Exclusive Memory

Chapter 35 A Bold Newcomer

"You are really something, Ashley!" After Ashley returned to the backstage, she found that Zoe looked
at her surprisingly.

Ashley couldn't stand others' compliments, so she changed the topic immediately, "it's your turn. Get

"Duo song: Hiroshima mon Amour, by Zoe and Linda with Alice playing violin."

The three adjusted their state and went on the stage.

"Well done, well played." Morris was looking at the direction of the stage.

Ashley was a little surprised. This was the first time Morris talk to her. Morris was quite talented in
music, but he was a little self-conceited. He didn't like to talk with others too much.

"Thank you."

After music, body and dancing were combined into one. In order to save time, the six of them chose to
dance together, which was the music they had been practicing for the past month.

The physique dance was improvisational performance. Everyone pulled a piece of paper from a carton,
and the key words of their performance was on the paper.

Ashley looked at the note and it wrote, "a weeping beauty"

"You only have five minutes. Your task is perform the words in the right time." The host, with a piece of
paper in his hand, began to read the background information. "In the dormitory of girls, four girls took
umbrellas and went back to their dormitory on a rainy night."

The four girls were familiar with the practice. They soon fit in and walked to the stage with holding
umbrella in their arms.

"A drunk who was so lovelorn and drunk was brought back home by his friend from a restaurant. Both
of them went back to their dormitory in the rain."

Morris hold the staggering Zoe to the stage.

"Drunk boys madly rob the umbrella from the girls, and the rest of them are free to act."

Getting rid of the support of Morris, Zoe rushed to the girls and said, "Really? You're coming to pick me

The girls escaped. Roya grasped Zoe and pushed her aside. "Rain is bad enough. I still meet a
drunkard. Get out of here."

"Roya's show was a success, please get down from the stage." The host called. Roya left the stage
upon hearing the request.

The others were still performing, Ashley was wondering act a weeping beauty. She couldn't be scared
to weep by the drunk. Just then, Linda cried, "don't come over. I will call the police. Don't come over."

"Linda has done a great job. Please get off the stage." Linda also left the stage.

At this time, Morris held Zoe and said apologetically, "sorry, everyone. My friend just broke up with a
girl. I'm so sorry."

Then he started to hold Zoe get off the stage.

"Morris has succeeded in performing. Please get off the stage."

Alice and Ashley were left alone on the stage. Alice noticed Zoe leave and was stunned again. Zoe
pushed away Morris and came back, he said, "give me an umbrella, if you..." If you don't give it to me...

"Zoe" A trembling voice called.

Zoe looked into the direction of the voice and saw a pair of almond shaped eyes looking at him with
affection. The eyes were a combination of despair and hope, full of joy and cowardice. Being stared by
such eyes, people would feel as if he was the only heaven and earth in the world.

Zoe was stunned in a shock and didn't know what to do.

"Ashley has performed successfully. Please get off the stage."

Ashley withdrew her eye, and then winked at Zoe who was amazed than ever. Watching the girl
jumping off the stage smartly, he had a strong sense of loss.

"Stop, stop, stop! Zoe and Alice, what are you doing there?"

"I..." Zoe unconsciously knew what he was going to say, but his mind went blank.

"I'm sorry, teacher. I'm too nervous. I don't know how to act." Alice stood up and said.

"Okay. Today's test is over. I'm going to talk about the first part of music." The one who was speaking
was Griffith, the judge, "you all have a good performance, especially Morris with beautiful voice. Roya,
are you nervous? You made several mistakes while blowing the flute, but the overall intonation is

Roya smiled awkwardly.

"Ashley did a good job. Although her voice doesn't look special, it is more emotional than the fit in the
picture. Alice, you still need to practice your violin. The intonation is not quite precise. Zoe and Linda,
You two didn't practice too much in private. Although the music rhythm is ok, you two don't cooperate
very well with each other. "

"Thank you, teacher." They all said.

"Let me talk about your dance." The one who spoke to her was Dave. "Zoe is very good. You can see
that she has a profound skill of dancing. Ashley, what did you jump for? Did you think that was a fight?
So is Morris, make sure to keep unemotional in the right time. And you nature was not released when
you performed. Roya, Alice and Linda, your dances are good. Pay attention to your own mood. Don't
be too stiff. "

"Thank you, teacher."

