Exclusive Memory

Chapter 22 Decision

She liked to come to this rockery too when she was pregnant.

The artificial small streams rolled down from the mountain into the lotus pool beside the artificial hill.
The summer lotus were in full bloom, and several dragonflies were rising and falling in the stamens.

She heard footsteps, not fast and a bit hesitant, approaching her.

Ashley's heart raced uncontrollably. He was coming.

After reading the message, Francis falsely claimed he went to the bathroom. But when he approached
the rockery, he saw a black robe corner stretched out from the rockery which was close to the lotus
pool, so he was afraid to go near it. After stopping for a while for mental preparation, Francis walked

The man walked over and didn't say anything.

Pressing a nervous heart, Ashley looked at the pond without looking at him, and said deliberately, "well,
you've come!"

Looking at his handsome face, Ashley smiled tenderly. With this posture, Ashley's white and slender
neck was exposed perfectly with a soft and gentle arc. "Why did you ask me to come here?" Francis
asked coldly as he averted his eye from her.

Ashley didn't know how to answer. She just followed what Dylan just said. She looked up at him with a
blank and helpless expression and said, "I don't know..."

Francis took a step forward and said, "You..."

Ashley took a step back, then turned around and ran away. It was really too sudden for her to prepare
for this meeting. She didn't know what to say.

Looking at Ashley's back, Francis was also stunned and didn't come to himself for a long time.

Dylan was secreting male hormones among the ladies. In a short while, he saw Ashley walking out of
the forest.

He texted her, "so soon? What did you talk about?

"I can't explain it in a short time," replied Ashley.

He replied to her, "Let's get out of here. I'll take you to dinner. You can tell me while eating."

She replied, "okay.".

Ashley told Samuel, said goodbye to those gentlemen and ladies and then left. When she walked out of
the villa of Fang family, Dylan was waving at her in the car. As soon as Ashley got on the car, Dylan
behaved like a gentleman and fastened the safety belt for her.

To be honest, if Dylan was not for some fun of her, Ashley would appreciate him. At the same time, she
couldn't help sighing that how wonderful it was for her to make friends with people like Dylan in such a
short time. Fate was amazing.

"What happened to you just now?" Dylan asked while driving.

"I'm waiting for him behind the rockery. When he arrived, I said 'well, you've come!' He asked, "why did
you ask me to come here?" I said 'I don't know' and then ran away. "

The air in the car suddenly became silent for a few seconds.

"Is that all?"

"Yes." Ashley nodded.

But Dylan was not reconciled at all. "So you didn't have any physical contact with him?"

"You asked me to play hard to get and avoid hugging and kissing from the beginning, didn't you?"
Ashley was confused.

Ok, all right. He had told her so. Dylan calmed down and comforted himself that he should have too
much expectation on a person who didn't know how to act.

"It's OK, Ashley, it doesn't matter. I will teach you later. Just do as I say. I promise it's easy to win
Francis' heart."

"Okay." As Dylan, a real master flirting with girls, helped her, she thought it was not a problem to get
Francis' love again.

"By then, you seduce Francis and inform Sheila of it at the same time. In this way, Sheila must be very
jealous. Then you torture them for a month. After you win Francis's heart, you dump him. You'll make
them both miserable!" As Dylan said so, he made gestures to describe his perfect plan.

Ashley knew that if she offended Dylan someday in the future, he would surely make her miserable,
because Dylan was obviously an insidious villain.

The car passed through the villa area and headed to the city center. Ashley found this road very
familiar. About twenty minutes later, she looked at the shop sign in front of her speechlessly. She was
here again.

Banquet Night Building.

No matter how crowded outside was, there were always a few guests in the restaurant and no matter
how noisy outside was, here was always the music lingering here.

"Why do you all like this place? It's so famous, then why didn't I know it before?"

"Haven't you studied abroad for a few years? This shop has just sprung up in recent years." Dylan led
her upstairs. "If you don't have a strong background here, the guards won't let you in. People coming
here are either rich or powerful. You don't need to worry about crowds or your safety. A nice place."

"Really?" Ashley puzzled, "Once I saw one of my colleague came in and I came here myself last time."

Dylan went to the third floor and entered a private room. "Well, there are two possibilities. The junior
staff must be brought in by prestigious people to talk about work. He can't come in by himself next time.
The reason why you could come in was that you were also brought in by a prestigious person before.
For some reason, the lobby manager thought you are also someone prestigious. Therefore, you could
also come in."

'A place only for the rich!' thought Ashley.

When she was sighing, Ashley lowered her head and she noticed Jasper was there.

