Exclusive Memory

Chapter 38 Jasper's Past

Through the window, it was easy to see Jasper go back to his box. The woman in room seemed to be
saying something to him, and Jasper nodded while listening to her.

"In fact, what a freak person Jasper is!" Francis took a sip of tea.

"A freak?" To use this word describe that cold faced man sounded a little funny. Ashley was interested
in it immediately. As she picked up the pork leg again, she said, "why do you say that?"

"Can you imagine that before Jasper joining Shengshi Group, he had always been doing some
research projects on astrophysics in the United States? I was heard that he has done very well, and he
has published several sensational articles." Francis said slowly

With her eyes wide open, Ashley only knew that Jasper had studied management in Columbia
University? Was he a scientist? She couldn't connect a CEO of a entertainment company with a

"Because our parents are in the same circle. I have known Jasper since childhood. He can be said to
be a genius, at least his IQ is very high." Francis pointed at the words on the curtain and replied, "He
could read words when he was quite young, but I can't remember how old he was at that time. I'm a
few years younger than him, and I heard these from my parents.

It was said that he read the newspaper when he went to the kindergarten for the first time. The teacher
thought that he was cute and adorable, so the teacher asked him whether he could understand. Then
Jasper read through the newspaper. He was a widely recognized talent. After he went to school, he
could do well in his studies and he would get the first place in the whole school even though he had a
different character from others. "

Hearing this, Ashley forgot to eat the pig let in her hand and asked, "how is it different?"

"I don't know if it's because of his IQ. Normal people can't impress him at all." Francis laughed
helplessly and continued, "for example, playing chess and watching a movie to chase after a girl was
such a boring thing for him. He often looked into the distance expressionlessly for a long time. When
you ask him, he would say that you don't understand and will not talk to us at all."

"Ha ha?" "So what happened later? He's quite a normal person in my mind." said Ashley

"When he went to university later, his parents failed to persuade him. Out of expectations, he chose
philosophy. However, he would take over Shengshi Group in the future, so after graduation, he was
sent to Columbia University to major in management. It was also in Columbia University that Jasper
had a significant change. "

"He studied physics?" Guessed Ashley.

Francis nodded, "I didn't know what he was pursuing for, but he seemed to have found the answer
finally. After finished the project of astrophysics in Columbia University, he got his doctorate, then he
returned home and took over Shengshi gradually. The year when we got married, he came back from
the U.S. He even attended our wedding then."

The clock in Banquet Night Building struck. It was 12 O'clock.

"It turned out that I had such a complicated relationship with him." She was stunned.

"Overall, as the actual decision-maker of Shengshi group, Jasper is far more insightful than his father.
In terms of overall management, it is difficult for his peers to catch up with him. He is a good boss."

Seeing that Ashley was still in a daze, Francis knocked the food plate in front of her with his chopsticks.
"Hurry up. You have to take the training tomorrow. Go back to sleep after dinner."

"Okay." Ashley came back to earth and continued to eat the pig's feet in her hand.

The next day was Saturday, Jasper was not back to sleep last night, and she did not see him in the
morning. Yawning, Henry drove the car, while Ashley sat in the back seat alone.

"What's wrong, Ashley? What are you thinking about?"

She was thinking about the script. Since she came back yesterday, she couldn't fall asleep because of
thinking, so she stayed up late to read through the outline of the script. It was an interesting play, and
she was thinking of the next step. But how to explain it

"Special assistance Hen.."

Henry immediately interrupted her, "you'd better call me Henry. I'm not used to that term."

"Ok, Henry. Shall I ask you a question?"

"Yes, sure."

"As newcomers don't have agent in the training period. But recently, I just received a new script and
thought I am interested in the play. How to deal with it?"

Henry was taken aback. "You got the script by yourself, didn't you?"

Ashley was a little embarrassed, "I didn't take the script myself. It's my friend's idea. He wants me to
play the leading role in a movie." She added.

Henry raised his thumb and said, "well, Ashley. Leading heroin! You are smart!"

Ashley felt more embarrassed, "I don't know which person is responsible for thi, so I want to consult

"You have a boss by your side. Of course it's the best to tell him. If you let him know, he will be able to
arrange everything for you right away. It's better than anyone."

"Okay." Ashley responded.

"Well, boss may come to work today. You may carry out a training as usual. I'll tell him what to do. Have
you brought any scripts with you?"

"Yes, I have." Ashley handed the script to him and said, "thank you."

"Don't mention it. We are so familiar with each other."

