Exclusive Memory

Chapter 32 The Embarrassing Morning

On Monday, Ashley went to the company. She got up, washed herself and put on her clothes, and then
opened the door to go downstairs.

Ashley thought that Jasper and Nelson had gone to school and went to work respectively, but she saw
that Jasper was reading a magazine on the sofa in the living room.

Seeing her coming down, Abbott shouted in the kitchen, "good morning, Miss Fang. What would you
like to eat today?"

"Good morning, uncle Abbott. Please help me make a bowl of clear soup noodles."

The noodles Abbott made were not simple noodles. They were with chicken soup. The bowl was
surrounded by green lettuce, which was covered with a half cut tea egg. He also prepared a dish of
pickled cucumber, a dish of garlic and broccoli, a dish of pickled beef with soy sauce, a dish of
appetizer peppers with soy sauce, and a dish of appetizing sauce.

Without tasting it, Ashley had a good appetite.

She took a sip. The hand-made noodles tasted soft and smooth. With a faint aroma of chicken soup,
her empty stomach was immediately overwhelmed.

"Uncle Abbott, you are a good cook. It's tasty!" Ashley gave a thumbs up sign.

Abbott laughed and said, "Ms. Fang, tell me what you like to eat. I will prepare semi-finished products
for you, so that you can eat at any time."

Jasper was attracted by the interaction between the two, he looked away from the magazine in her
hand. While Ashley was eating, her cheeks were bulging. She was now overwhelmed with happiness
by the delicious noodles. Jasper was already full. Looking at the way she ate, he felt a little hungry.

After dinner, Ashley washed her hands and took her bag. When she was about to say goodbye to
Jasper, he also stood up, "Let's go."

Ashley was stunned, keeping her mouth open. Was he waiting for her just now?

Before she could say anything, Jasper had already left and distanced herself behind. So Ashley
quickened her pace to catch up with him and said, "I didn't know you were waiting for me. Sorry for
keeping you waiting so long."

"It's no problem." Jasper replied in a casual manner, indicating that he didn't care about it at all.

"You are so busy. I can go to the company by myself. I feel sorry to bother you."

As soon as Jasper came to a halt, he looked back with his back to the sun. Ashley could not see his
face clearly. She only felt the person who stood in front of her was very tall. "It doesn't bother me at all.
Whether you live here or you hitch a lift to the company. Just accept it at ease."

She nodded subconsciously.

"If you really feel bothered, you can get up earlier next time." The man smiled and left.

Ashley was so embarrassed that her face blushed like a rising sun.

Henry had arrived already, leaning against the car with his eyes closed by the fountain. As soon as he
heard the voice, Henry opened his eyes and saw it was Jasper, so he quickly opened the door of the
back seat for him.

As one to hitch a lift at that moment, Ashley got in the front passenger seat conscientiously. However,
as soon as she opened the door, she saw several documents placed on the passenger seat.

Ashley suddenly felt that she was so doomed. How could she be so humiliated?

"Miss Fang, you'd better sit in the back seat." Henry opened the back door of the car for her.


Sitting next to Jasper, Ashley could even feel Henry could barely keep the smile off of his face.

Fortunately, everything went well on the way to company, Jasper closed her eyes to rest, Henry drove
seriously all the way, and Ashley played the mobile game.

Henry parked the car at the door of the office building and opened the door of the back seat to let
Jasper get off.

"Boss, you go first. I'll go to the parking lot with Henry and then go to the company," said Ashley to

Of course, Jasper understood her purpose. She didn't want others to see them walk in and out
together, for other colleagues would think they were close. Jasper didn't care about it. However, since
Ashley was scrupulous, he had no reason to object. "Okay, I'll go to the company first."

Inside the training room, there were two boys and three girls. They looked about their early twenties.

The three girls were obviously familiar with each other. They stood together and chatted. "I heard that
in addition to the five of us, there is another girl coming to join the training."

"Anyone else?" One of the two boys moved closer and asked, "Linda, who told you that? There are
only five new comers in the male and female dormitory, aren't they?"

"I heard that the girl didn't live in the dorm, so we don't know her either," said Linda.

The young boy touched his chin and said, "Didn't you say that it is the company's rule to live in a dorm?
She was so exceptional. Does she have a strong background?"

"Who knows? But no matter how powerful her background is, it's still not better than our sister Lucia?"
Said Linda, holding a tall girl's arm.

