Exclusive Memory

Chapter 40 Kidnapping (Part one)

Ashley's mouth was cover by someone so she couldn't speak, but she didn't smell anything strange.

Fortunately, they didn't use knockout drops. The two men in the back seat of the car made room for her
and put her in the middle of the seat. They cut her hand behind and tied her hands with a rope. "I
release your mouth. You are not allowed to scream. If you dare to scream, I will stab you!" Both of them
took out daggers.

Ashley nodded. She didn't dare to act rashly.

The hand covering her mouth was removed, Ashley took a deep breath and asked, "why did you
kidnap me?"

"You're pretty calm." The man on the passenger seat looked back at her and said, "why don't you

Blackmail, murder, robbery. She couldn't think of anything else, but she didn't think there would be any
benefits if she told him directly. After thinking for a while, she chose to show weakness. "I don't know."

"We guys want find a quiet place to play with you and take some 'beautiful' pictures. Hahaha!" The man
burst into laughter shamelessly, followed by everyone in the car.

Ashley looked out and saw no symbolic buildings. The roads in the city were similar, so she couldn't tell
where it was.

"Brothers, I do not know how I have offended you, but I still want you to give me a chance to make
amends. Whatever you want, you can put it forward. As long as I can do it, I will try my best to satisfy
you." She said, secretly breaking away the rope, but she was tied up quite tightly that she couldn't
break it at all.

"What a tone! You are from a rich family." The man on front passenger seat said.

"Yes, a little bit rich. If you want money, don't hurt me and I'll ask my family to give you the money."

The man in the passenger seat didn't speak.

"Boss?" The man on the right side of the back seat wavered.

"Humph! I don't like the rich people like you. You think you can be on high horse just because you are
rich. Don't assume everyone will listen to you for the sake of money." The man on the driving seat said,
"I don't want money anyway. You guys haven't played with the young miss of a rich family, have you? If
I have sex with this girl today, I can brag about myself for two years!"

Ashley's face turned pale. At this moment, the cell phone in the bag suddenly rang. Ashley was

"Throw her phone away. Don't let others locate!"

"Yes, boss." A man in the back seat took out the phone from her bag, opened the window and threw it

In the police station, the technical person took off the earphone and said, "the cellphone was turned off
only after two rings, so I could not locate it."

"Then what should we do?" Zoe Hanson.

"Don't worry. The technicians are checking the surveillance camera. Just wait."

In his villa, Jasper slept sound but suddenly woke up. He just interrupted by a sudden fright instead of
having a nightmare. He gently turned on the light. The alarm on the night table showed that it was
already one o'clock.

There was a knock at the door. "Master!"

"What's up, uncle Bradley?"

"Nelson woke up and kept saying that he wanted to see you,"

"Got it."

Jasper put on his slippers and then walked downstairs. A servant was holding Nelson in his arms.
Seeing Jasper came over, Nelson cried, "Daddy!"

Taking the boy from a servant's arms, Jasper sat beside the bed and coaxed him, "did you have a

The little boy crouched in his arms. "No, it's not a dream. I'm just scared. Daddy, I want to sleep with

"Okay, then sleep with me tonight." As Jasper went upstairs with the baby in his arms, he looked at the
room on the left of the third floor. "Uncle Bradley, please ask the bodyguard at the door if Ashley has
come back tonight."

"Yes, sir."

Jasper hold Nelson into the room, put him on bed, and cover him with thin quilt.

"Daddy, you sleep with me."

Jasper had no choice but sat beside Nelson. He patted the little boy while waited for news from

Shortly afterward, Bradley came in and said quietly, "Sir. Ashley hasn't come back yet."

Hearing what Bradley said, Jasper frowned. He gave a hint to Bradley, indicating him to hand the
mobile phone to him. Jasper found Ashley's phone number and dialed. After a few seconds, she heard

a woman's voice

Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is powered off.

She didn't come back and her phone was powered off. Jasper felt something was wrong. Nelson was
just a kid after all. He woke up fast and fell asleep in short time. Jasper touched her son's hair and said,
"Uncle Bradley, you sleep here tonight to take care of Nelson. I'm going out to look for Ashley."

"Yes, sir."

After changing her clothes, Jasper drove out with several people.

It was late at night. When Jasper drove to the office building, there were only two security guards
chatting in front of it. He sat in the car and ordered, "check if there's someone in the office."

The bodyguard in the passenger's seat took the order and went into the office building. He replied by
the car, "Sir, no one is in the office. They are all off duty. But I asked the security. They said that some
policemen came to check the surveillance video. It was said that two boys in his twenties called the
police and that their companions have been kidnapped! "

Jasper went into the monitoring room to have a look. At 11:15, Morris and Zoe saw Ashley get on a
taxi. He was keenly aware that the taxi had no license plate number!


