Exclusive Memory

Chapter 33 The Gossip About Jasper

"Indeed, Mr. Jasper takes care of some new artists on a whim. But after all, he is the CEO of the
company. Besides, Shengshi has more than one department, so he doesn't have the time and energy
to bring new artists in person."

"But I heard that Flora and Aimee..."

Lynn interrupted Zoe's words, "as far as you know, Flora and Aimee are two famous and successful
artists who are guided personally by our CEO, you are right. But this doesn't mean that Mr. Jasper will
choose one of you to instruct in person. Although it's possible, it still depends on his mood. "

Hearing Lynn words, not only Zoe was hit but both Alice and Linda became a little disappointed.

"But everything is possible. Although our CEO's plan is not confirmed, but based on past experience,
Mr. Jasper will choose the most excellent artists in the training period. Both Flora and Aimee are the
first after the training period. So, whether Mr. Jasper will take new comers or not, you still have to train

Hearing this, they got a glimmer of hope.

The training base was not far from the company. They arrived in five minutes. The whole morning,
everyone was in the gym. Each of them has a fitness coach, and the training was organized according
to different situation.

In Manhattan when Ashley was in high school, because of her being harassed several times, and it
was difficult for the students who studied outside to get hold of the human right, she stood up from pain
and began to study close up combat, which lasted for three years. She was not afraid of being
harassed anymore, but her physical fitness still moving up.

Standing next to Ashley was a female coach at her age. Seeing that Ashley had done more than 20
pushups and was still doing her work, she praised, "you have good physical health. I've seen a girl who
can barely do ten."

Hearing this, Roya glanced at Ashley. Roya was also doing pushups, but from time to time, she only
did a dozen. Although she hadn't talked to that woman called Ashley yet, for some reason, Roya didn't
want to lose to her.

Morris was at the back of Ashley. Although what Lynn just said was quite a blow to her, Morris thought
it was just an official response. The only person who was still under Jasper's leadership was Flora. She
was already a young and beautiful woman in the entertainment circle. This year, Jasper would definitely
choose a new employee to take care of.

Morris thought that the new member of the gang was only between her and Roya. However, the new
member Ashley seemed to have a strong background, and she was indeed very beautiful, striking
beautiful. The girl was so beautiful like in the painting, and she had such a strong body. Morris felt the

After practicing on the weapon wheeled for two hours in a row, everyone fell to the ground in
exhaustion. Ashley could stand, but she was sweaty.

Roya didn't sit down. She took two bottles of water, walked over to Ashley asked, "do you want some

Ashley took it and said, "thank you."

But she didn't drink much and put it down after two or three sips.

"I heard that you don't live in the dorm. Did Mr. Jasper agree with it?" Asked Roya.

Ashley had a good impression on this girl. "Yes, I'm not used to living in dormitory with too many
people. It took me a long time to ask for the boss's consent."

"Then where do you live?"

"A house near the company." "Do you know Miss Lynn? You two have the same last name of Du."

"Lynn is my aunt." Roya said bluntly.

Ashley didn't continue the topic and talked about their school. When Roya heard that Ashley had
graduated, and she was 25 years old this year, Roya looked unbelievable.

"Are you twenty-five years old now?"

Ashley knew that she was a little old. She scratched her head and said, "it's a little late to start the
career. How old are you?"

"I, Linda, and Morris are 21 years old, Alice is 20, and Zoe is 23." Roya thought she was a bit
overreacted, too. She said, "actually, you're not the one who started late, and there are a lot of people
who are later than you. That's just because usually newcomers of Shengshi generally signed in school.
Zoe is old enough. And you are totally different. I didn't expect that you're so special, and that's why I
was so surprised just now."

They talked something else and went out for dinner together.

At lunch time, Ashley thought of Fang family and called Betty.

"Betty, how is family?"

"Madam and Miss Sheila are the same as before. But the chairman seems to be in poor health. I tried
to ask him, but I can't get anything. Miss Ashely, if you are free, call the chairman."


Clutching her phone, Ashley didn't contact Samuel after she quarreled with him a few days ago.

"Has father been to the hospital?"

"Yes, he did. When he came back, he thought it was not a big deal, so he took the medicine. Miss
Ashely, you don't have to worry too much. Chairman Samuel has always been in good health. But you
have to call him when you have time. I think although he doesn't speak it out, he still has cared about
you. "

After hanging up the phone, Ashley was in a daze standing by the window for a while.

