Exclusive Memory

Chapter 36 Rank First In The Test

They chatted and laughed for a while. Then Ashley took a taxi and went back home.

In the middle of the night, the city had almost fallen into deep sleep. There were very few cars on the
road, and the lights in office buildings, residential areas and commercial streets were almost all out.
The road under the dim yellow street lights was like the only safety island hidden in the dark beasts.

"Young girl, it's already late for you to get off work. Aren't you afraid of going home so late?" The driver

Ashley said with a smile, "I have been practicing martial arts for several years. Most people are no
match for me. I can beat three to five people like you can easily."

"Really? I can't imagine." The driver replied with a wry smile.

Ashley didn't speak any more and the driver drove the taxi to Jasper's villa peacefully. Ashley got out of
the car a little further away and walked in.

There was a special lamp in the villa waiting for her. When she walked through the jungle on the stone
path, a fountain slowly appeared in front of her eyes, and a figure sat at the edge of the fountain.
Ashley walked close and saw it was a Jasper dressed in home clothes.

"It's so late. Why don't you go to bed?" Her voice was vague in the dark night.

"I'll sleep soon." With a lighted cigarette between his fingers and one of her legs resting on the ground,
Jasper said, "come and sit down."

Ashley sat beside him. Behind her was a fountain. Stars were shining in the sky. Such a scene was like
a dream to her. She didn't expect that one day she would be so familiar with the industry titan and even
live in his home.

"How is the training going?"

"Not bad."

"It seems that you don't like to talk much. Are you born introverted?" He took a puff and turned to look
at her.

Jasper looked very aggressive, both in postures and talking. No matter what words he says, she could
always feel a sense of pressure.

"Not really. That depends. I'm talkative with friends. I don't talk too much with stranger."

"Tell me something about you and Francis. Do you still keep in touch with him?"

Noticing that the question was a bit dangerous, Ashley smiled to cover it up. "Is it for work or just a
chitchat between friends?"

"Both. Is there any difference?"

"If we are friends, I don't want to talk about this topic. If it is about work ."

"Tell me." Jasper ignored her tricks and interrupted.

Ashley frowned. She hated it when others were interfering in her privacy, especially when someone
was forcing her to answer questions like Jasper. But as a man who had been in a high position for a
long time, he didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with his attitude. Ashley was angry but she
didn't want to offend him. So she adjusted the breath and tried to be as peaceful as possible, "We had
contact, merely contacts between friends."

"What about in emotional aspect, did you end the relationship with him?"

Upon hearing this, Ashley couldn't help pressing her lips more tightly. If the man in front of her was not
her boss who could determine her fate, she would have left without hesitation.


Jasper turned to look at her, "Really? You don't love him anymore?"


Jasper's voice became gentle, "That's good. You'd better not waste time on it. It will do no good to your
future career."

Ashley lowered her head and didn't say anything.

"It's getting late. Go home and have a rest."

"Okay. Good night." Ashley stood up and walked into the villa. As soon as she entered the room, she
threw her bag on the sofa.

It really pissed her off! What did he mean to ask her so recklessly? He was not her agent! It was really
hard to live under other's roof, let alone this person was her boss. Once the training was over, she must
move immediately!

It began to rain outside the window at midnight and it was not stopped until the next morning.

When she came downstairs, Ashley looked sullen and ignored Jasper who in turn didn't seem to realize
that. After breakfast, Nelson was packing his schoolbag by himself. "Auntie, you wake up."

Since Ashley got up an hour earlier than usual, every day she went downstairs, she could see that
Nelson was cleaning himself up. While Jasper usually sat on the sofa, reading magazine or documents
or browsing news on mobile phone. The two got up at six and had dinner at seven. Ashley could not

catch up their pace. She had kept on training for fourteen hours a day, it was not easy for her to get up
at 7 o'clock in the morning.

"It's raining outside. Do you take an umbrella with you?"

"Yes, he has." The boy answered in a cute voice. After carrying his schoolbag on his back, he raised
his arm and said, "Auntie, give me a hug."

Ashley heart was softened. She squatted and held the little soft body in her arms. Nelson kissed her on
the cheek. "Auntie, I'm going to school. Daddy, I'm leaving now."

"Okay, go ahead." Nelson raised his head from the magazine.

After Ashley had breakfast alone, they left for the company. On their way, Ashley received a message.
She checked her phone and found it was from Francis. Her heart skipped a beat.

After all, Jasper was sitting beside her.

Ashley switched off her cell phone immediately. When she arrived at the company and entered the
meeting room, she didn't start to read the message until she made sure that Jasper wasn't there.

