Exclusive Memory

Chapter 37 Date With Ex-husband

"Wow, Ashley, this is the first time I have seen you in a skirt. You look so beautiful!"

Ashley was embarrassed to look at them and she tidied up her hair. "Why haven't you gone back yet?"
she asked

"Zoe and Morris are worried about you. They said they would go back after you left." Alice explained.

"Ashley, why do you dress up so beautiful? Are you going on a date?" Zoe leaned over and said, "Wow,
you wear perfume too. There must be something fishy about it!"

Morris also looked over.

"No, we are just friends." Ashley waved her hands in a hurry and said, "I've been trained for a day so I
can't go to dinner with sweat. So I changed my clothes. I used perfume to cover the smell of sweat."

They left with half-believe. Fortunately, they soon hailed a taxi. After saying goodbye to the others,
Ashley got on the taxi and left.

The manager in Banquet Night Building was standing in the hall while the people in the building were
singing and dancing, "Are you alone, miss?"

"No, I am looking for someone." Ashley smiled.

The lobby manager stepped back cannily to the other side of the room. Having been sitting on the
second floor and observing what was going on at the door, Francis waved to Ashley when he saw her.
Seeing him, Ashley walked upstairs.

She sat down, and Francis poured a cup of honey grapefruit tea for her.

"Do you train so late every day? Is there any break? "

Ashley throat was dry and scorching, so she took a few sips of tea, moistening her throat. "We have to
train intensively for three months, and no rest day."

"What time does it start every day?"

"At nine o'clock in the morning, we have one hour rest at noon and one hour at dust."

Francis shook his head. "I've told you not to work in this industry. It was just too hard. But you ignored
what I said."

"It proves that this is what I'm destined to do." Ashley smiled, "Let's eat something. I'm starving to

It seemed that they were back in love again. In a daze, Francis replied, "Okay. Waiter!"

The waiter came in with the menu.

Since they knew each other well, they didn't care about the inelegant way to have meal. Besides, they
also ordered the food like braised pork feet with red pepper, braised pork feet with brown pepper, and
then the braised pork cakes with yellow flower, two cups of ice candy and pear, and a dish of vegetable
salad. The table was full of food.

Ashley, wearing disposable gloves, chewed pig's trotters and listened to Francis telling a play.

"This drama is about a female psychiatrist. She met a brother and a sister. The girl suffered metal
illness, but she was a genius. And her brother was normal." While pouring tea to her, Francis
continued, "They were not related biologically. They are stepbrother and stepsister from remarried
family. When the female doctor treated her sister, she gradually fell in love with this brother. But
unexpectedly, the girl also likes her brother. While the doctor treated the sister, she had a competition

of wits and boldness with the sister. Finally the sister recovered and retreated from the competition.
The doctor and the brother finally got married."

Taking a sip of tea, Ashley took off her gloves and took the script handed over by Francis. "It sounds
interesting. Is the doctor the heroine of the play?"

"HM. this is the outline of the script. It's quite detailed."

"When will the play start casting?" Ashley looked down at the outline of the book.

"We are looking for a director at the moment. You take a look at the outline of the play first to check
whether you are interested. If you feel that the outline is not detailed enough, I will take the script for
you another day. As soon as the director is determined, we will start to decide actors, actress and

Ashley closed the script and put it in her bag. "I'll go back to have a good look and advise you by


"Any suitable man for the hero of the play?" Ashley took a bite of the yellow croaker.

"Dylan and several alternatives. We haven't decided yet."

As the party went on in Banquet Night Building, the room was filled with music. Ashley looked around
and found that Francis barely ate. "Why don't you eat?" she asked

The man smiled and replied gently, "I ate very late. I'm not hungry now. Help yourself."

Ashley suddenly felt a sense of being spoiled. Her heart's defenses were shaken a little. She put down
the chopsticks and took a sip of tea. "Then you have some. It's boring to eat alone."

"All right." Francis took a sip of the soup.

Ashley wore the gloves again. She picked up the stewed pork and continued to eat, while watching all
the people in the Banquet Night Building. Then she noticed the place where Jasper often sat.

Ashley stared at the man and the woman inside. The woman wore a white sleeveless long dress,
appearing to be graceful and charming. The man, though only a profile, looked like Jasper.