The cheekbones of the girl called Lucia were higher than the average Asian. Her face was slightly
square, but not obvious, and her overall facial features were neutral. It was a typical face that could
distinguish from ordinary people.

Roya bended the corners of her mouth. She didn't answer Linda.

The sound of footsteps came from outside, and a tall girl opened the door and walked in. She had a
look at the people in the training room, nodded to say hi, and then leaned against the wall, sliding her
mobile phone and saying nothing.

The people inside kept silent when they saw the girl.

The boy who spoke earlier poked Linda and asked, "is this the girl you referred to?"

Linda shook her head, "I don't know either. I never met her before."

Linda walked a few steps towards the woman. "Hello, I'm Linda. I'm one of the artists. May I know your

Ashley put down her phone and said with a smile, "Hello, I'm Ashley. I'm also here for training."

Upon hearing this, Linda's pupils shrank. There was strong pressure from the competition with Roya.
And it seemed the one called Ashley indeed was more competitive.

The boy who had just spoken came over and said, "Hi Ashley. I'm Zoe, I'm a senior student at a


Zoe had a nice personality, so he actively introduce them. Except the tall girl called Roya, the girl who
spoke with northeast dialect called Linda, a short girl with well-defined ponytail called Alice, a boy who
didn't speak called Morris, and Ashley. Total two boys and 4 girls, all were good-looking.

Ashley had more experience, from what she said and what she did just now. Other's characters could
be roughly judged. Morris was an aloof young man and didn't like to speak a lot; Zoe was humorous
and talkative; Roya should be born in a good family, and she was self-confident and polite; Linda was
very tactful and clever; as for Alice, she was addle and it was difficult for her to tell others' intentions
and viciousness. She was always kind and friendly to everyone.

At 9:15, the door of the training room was opened and a man and a woman entered.

"Wow, here comes Sean!"

"And Flora!"


Ashley widened her eyes. She saw the woman with her hair tied back casually on her head had a pair
of bright eyes with a smile on her face. It's Flora, couldn't be anyone else. Ashley had a guilty
conscience because she had shot a lot of sexy pictures of her. She didn't know whether Jasper had
told Flora about it or not.

"It seems that all of you have known Flora and me." Said Sean with a smile.

Sean was absolutely the most handsome in Shengshi Group. He had the same fame as Dylan in the
entertainment industry. Unlike Dylan, Sean was a traditional handsome man. He had a good-looking
face and talked as if he were a brother next door.

Alice was the most excited, "Mr. Shen (Sean), I love you so much. Do I have the chance to cooperate
with you in the future?"

Sean's smile remained the same. "If there are suitable projects to cooperate with each other, why not."

"Sean and I are here to cheer you on," Flora disrupted Alice timely, "With Shengshi's cultivation and
your own efforts, you'll be as excellent as Sean in the future," she continued.

"I don't want to be a second Sean. You are our girls' target, Flora." Linda quipped.

But Flora didn't pay much attention to that girl, but since that girl tried to flatter her, she couldn't help but
take a glance at her. She was a slightly plump girl. Although she was beautiful, her beauty was too
mediocre without any specialty.

"I'm not your goal. Your target should be Aimee." Flora said with a seemly angry tone.

"Why? Flora. Being the most popular star was no harm." Alice was in a daze again.

Next to Sean and Flora was Lynn, director of human resources. She didn't waste much time. "Flora and
Sean have announcements today. We work in the same company. I believe we have chance to chat

After Flora and Sean left, Lynn began to introduce the training content, "have you all known each

Everyone nodded.

"From now on, your training process is like this. You should gather at the company at nine o'clock every
day, and then the driver will take you to the training place. When you arrive, you must obey the
arrangement of the training teacher. The training will last for three months. After three months, we will
assign agent to you respectively, and your agent arrange your work, residence and follow-up training."

"Mrs. Du (Lynn), I have a question to ask." Zoe raised her hand and said, "I heard that the boss will
choose an excellent new employee to guide her or him in person every year. Is that true?"

Ashley was surprised. It wasn't strange at all?

With Jasper's guidance, put other aside, the resources alone are incomparable. As the CEO level
official, Jasper have rights to deploy any resources of the company. If she became his artist, she would
have myriad of announcements to work.

After thinking for a while, Lynn replied in an official tone, "to be honest, it's not like that."