Exclusive Memory

Chapter 30 The First Step Of Revenge

After dinner, Nelson was sent to the kindergarten after eating. It was said that he would learn
Taekwondo and piano after school, so he didn't have dinner at home. It is said that he will have more
classes on weekend, in addition to Taekwondo and piano, state painting and three foreign language
classes, as English, French and German.

Now, Ashley understood that what Jasper had said that Nelson could not be disturbed because of he
had so many things to do. Ashley felt ashamed when she stood in front of the child.

At about 9:20 p.m., Jasper returned home. After Henry sent his boss back safely, he left Zhan family's

The villa was very quiet. There weren't many maids in Zhan family. Except for the housekeeper
Bradley, a nutritionist and a gardener, only two maids were responsible for the daily cleaning. With a
few files in Jasper's hands, he entered his house. He unbuttoned his shirt and asked, "where is

"She is in Mr. Nelson's room now," said Bradley.

As he finished his words, Jasper walked upstairs to Nelson's bedroom on the second floor. The
children felt sleepy on time. Every day, Jasper tried his best to finish his work before nine o'clock,
because Nelson wouldn't sleep until Jasper came home.

As Jasper gently opened the door, Nelson had already fallen asleep. Ashley was sitting on the bedside,
looking at Nelson attentively. No one knew what she was thinking. Only when Jasper walked in did
Ashley find him and stand up quickly. Jasper looked at Nelson and motioned for her to go out.

Ashley walked in front, while Jasper turned off all the lights in the room, leaving only the starry lamps
on the roof like a vast starry sky.

Ashley felt that Nelson was so lucky to have a father like Jasper.

As Jasper closed the door and came out, he said, "do you feel used to it?"

"I'm fine. Bradley always takes care of me."

"Which room do you live in?"

"The one on the left on the third floor."

Hearing her words, Jasper was stunned.

His reaction made Ashley nervous. She knew the room was unusual. "What's wrong, Mr. Jasper?"

"Well, that's all right. Maybe I didn't explain it clearly to Bradley and he misunderstood me. But it
doesn't matter. You can live here as long as you like. " Leaning against the fence of the corridor on the
second floor, there was a huge crystal chandelier not far from Jasper. "I'm in the room on the right on
the third floor. If you need anything, you can knock the door and come to see me."

Totally, there were two rooms on the third floor. The layout of the room was so dedicated that Ashley
could figure out whose room she lived in. 'Bradley, you made me so embarrassed.' Ashley thought.

"Okay." Ashley nodded her head obediently.

"As for the appellation, in fact, we are more in a cooperative relationship. In private, you can just call
me Jasper. There is no need to be restrained." While saying that, he even smiled at the corners of his
mouth, which was totally different from the attitude she had seen downstairs in the company yesterday.

Ashley was confused as she knew that Jasper always changed his temper.

"Okay, Jasper."

After saying good night to her, Jasper went upstairs with a file.

It was quiet in the villa. Everyone seemed to have gone to bed. Ashley went to the kitchen downstairs
to pour a glass of water and returned to her room. It was only nine o'clock. Ashley pulled up the curtain
of the French window and looked around the huge bedroom with admiration again. Thinking that she
would live here for the next three months, Ashley was in a good mood.

She hummed a tune and went to the bathroom after taking off her clothes.

The phone rang at this time. Ashley picked up the phone and walked to the bathroom. "Hello, Mr.

"Don't always call me Mr. Call me brother." Dylan walked out of the restaurant and headed to the
parking lot.

Ashley was speechless. "What's the matter?"

"What a boring girl!" Sitting in the car, Dylan asked, "have you signed contract with Shengshi?"

What? But how did he know? Ashley passed by the cloakroom and study room and said, "you are well-
informed. Who told you that?"

"I had dinner with your ex-husband."

Who told Francis this? Needless to ask, it must be Sheila. Ashley ran a bath water. "Yes, we just signed
the contract yesterday."

"Guess what your ex-husband invited me for?" Said Dylan in a meaningful tone.

When Ashley filled the bathtub slowly with hot water and the hot water mist floated up, she asked
uncertainly, "For me?"

"You're smart. He did it just for you." Dylan confirmed Ashley's guess, "a joint TV series is being
prepared recently by Guantang Group. Last time, you disguised as a waiter, and this is exactly what I
am talking with Francis."

Ashley turned the shower off and tested the temperature of the water. Then she stepped into the
bathtub and asked, "Oh, but what does it have to do with me?"

"Francis said he wanted you to be the heroine."

"What? Ah! " Lost in thought, Ashley slipped and fell towards the bathtub!