"Are you free tonight? The script was finished."

"Yes," after thinking for a second, Ashley added, "it was not convenient to reply a message just now,
sorry for late reply." '

It doesn't matter. See you in the same place tonight?

I'll finish the training at 11:00 every day. Are you available that time?

After sending the message for more than ten minutes, she received no reply. When Ashley was about
to send a message to change the time, she received a call from Francis.

With a trembling hand, Ashley took a deep breath and answered the phone, "hello?"

"Ashley, I have a meeting to after 11 o'clock tonight. How about tomorrow night?"

She was somewhat absent-minded when she heard this name," ... Ok, then let's make it tomorrow

"Okay, see you at 11 o'clock tomorrow night. Crystal Palace usually closed at nine or ten. Let's change
a place. Do you know Banquet Night Building?"

"Yes, I do. I've been there several times."

"How about we meet at 11 o'clock in Banquet Night Building?"

"Okay, see you tomorrow night."

"See you."

After hanging up the phone, Ashley held the phone in her hand, sweating all over.

"Who are you calling? Is that your boyfriend?"

Hearing this, Ashley was startled. She suddenly turned around, and she saw Roya and Linda. The one
spoke just now was Linda.

"You're so nervous. It seems that you've got a boyfriend." Roya smiled. She put the breakfast on the
table and then sat with Linda at the conference table.

"We are just friends. We didn't meet for long time. Just make appointment to have dinner together."

They two obviously didn't believe it. Linda winked, "just tell me. Is he handsome?"

If she worked in other industry, it was not a big deal, but it was a serious problem to be guessed
randomly in the entertainment industry. The smile on Ashley's face faded. "I said, we are just ordinary

On hearing this, Linda was not in a good mood. She was stopped by Roya and said nothing. Alice also
walked into the meeting room very soon. She said with a smile on her face, "you walked so fast. I can't
catch up with you."

It seemed that Alice was still trying to repair the relationship among the three.

For such kind of friend, Ashley had no persistence at all. As far as she was concerned, it didn't matter
which step their relationship would go, be friends or strangers, she never cared. If they could get along
well with each other, they wouldn't be angry at these trivial things.

Roya and Linda ignored Alice who was a little embarrassed, so turned to greet Ashley.

"Good morning, sister Ashley!" Alice was the youngest among the new staff. After she knew that
Ashley was five years older than her, she called her sister Ashley.

"Good morning." Ashley nodded.

"You are all here." Zoe and Morris came in from outside. "Have you seen the test results?"

"Test results?" Linda was confused. "There are test results. Lucia, you never told me about it."

Roya didn't say anything.

Pointing to the door, Zoe said, "Morris and I met that agent just now. His name is Sansa. He is Sean's
agent. He said that the test results had come out and it was on the board of the training room. Morris
and I have seen it. Let's go, I'll take you to have a look. "

They didn't care about breakfast and went to the training room along with Morris.

The announcement board in the training room wrote detailed on each person's points. Not only the
music, the body, the acting skill, but also their appearance, adaptability. Even the music was also
divided into two points of singing and music.

In addition to the dance, Ashley was one in the front, with the comprehensive score ranked first, the
second was to the Morris, the third Roya, the fourth Zoe, the fifth Linda, and the sixth


"It's worthy to be several years older than us. She is excellent in every aspect." Said Linda ironically.

Because of Jasper's promise yesterday, the atmosphere between these new comers became more
tense. They had a competition relationship before, and because of Jasper, this kind of competition
relationship was once again activated. It seemed that the seemingly peaceful atmosphere could not be

"For next test, I will perform solo, sing alone and play alone." Morris said.

Ashley knew he was trying to help her out, so she added, "Then I will never be able to catch up with
you. I just took advantage of solo this time."

Since Ashley and Alice were completely isolated by the two girls, so they became the partners. But to
be honest, Ashley was not very fond of Alice. Although Alice was not a bad person, there was a huge
generation gap between them, and Ashley often felt that she was forced to have a child.

Zoe didn't really want to win the first place. He was determined to follow Sansa. Whenever she saw
Sansa in the company, He would surely go to greet Sansa warmly. Perhaps because of that, Zoe still
had great popularity as ever.

It had been rainy for the whole day. The next morning, it became sunny. The air here was fresh and dry,
but it was still a bit hot.

After training for a day, Ashley brought a sea blue knee length dress. She washed her face and body in
the bathroom of the company, wiped off her sweaty body with a towel, and tidied her face and hair.
Then she changed her dress and went out of the company.

She had thought that everyone else had left. But when she walked out of the building, she saw two
boys and Alice still at the door.