Exclusive Memory

Chapter 39 Gratitude And Grudges Between New Comers

At the same time, Ashley was also irritated. No one dared to push her like this except Gloria and

When Ashley was about to kick her off the stage, Alice held her in a hurry and explained to Linda,
"Linda, don't be angry. Ashley didn't push you deliberately."

Then she turned to Ashley and said, "Ashley, apologize to Linda. Please don't make her angry anymore
after she has talked to us."

What a worthless view! Ashley was really pissed off by this little girl who couldn't tell right from wrong?
This girl was really ruthless!

The two boys came back when they heard the noise. "What's wrong? What happened?"

Holding back her anger, Ashley took several deep breaths and pulled her arm out of Alice's hand. With
a cold expression on her face, she said, "Alice, I hope you can understand that what you care about
might be neglected by others at all. So, don't attempt to kidnap others based on your preferences. "

"Ashley, I don't know what you mean," Alice looked at her doubtfully.

I mean, I don't care what others think of me at all, whether they are bullying me or not and if they are
talking with me. Don't think that you want to get the friendship from Linda then I want it too. I'm not like
you. Don't force me to apologize. I'm annoyed.

Ashley didn't say it out. After so many years' experience, she had deeply concluded that if you were
always able to give a way out, don't be absolute and don't turn the matter upside down, just leave
yourself a way out.

"If you don't understand, you won't understand no matter how I explain to you. Just do it as you like.
But don't take me with you." Leaving Alice confused, Ashley said, "Zoe and Morris, Let's go. I'm with

you two."

The two boys also understood what was going on. Without asking, they walked out of the practice room
with her.

"Ashley, I guess you didn't have many female friends at school." On the way to the restaurant, Zoe said
it seriously.

What Zoe said was right. She had few female friends from childhood, but many boys were not very
particular about details so they could talk to each other all the time.

Looking up at the sky, Ashley let out a sigh and said, "you are right."

"Don't be so upset. There's one thing I haven't told you." Zoe smiled meaningfully. "In a general
situation like this, it means that you're more outstanding than others."

Zack also nodded his head and said, "women are mostly jealous of women, and men admire power. If
a man is outstanding, he will attract more male followers. On the contrary, most women will be envied
by their fellows. However, there is also another advantage. "

"What is it?"

"It's easier for you to find out who is your real friend than other women. Because in my opinion, those
who can be your friends are either appreciate you or had the same level of qualities like you. If you
encounter situation like moment ago, you had already broken up with each other. That will save a lot of
time, and we don't need to waste time on unnecessary people. "

She had a completely new appraisal of them. "I didn't know that you two are so intelligent."

"Of course." Zoe boasted himself and said, "it's your luck to meet me. Not every boy will think on high
degree like me."

Ashley get along with two boys harmoniously. However, the other three girls were not. Alice was trying
to make friends with Linda and Roya, but Roya didn't like her at all. Linda was still furious because of
Ashley so she was very unkind to Alice.

At dinner time, Ashley sent a message to Francis and told him that she wanted a full play. Francis told
her that he would take time to send it to her company.

After dinner, Ashley went back to the practicing room. The other three girls had already come back.
Roya was looking at the night view outside the glass window alone, and Alice was attentively handing
water to Linda.

Perhaps living in the dormitory really needed the friendship of others. That was what Ashley thought.

Linda was not kind to her and gave her a groan of contempt when she came in. It was a common case
that she had with Sheila, so Ashley didn't take it seriously.

At night, she took acting class first and then a dancing class.

It was nine o'clock after the end of the dance class. Ashley prayed that Francis came when she had the
dance class. Because Jasper would got off work at nine o'clock and go back home to coax his son to
sleep. If Francis came over during the dance class, he would have no chance to meet Jasper.

God heard her pray. At ten o'clock, someone knocked at the door, "Ashley, someone is looking for you
outside." An intern broker knocked on the door.

The dance teacher couldn't help laughing when she heard this, "you are so busy today, Ashley."