When she was about to hit the edge of the bathtub, the strong reflection she had learned from the close
body confrontation three years ago worked. Ashley grabbed the edge of the bathtub with one hand and
turned around. Although her whole body fell into the water, the water buffer worked and she was not

There was a knock on the door. "Ashley! Ashley! "

The phone that had fallen on the ground was shouting, "Ashley! Ashley! "

Ashley's mind was going to explode. "I'm fine! I'm fine! "

However, Jasper had already opened the door and came in. In order to prevent Dylan from hearing and
guessing again, she went out of the bathtub first and turned off her phone. Hearing the sound of water
from the bathroom, Jasper shouted, "what's wrong with you, Ashley? I heard you shouting just now in
the corridor."

"Nothing. I just slipped and fell."

The opponent was in the bathroom, so Jasper couldn't get close to her. He could only stand across the
scattered wardrobe and bookshelf and frowned, "there isn't anti slip mat in the bathroom. How could

you slip down? Did you get hurt?"

"There are anti-slip mat. Bradley prepared it carefully. I slipped down by accident and didn't get hurt."
Replied Ashley hurriedly, naked as she was afraid that he would come over.

"That's good. Be careful. I'll go out now."


It was not until Ashley saw him leave and closed the door that she felt relieved.

She wiped the water off her cell phone with a towel. Then Ashley fell into the bathtub and turned on the
phone again. As soon as she turned on the phone, it was from Ashley. "Ashley, are you okay? Why is
your phone off?"

"It's okay. I slipped and hit the floor, but my phone was turned off. I'm fine."

"Are you in the bathroom?" Dylan said in a flirtatious tone, "take a photo and let me have a look."

Ashley's face fell. "Mr. Dylan, if you don't have anything else, I'll hang up."

"I was just kidding. Don't be angry. What did I say just now? Yes, the heroine. " Dylan tried to change
the subject and said, "since Francis asked, I couldn't refuse him. But to be honest, I'm not confident
about your acting. You're a newcomer, and you can't guarantee the audience rating. So the final result
will be the test. "

"I can't accept the notice now. I'm going to hold a training for three months."

"It doesn't matter. The shooting is still in progress. It won't affect the progress. Besides, even if they
started shooting, Shengshi won't have any reason to stop you. A training is not a problem, and your

agent will surely give you the priority to shoot. I'm curious about what's wrong with him. Why did
Francis suddenly help you? "

They hadn't contacted with each other since they went to Acacia Garden last time. She didn't know
what Francis was thinking about. But Ashley knew what kind of person Francis was. She couldn't push
him too hard at this time, so she hadn't contacted Francis. According to what Dylan just said, Francis
should have believed her explanation in Acacia Garden. Francis didn't know his wife had been raped.
He thought his wife had cheated on him, so he gave her the cold shoulder. Moreover, he retaliated
against her as cheating, leaving the house without any money.

Francis might feel guilty in front of Ashley.

A mixed feeling emerged in Ashley's heart. In fact, she didn't know what to do with Francis. Both of
them were innocent. However, what Francis had done to her could not be erased. Ashley did not know
whether she should hate him or forgive him.


Ashley came back to reality.

"I think that our plan has been successfully carried out." She said.

She thought that it would be difficult for her to fall asleep after receiving so much information at once,
but to her surprise, she fell asleep very soon. The bed was so comfortable.

Waking up in the next morning, Ashley touched the alarm clock at the bedside subconsciously, but she
couldn't reach it. It then came to her that she was no longer at Fang family where she had lived for
more than 20 years. She was at Zhan family.

Ashley sat up and got out of her daze. The thick curtains were completely blocked from the light. She
didn't know what time is it now. She walked barefoot on the soft carpet to the floor side of the bed and
opened the curtain of the bedroom. Suddenly, the white light filled the whole room.

What she saw was the broad green lawn and thick trees. Birds were circling in the near sky. The clear
bird's chirp was separated from the glass, which sounded a little far away.

It was only seven o'clock. She rarely woke up so early, probably because she had slept well last night.
After getting washed and dressed, Ashley went out. The two maids were cleaning the furniture and
fence. When they saw her coming out, they greeted, "good morning, Miss Ashley."

"Good morning, too."

Debbie planned to go to the kitchen to get some food, but a man in his forties stood there. The man
was her nutritionist, whose name was Abbott.

"Miss Ashley woke up."

"Good morning, Abbott. Are you cooking?"

"I'm here to study the menu. What would you like to have for breakfast, wontons, noodles, porridge and
milk with ham and egg? I have the semi-finished wontons. It'll be ready in ten minutes."