The training continued everyday. It started at nine o'clock in the morning and ended at eleven o'clock in
the evening. When Ashely went back to Zhan family's house, she went to the bathroom and cleaned
herself up before going to bed it alrealdy twelve o'clock. Because she was tired, she fell asleep as soon
as she get in bed. The next morning, she got up at seven o'clock and went to the company with Jasper
at eight o'clock.

She liked a spinning top.

In the morning of Wednesday, Ashley didn't see Jasper. Out of curiosity for a month, Ashley finally
asked the question to Henry in the car, "Why does Jasper leave on Wednesday so early? I get up at
seven o'clock and still haven't made it to him?"

In order to make it more convenient for Ashley to have a training in the company, Henry had become
her exclusive driver for her early class. Even if Jasper didn't go to the company on weekends, Henry
would pick her up on time.

Henry's voice was also quite surprised. "You live here, don't you know Mr. Jasper's habit? Mr. Jasper
won't sleep in this villa on Tuesday or Friday."

"Every Tuesday and Friday? It's Friday when I first came to the villa. Jasper had come back, "

"That's because he came back to the villa on the first day you were here." Henry was very helpless.
"You have lived here for almost a month, how come you don't know this?"

"Why didn't he live in the villa these two days?"

"Because he has a date with his girlfriend."

Did he have a girlfriend?

For a moment, Ashley couldn't tell what was going on in her mind, and she thought, 'Bradley should
know that Jasper has a girlfriend, and how could he arrange such a room for me? He has a girlfriend. I
drank a lot and came back from the party in Banquet Night Building, was really just my dream?'

No, she couldn't tell whether her dream was true or not. She had never fell in love with Jasper, and she
knew what she was.

"When I worked in the entertainment industry in the past, I often heard from young girls that Jasper was
a man who was abstinent. But when I shot the video of Flora, I found that Jasper had a child. Now I
heard that he had a girlfriend. The rumors were not to be believed. Is Jasper a playboy? Is that true? "

"I know it's not good to gossip about my boss's private life in this way, but I have to warn you not to
spread it out."

"I promise I will keep my mouth shut," Ashley swore, raising three fingers

"Basically, Mr. Jasper's girlfriend would change every year. Sometimes he won't have a girlfriend for
one or two years. But he's nice to the girls every time. With this rate, I guess he's not a womanizer. "

"I think he is not." "Does he have a lot of girlfriends in the past?" Ashley was uncertain.

"Eight to ten. Speaking of this, I have to remind you that you shouldn't have any improper desire on

"Ah, why?"

"You know, Aimee was personally taken care of by the boss, and later she fell in love with him. She has
made a scene and almost been banished from the entertainment industry. Fortunately, Aimee was
great. She was picked up by another agent of Shengshi, her career was not affected. But the others
were not so lucky like Aimee. If any of the female stars of boss had done something wrong to him, they
would all have a miserable ending. "

"Jasper is a pervert!"

"What are you talking about, Missy? I'll tell on you if you curse my boss like that." Henry threatened her
with a smile.

"I'm just kidding. You go on."

Henry said as he drove the car. "In fact, Mr. Jasper doesn't always do it by himself. But he is in charge
of the artists. Once he is irritated, he will naturally give up on the artist. If the artist fails to publish any of
his work today, the artist will be miserable. Other agents in the company don't dare to offend the CEO
for taking the artist who irritated him. Only someone like Aimee that someone dare to take over in the
company. No one is so lucky like her. "

"If the artists were another agent's prosperity, they would have a better ending, wouldn't they?"

Henry nodded and said, "But I want to say that you'd better not think about Jasper. No matter whether
your manager is our CEO or not, you'd better give it up. Besides, even if the artists were accepted by
Mr. Jasper, they would not end well. "

"Why did you say that?"

"Mr. Jasper doesn't get married. There are no girls who can play with him like this. So they have to
break up one by one."

"You mean Jasper doesn't plan to get married?"

"I don't know."

They talked about gossip all the way. After that, Ashely arrived at the office building.

Ashley and Henry went upstairs together. When they arrived at the eighth floor, they went different
ways. The eighth floor was an actor and entertainment department, and the film and investment
department was on the ninth floor. Jasper's office was on the ninth floor, and Henry was Jasper's
assistant, so Henry was working on the ninth floor too.

When Ashley walked inside, she heard Jasper's voice. She looked towards the direction where the
sound came from and found that Jasper was talking to Flora. He looked as if he was troubled by
another thing that Flora had done, "How many times have I told you not to be late? What's wrong with

On the contrary, Flora looked bored.

Perhaps it was because she felt bored, Flora looked around and found Ashley, and waved at