Saying this name in her heart, Jasper called Lynn to get the phone number of the two boys and then
called Zoe.

"Zoe, I'm Jasper. Where are you now?"

"Oh my God Boss, we are in the municipal police station."

After getting on the car and telling the driver the address, Jasper continued to ask, "How is Ashley
now? Is there any progress?"

Zoe was still in a daze. How did the boss know that something was wrong with Ashley? Where did he
get the news? But he didn't have time to think about it carefully, "Mobile phone location failed. Police
are analyzing the surveillance video at the moment. There is no result yet."

The office building was also within the monitoring range of the surveillance, and the taxi without a
license ran all the way to the West. At the beginning, the whereabouts of the taxi could

be seen. After a few minutes, it went into the blind area of the surveillance and didn't appear any more.
The technician posted Ashley's photo to the identification system. Once she appeared, or the car of her
appeared, the system could recognize automatically.

About than ten minutes later, Jasper arrived at the police state. Zoe and Morris were waiting for news in
the hall. Seeing Jasper come in, they called, "Boss."

"You must be tired. Go back and have a rest. I'll handle it," said Jasper

Both of them were still worried about Ashley. When they were about to say something, the young
policeman who directed the handling of the case came over. "Brother Jasper, what brings you here?"

Coming forward and shaking hands with the man, Jasper said, "it's you, Shawn. Ashley is my
colleague. I'm coming to check what's going on."

As he spoke, Shawn led Jasper inside to have a rest.

Morris and Zoe waited for a while in the hall. Jasper came out with a bodyguard from it and walked to
them. "Boss asked me to send you back to your dormitory. You have training tomorrow. You can't help
more to stay here. I will inform you if I get any news about Ashley."

They didn't insist and took the bodyguard's car back to the dormitory.

The taxi took Ashley and drove to the west. They deliberately choose pathways. She guessed they
must avoid the surveillance camera. Ashley knew she couldn't go on like this. After keeping silent for a
while, she tried to talk with them again.

"I seldom associate with others after work. I don't know how I have offended you. Is there any
misunderstanding between us?"

"You are so unyielding." The man in the passenger seat snorted and said, "It's okay to tell you. You
didn't offend us, but we were just doing it for money. You'd better think about who you've offended."

Who had she offended? There were a lot of people who didn't like her. The people who were on the list
were Gloria and Sheila, Roya and Linda.

"Now that you all want money, why don't we have a talk? I can offer you a higher price."

The man on the right side spoke again, "Brother, I think we can..."

"Shut up, Arvin!" Their boss interrupted, "we must keep our word. If we change our boss halfway, who
dares to ask us for help in the future!"

"I just think that taking off the girl's clothes and taking pictures is too vicious. If others know that, she
can't live anymore."

Ashley's hope was rekindled. She looked at the man on the right, but it was too dark to see clearly, and
both of them were wearing masks.

"Arvin. You have compassion on her because she looks pretty, don't you?" The boss sitting in the front
passenger seat said, "it's okay. You can have sex with her when we arrive at the place. In your whole

life, you will hardly have a chance to have sex with such a high-level girl. Don't you have the desire to
do that?"

Arvin didn't say anything, but Ashley's hope that had just come to her vanished.

"She is pretty and has a sharp tongue. If you dare to speak again, I will scratch and cut your face!" The
leader on the passenger seat threatened.

Ashley pressed her lips tightly. It was dark outside and there was no chance for her to ask for help.
There were people on her left and right, with daggers in their hands, and her hands were tied. It was
too difficult to escape.

After driving for a while, the taxi stopped abruptly. Not knowing what was going on, Ashley's heart sank.
A man pounded the car and shouted, "Cary, how did you arrange the route? The road was

The driver hastened to explain himself, "brother, I checked it on purpose yesterday. Everything was fine
yesterday. I didn't know that there were so many barriers today."

'It seems the driver is Cary, then the one on her left must be ranked second among them."

"Or, let's take the road, a short distance will be fine." Cary came up with a solution.

"Idiot, if the camera records us, our plan will be seen through. Come with me to remove the roadblocks.
Arvin, come down with me too." Their boss said, "Arvin, get off the car. Cliff, watch her!"

The door of the taxi was closed. Only Cliff and she were left in the car. Ashley realized that it was a
good chance to run away.

She moved a little and changed a pose which was easy to carry out. Cliff was alert and raised the
dagger all of a sudden. "What are you doing?"