After arriving at the company, Ashley did a regular training. She went to the gym for physical fitness in
the morning and her lessons in the afternoon and at night were all in the company.

In the afternoon, when Ashley was practicing dancing with other employees in the company, the door of
the practicing room was pushed open, and it was Jasper who opened the door.

"Ashley, come here." Then he left immediately.

All the other people stopped practicing and looked at her. Under the gaze of the whole staff, Ashley
took a towel to wipe the sweat and went out. The dance teacher clapped her hands and said, "others
don't stop! Keep practicing."

Coming out of the door of the training room, she saw that Jasper was standing beside her with her
scripts in his hand. He wore a smoky shirt today, and the sleeve was rolled up to his elbow.

"Let's go to the meeting room."

Jasper led her to the small meeting room that she often had meals. Ashley felt a bit worried because
the embarrassing night yesterday, and besides she heard the boss' significant experience. She was a
bit embarrassed to face him.

Fortunately, as Jasper was working, he was very serious and got right to the point without saying
anything else. "I have read the outline of the program. It's not bad. Have you got all the plays?"

"Yes, but I didn't take it."

"Go and fetch all the full play. You can decide whether to take them after you finish reading them. No
matter what standard of other actors should be, you have to read them thoroughly before you make a
decision. Only in this way can you ensure that your role won't collapse."

Ashley nodded her head obediently.

"Who invested this play? Do you know who the director is? "

Ashley hesitated for a moment. If she told the truth, he would know the one with Francis in the private
room last night was her. But her boss had already asked, it would be too ridiculous to say that she
didn't know. "Hanfu Films and Guantang Group are the co-investor. The director hasn't decided.

Jasper thought for a while, "then the shooting will start in a few months. We don't have to rush to get
started. Let's finish the script first. You have to continue the training and don't need to take a rest
specially to prepare this drama. Because we will surely arrange other kinds of deeds to ensure your
exposure in the future. There must be something that can be show up yourself on stages."

"Okay." Ashley nodded.

Jasper took out his phone and dialed a number. Ashley's phone suddenly rang. Jasper hung up the
phone and said, "save this number. Call me by this number in case you need."


"After you get the script, give me a copy. There is nothing else. You can go to train now."


After leaving the meeting room, Ashley felt relieved that Jasper knew to save her face. If he asked her
what had happened last night, she really didn't know how to defend herself.

When she got back to the practicing room, it was the time of the half-time break. All the other students
sat on the yoga mat, drinking water. Seeing her come in, others did not say anything, but Roya who
had been rejecting her these days, said first, "Ashley, are you familiar with boss?"

Ashley had a good impression on this girl for a long time. Although she was a little arrogant, she was
also well-educated and sensible. However, she seemed to have a deep obsession with Jasper, she
hated anyone who had associated with Jasper.

"Not bad," Standing in front of the mirror, Ashley started to practice what she had just done without
saying anything more.

"Ashley, why did boss ask you out alone just now? What happened?" This time, Linda asked.

For people like Linda, Ashley had always tried not to mess with her or to be too familiar with her.
What's more, Linda appears to be something she was not. She hated Ashley before, but now she
changed her mind and called affectionately 'Ashley'.

"No, it's not a training."

Her tone was, "it's none of your business.". Ashley was trying to talk in a softer tone. Linda did not care,
so she took a sip of water as usual to have a rest.

Perhaps it was because of this matter, Roya was still indifferent to Ashley. As for Linda, she used to
ostracize Ashley, and now she was talking and laughing with her. Ashley really didn't like Linda's

intimacy. However, Alice found it a good chance to repair her relationship Linda. Since Ashley was not
interested in talking with her, she went over to have a close conversation with Linda.

This situation had lasted for two days. That evening, the music training had ended. After the teacher
had left, some of them had to go out for dinner.

Ashley and Alice walked in the front, and Linda naturally took Ashley's arm and asked, "what will you
eat tonight, Ashley?"

Ashley was disgusted with her. She couldn't stand any more of her touch and tried to get rid of her as if
she was a worm.

She did as per what her body reacted. Almost without thinking, Ashley took a step ahead of her head
and broke away from Linda.

Linda's face immediately changed.

Ashley didn't want to make things so embarrassing with her. After all, they would be trained for two
months in the future. She was about to say something to cover it up

Linda reached out her hand and gave her a push. Ashley stumbled and fell completely off-guard.

"You are asking for it! Ashley. Don't take advantage on your familiarity with boss to pretend to be aloof.
Who do you think you are? "