Ashley was in training period, and she didn't have rest day, so she was a bit confused the day. She
thought for a while and it seemed to be Friday. It was the day Jasper dated with his girlfriend!

Just as she was thinking, the man seemed noticed that he was being stared by someone. He turned
his head and looked over.

Seeing this, Ashley quickly turned her head and covered her face with her hand.

Sitting opposite to her, Francis looked at her in confusion. "What's wrong, Ashley?"

"I think I have seen Jasper." Ashley pulled a long face and didn't dare to turn back to confirm.

Hearing this, Francis looked out of the bar and his sight swept around before he said, "Yes, you're right.
Jasper is indeed sitting diagonally opposite us."

"Do you think he saw me just now?" Ashley didn't dare to put down her hand, and she asked him

"I don't know, but..." Francis pointed outside and continued, "he walks toward us."

"Really?" Ashley almost jumped from her chair and said, "then I'll hide right now."

Francis saw Ashley was as anxious as a headless fly. She pulled the curtain a little, feeling that the
curtain was a bit short. Then she looked around and finally lowered herself, directly hiding under the


"Ashley, that's not a good place to hide." Francis hold her and asked, "Why are you frightened with

Ashley walked out of the table and scratched her hair anxiously. "I'll explain it to you later. Anyway, you
can't let him see that I'm here!"

The sound of footsteps approaching from outside, which made Ashley more nervous. In a hurry, she
leaned forward and fell into Francis' arms.

On the stage downstairs, a female singer was singing a song with melodious sound.

Early spring and late spring

Warm wine and blossom flowers

It seemed that only one could understand what was troubling her all her life

Francis felt his heart almost stopped beating. The warmth and softness in his arms and the hot breath
blew on his ears made him lose his mind. He could not remember anything.

There was a knock on the door. It was not until the second time that Francis realized that.

"Come in, please."

Jasper came and greeted, "Hello, Francis."

Hearing this voice, Ashley buried her face in Francis' neck. Francis' hands naturally rested on Ashley's
waist and said, "Hi Mr. Zhan! What a coincidence! You are here having dinner."

"Yes. I saw you are here just now. So I came here." Jasper's voice was quite calm, "Is she your
fiancée? It happened that I didn't have time to attend your engagement ceremony last time. Why don't
you introduce her?"

Ashley was scared out of a cold sweat.

Feeling that the woman held him tighter, Francis patted her body calmly and said, "She is very shy.
Please excuse her. I'll introduce her to you next time."

"I heard that your fiancée is the daughter of the CEO of ZM Group. Beside beauty, she has strong
family background. She's also well-known for dubbing. You are so lucky."

"You are flattering me."

"You should cherish your fiancée. People won't know the preciousness until they lose it. Don't repeat
the same mistakes."

Nobody knew for whom he said this.

Francis wanted to be polite after he heard what Jasper said. He didn't want to keep his good manner
any longer, he said, "Mr. Zhan just overthought it. If I do something wrong, my relatives and friends will
help me to correct. You see, I'm busy now and it's not convenient for me to treat you. Let's talk some
other day."

"Of course. I just saw you are here. I came here to say hi. I have to go now."


Listening to the sound of the door closing and the footsteps drifting away, Ashley asked the man with
uncertainty, "Has he... Has he already left? "

"He's gone."

Ashley took a deep breath and said, "that's good. I was scared to death."

After saying this, she realized that it was improper to behave like this. She quickly put her arm on his
shoulder and tried to stand up. But with a pull of Francis' hands on her waist, Ashley was trapped in his
arms. They looked at each other, with his eyes burning.

Ashley struggled and looked at the gentle face in front of her. She was confused. No, she was not
ready. She didn't want it to go so fast. So looking at his burning eyes, she changed the topic,
"fortunately, I was wise just now, or I would be miserable."

With these words, she tried to stand up again forcefully. This time, Francis didn't stop her.

Ashley stood up, straightened her clothes and hair, while Francis closed the window. "You're so afraid
of Jasper. As the CEO of Shengshi, does he have the time and energy to care about his artists private

Ashley convinced herself that nothing had happened. She sat in front of Francis again, "Of course
every one works in Shengshi is afraid of Jasper. He had asked me about my private emotion a few
days ago. If he sees I am dating with you, I would definitely get scolded."