"You are kidding me, teacher. I'll be back soon."

"Well, be quick. You still need practice."

Then he went out of the training room, walked through the glass password door and came to the
reception area outside the brokerage department. Francis was sitting on his chair and idly looked at the
publicity poster on the wall.

"Hello, Francis," Shouted Ashley.

Francis turned his head and smiled. When she sat down, he pushed the script on the table in front of
her. It was a thick pile of several hundred pages of scripts.

"It's so late. Why do you come here?"

"It's okay. Just take a ride after work. I bring you night snack. You must be hungry at this time."

Only then did Ashley notice that there was a big bag of food beside his feet. He was as considerate as
before. Judging from this, he must have prepared enough foods for other training artists.

She was moved. But when she thought of he treated Sheila the same. She suddenly felt

After watching Francis leave, Ashley put the snack in the small meeting room and went back to the
practice room. Some of them were practicing, and some were drinking water and resting.

"Don't leave after class, teacher. My friend just sent some food. You must be hungry after having class
for such a long time."

The dance teacher was a bit girlish. Hearing Ashley's words, he grinned and said, "Yes, I feel a little
hungry. I agree if you insist!"

Hearing that there was snack, Zoe's eyes shone. "Ashley, your friend is so considerate. I'm starving to
death after dancing for so long."

In the second class, the teacher mainly corrected err actions, especial Ashley, he paid more attention
on her. Linda looked at Ashley with a malevolent expression in her eyes.

After the class, Roya and Linda left first. Alice hesitated, not knowing whether she should stay for
midnight snack or go back with Linda. Ashley didn't ask her to stay. After hesitating for a while, Alice
picked up her bag and chased after Linda.

The next morning, Ashley handed over a copy of her scripts to Henry. Henry copied one. The original
one was given to Ashley, and the other was for Jasper. Ashley took the script back to the Zhan family
and read it every day after work.

During the training of the following days, Ashley was completely isolated by the girls, and Alice didn't
talk to her any more. Ashley didn't know whether to laugh or cry. She was especially disappointed with

Alice had already taken good care of Alice. She knew that Alice was a picky woman and she seldom let
Alice pay for meals. Even when they crossed the road, Alice was always there to keep her safe.
Although Ashley didn't expect any reward from her, Alice shouldn't treat her in this way at least.
However, Ashley had no time and energy to think about this. She was too busy.

Being isolated was bad enough. But Ashley had underestimated the human malice.

One night after a few days, after saying goodbye to Zoe and Morris, Ashley hailed a taxi.

When she just got on the car, she felt something wrong because there were three tall men, each of
whom was big and tall, in the car except the driver. Just now, they were all squatting down on the
ground, and the light was dim, so she didn't find anything fishy outside. As soon as she got in the taxi,
two men on the backseat covered her mouth to stop her from screaming in the dark. The taxi sped up
into the dark night.

After walking for a while, Morris asked worriedly, "Zoe, do you think something was wrong with that

Zoe also stopped and said, "the taxi drove in a different direction from Ashley's home!"

They looked at each other and saw shock in each other's eyes.

"Maybe Ashley has an appointment with a friend today? " Zoe guessed.

"Absolutely not!" A strong voice came out from Morris, "Ashley would definitely dress up when she
meets her friend!"

"But not necessarily..."

"I trust my intuition. I felt something was wrong the moment the taxi stopped just now. My intuition is
always right about danger." Morris asserted.

"Let me think about it." Zoe scratched her hair. "What should I do... We can't catch up Call the police
now! Call the police now! "

As soon as Zoe said that, Morris took out his phone and dialed 110.

"And the plate number. What's the number?" Zoe scratched his hair in a mess.

"No license plate number!" Morris said abruptly.

Zoe was startled.

"Something is wrong. There is no license plate number. The light was dim just now, so I didn't pay
much attention to it. But now I think that the car has no license plate number at all!" Morris' face was

"So I'm sure it's an organized kidnap. "