Jasper dressed formally today. He wore shirt, suit and tie with his hair carefully combed. He seemed to
feel that someone was looking at him, so he raised his head and looked toward her.

Ashley was shocked and turned back immediately. But on second thought, it would be more
embarrassed, so she turned back.

Looking at the nervous woman, Dylan shook his head. And when he was about to despise her, he saw
Jasper out of the corner of his eye. They were acquaintances in the same social circle, so Dylan waved
his hand to say him and Jasper nodded in return.

"Are you very familiar with Jasper?"

"We have met a few times."

Dylan seemed to get the smell of gossip again. "For what?"

"It's not what you think." Ashley could tell from his eyes that he was thinking in a wrong way. "Jasper
wanted me to join his company."

"Write script?"


Dylan was surprised as if he had seen a ghost, "you?"

"Yes." Ashley nodded seriously.

Dylan reached out his hand and pinched the woman's face. "Well, yes. You look pretty. But there are so
many pretty girls in entertainment circle. You're twenty-five or so, right? It's a little late for you to enter
this career. What's more, it's hard for you to deal with your motional entanglements."

Ashley shook off his hands and said, "I'm not going to work in your company. Why are you so picky?"

Dylan scrutinized the woman in front of him. He had to admit that she had potentials because she had
a really beautiful face. Besides, Jasper discussed with her personally, she must have something
special to attract Jasper.

"Did you agree?" He asked.

"Not yet."

"What's your plan?"

"I haven't thought about it." She told the truth.

"As I said before, you always dodge everything. Am I right? Said Dylan

Ashley seemed to acquiesce.

"Francis was in entertainment circle. Is it because of him? Are you afraid of meeting him?"

"Partly. There are some other factors such as my emotional entanglements as you said. Stars have no
privacy. The emotional entanglements behind me will be like sword and blade and I would be
assassinated by them."

After thinking for a while, Dylan answered, "not necessarily. If you make good use of it, it can also help
you become famous quickly."

Ashley looked at him with her bright eyes.

Dylan couldn't help but want to tease this woman. "Well, why don't you refuse Jasper and join my
company. Look at Jasper's cold face. It's much better to work with me."

"Well, I haven't decided yet." She lowered her head and took a sip of the water.

Then, Dylan gently pinched her face, trying to tease her. "Perhaps, Jasper thought that you planned to
work in my company. Do you think he will be angry with you?"

Hearing that, Ashley was stunned. She could not help turning her head to look at Jasper, who was
staring at her too. There was no emotion in his eyes, but as what Dylan had said, she felt that Jasper
seemed to be really angry.

When she was thinking so, as if to prove her thought, Jasper averted his eyes, turned around and went

"No! It can't be true!" Ashley pulled Dylan's hand away and said, "Mr. Yan, I won't have dinner with you
today. I'll invite you for dinner someday. I'd get to go now."

Then she lifted her dress, went downstairs and chased after Jasper.

Staring at the disappearing figure, Dylan had a sense of great loss in his eye, "It's so boring."

Knowing that Ashley was following him, Jasper paid the bill more quickly. He didn't want to stay here
any longer.

"Jasper, wait!" "Jasper!" shouted Ashley

The man seemed to hear her calling him and stopped at the square in front of the building. Ashley
caught up with him and explained breathlessly, "don't misunderstand me. I'm not going to join Dylan's

It was a dark night. Even many bright lights shone on, it was still too dark for them to see each other's
face clearly.

"I didn't misunderstand." He said.

However, Ashley thought he misunderstood her because his tone was obviously unpleasant. "I
attended my stepsister and ex-husband's engagement ceremony today, and Dylan was there as well. I
met him there and then we came out to have a meal together. Nothing else."


"You have already known that I had been married and given birth to children, right? Before you hire me,
you must have done an investigation." Ashley wasn't sure whether this man understood her or not,
because he had asked a very basic personal question before they had a chat.

"Yes, I did."

"Don't you think I'm a bit too old to start my career?"

"Not at all."

"You know all my emotional entanglements. Don't you think it's troublesome to deal with them?"

"No, I don't think so. Age is not a problem. I think you are still very young. Emotional entanglements are
not problems also. Besides, we have excellent PR team to deal with them."

Ashley got closer to see his face but she couldn't see clearly. Then she asked, "are you really mad at

Jasper could feel her breath on his chin, which made him feel itchy.

"No, I'm not."

His voice was even lower and gentle. Ashley thought he should calm down already. Then she stepped
back, "that's good. I rely on your guidance in the future. I don't want to piss off my future boss."

Jasper got the implication from her talk, "so have you made up your mind?"

"Yes, I have."