As Sansa didn't make any comments, while Cleo looked at the people in front of her with her sharp
eyes and said, "all of you can't pass the examination, except for Ashley. Your acting skills are too bad.
You'd better practice more."

After saying that, they bowed again and said, "thank you, teacher."

The host cleared his throat and said, "well, the evaluation is over. You guys must be tired."

Jasper said nothing throughout. When the host announced the end of the ceremony, he stood up and
took the lead in leaving, so did the others.

"Mr. Zhan, please wait!" A woman shouted.

As he turned around, Jasper saw a girl with short hair. The girl looked nervous. The rest of the agent
and internship broker also looked over, and they found that it was Alice.

He couldn't help but frown. "What's the matter?"

Alice took a deep breath and plucked up her courage to ask, "Mr. Zhan, I heard that you will also take
new artists with you. I am wondering whether you will choose one of us to guide personally."

Silence fell in the room. 'Alice was really audacious!' Ashley thought in her mid. 'or maybe she was just
too ignorant and fearless'.

Turning to face the door, Jasper said slowly, "do you really want me to be your broker?"

"Yes, sir." Alice said firmly again.

"Then I'll pick up one. You should work hard during the training." nodded Jasper


"That's great!"

They were happy, and the atmosphere in the studio was back to life.

Jasper stared at Alice with a smile on his face, "You're Alice, right? Very good!"

"Thank you for your praise, boss!" Alice made a big bow.

"Work hard." Saying that, Jasper left the studio.

Hearing that, everyone remembered Alice. With a pat on her shoulder, Cleo said, "very brave. If our
president doesn't choose you, you can consider to work with me."

"Thank you, Cleo."

Ashley looked at Alice, and then looked at the other newlyweds, who moved a little far away from Alice
subconsciously. Ashley sighed in her heart. Just as the saying goes, "a beauty in the forest will be
destroyed by the wind." Alice was not very excellent yet. She was hated by others just because she
asked the boss the question.

Ashley could imagine that Alice would have a hard time in the next two months.

As if confirming Ashley's guess, after the training that night, a group of people left the company from
the gate. Roya, Linda, and Alice usually went out together because they lived together in a three
bedroom apartment. But now, it was just a matter of time for Alice to go to the bathroom, and Roya and
Alice had already gone away.

The Zhan's villa was different from the company's dormitory. They would arrive at the company's
dormitory in five minutes. It would take an hour to walk the Zhan's villa, so Ashley took a taxi back
home every day.

When Alice came out of the bathroom, she that there was only Ashley at the door of the company, she
felt strange. "Where are they?"

Even Ashley couldn't bear to tell the little girl the truth, "they have left."

"They..." Alice was shocked.

Zoe and Morris went out of the office building together.

"Ashley, are you waiting for the car again?" Asked Zoe.

"Yeah, I live far away."

"You see, it's more convenient to live in the dormitory of the company. It's not convenient to take a taxi
at night."

She didn't want either. God knew how she ended up with living with Jasper. However, it was wiser for
her to in Jasper's house, because she didn't want to be teased by others.

"Where do you live?" Morris said to Ashley for the second time.

"An apartment nearby. About 10 minutes by taxi." Ashley explained briefly.

"We will stay here with you." Zoe proposed, "How about? Morris."

"I have no objection."

Alice was still in low spirits and didn't say anything.

"You two are not far from the girls' dorm. Roya and other girls left already. It's not safe for Alice to go
back alone at night." Ashley said implicitly.

The two young men were both smart. They knew what Ashley meant. Zoe patted on Alice's shoulder,
and said to Alice, "Sister Ashley, don't worry. We live in the same residential area and I promise you
that I will send Alice back safely."

"Why do you call me sister all of a sudden? Isn't better to call my name?"

"Haha! It's just an abuse. You are older than me." Zoe scratched her head with a smile, "Well, You are
really a good actress, Ashley. You scared me just now on the stage."

"I majored in acting in university, so I've got a little foundations in acting. It means nothing." You are
very talented in dancing too. You can dance by yourself even the teacher teach you only once. You are
so amazing. I can never do it."