found that they didn't have daggers in their hands! As long as she got rid of
the rope, ran to the cordon and found the police, she would be saved!

Thinking of this, Ashley lifted her leg again when the boss was trying to drag her bra. This time, she
took advantage of the strength accumulated through close combat, and she kicked the man's shoulder
with her leg, which made the man fall to the ground unexpectedly! Before she could do more, Ashley
kicked the man in front of his head, and with the help of a turn, she broke away from Cliff and Cary.

She ran away before she stood still.

"Damn it! She's such a good fighter! Catch her up! " Ahern spluttered.

A group of men took out daggers from the car and chased after her. Seeing that they couldn't catch up,
Ahern said again, "throw the dagger over!"

Frightened, Ashley turned her head to check what had happened, but she didn't have time to react.
She protected the vital parts of her body, one cut missed but another cut through her calf.

Blood gushed out, and Ashley couldn't run away anymore.

They picked the dagger up and ran towards her. Sitting on the ground, Ashley held the dagger near her
feet in her hand. They surrounded Ashley in the middle. It seemed that Arvin's crotch was seriously
injured, and he was bending over to cover his leg.

This time they acted cautiously and did not act rashly. They stared at each other for a while. Cliff
leaped at her. Ashley wanted to lift her leg, but she pulled up the wound, and the pain made her attack

weak. Cliff took the opportunity to escape. Ashley was once again trapped out of the encirclement.
Ahern and Cary also seized the opportunity to surround her.

Ashley turned over the arm holding the dagger and scratched Cary in the chest!

"What! That woman's arm! " Cary looked at her incredibly, then stared at his chest.

Ahern and Cliff, who were not injured, stepped back as soon as they saw what happened. They looked
at each other with uneasiness in their eyes.

"Ahern, we'd better retreat. Otherwise we all will die here." Cliff shouted.

"No, we can't go back there empty handed. If we can't rape the woman, we take some photos, or we
won't get a penny."


"No buts! This woman was really a troublemaker. Even the iron man had out of energy. I'll take down
her knife and strip her clothes. We'll leave here after you take pictures of her! "