Exclusive Memory

Chapter 28 Join Shengshi Group (Part Two)

"Are you familiar with Jasper? It's obvious that he cares about you very much." Lynn asked after putting
a stamp on the contract.

"We have met three or four times. We are not very familiar with each other."

After a short pause, Lynn went on, "Oh, one more thing. For the convenience of work, you can't live at
home from now on. You will live in the dormitory of our company during the training period. After that,
we will arrange another accommodation for you. Just pack your luggage during these days. The
training will start next Monday. "

Ashley frowned. The problem was a bit serious. If she didn't go home, how could she find out the
whereabouts of Sheila and his mother?

"Must I not live at home?" She asked.

Lynn in a slightly awkward position. "Well, yes. Or you can ask Jasper if you can have an exception."

"Okay. When will he get off work?"

Hearing this, Lynn sweated. How dared she ask Jasper, the cold face? She answered, "Jasper will be
off around nine o'clock."

When Ashley waited Jasper, she hung around the company and familiarized herself with the
environment. Then she went to a restaurant nearby for dinner. It was time for dinner. Most of the
customers in the store were the staff in the office building, and two of them seemed to be from
Shengshi Group, because Ashley heard they were talking about Jasper.

"Do you think that Jasper is in a good mood today?"

"Really? He has a stiff face every day. It's hard to tell whether he is in a good mood or not,"

"I can see that. I will take the chance to ask for two days off when he is in a good mood."

When Jasper came out of work in the evening, he saw that Ashley was playing her mobile phone in the
garden in front of the office building. The driver Henry went to pick up the car on his own and Jasper
walked to the garden. "Why are you sitting outside? Isn't it hot?"

"Jas.. Mr. Zhan, you are off work now." Ashley was in a subconscious attempt to call him Jasper, but
she suddenly realized he was her boss, so she corrected with another term.

While Jasper didn't feel anything improper, so he asked, "why not come in the office and sit here?"

In office? He said it in a natural way, but Ashley still felt it a little unreal to work with him in the same
company. "I heard from Lynn that you would be off duty at 9 o'clock, so I was waiting for you here."

"I don't think you have the sense of belonging to the new company. If you have any problem, you can
come to my office." Henry drove the car over, and then Jasper got into the car and said, "Let's get in.
It's too hot outside."

Ashley sat in the back seat obediently.

"Director Lynn said today that I had to live in dormitory during the training period. But I don't like living in
dorm, and I prefer to live at home. Then, director Lynn said, I'd have to get your permission." Ashley
stated her intention briefly.

"Our company made this arrangement for the convenience of star management and improving work
efficiency. Why don't you like dorm? The dormitory is not something like the upper and lower berths.
Each artist has his or her own single room. "

But she can't explain it that she just wanted to keep an eye on her stepmother and stepsister.

"I don't like to live together. Even if there is a single room for everyone, they share a public area.
Originally, I need to spend a lot of time and energy to interact with different people when I am in the
company. And when I am back to dormitory, I have still to associate with them. I have to adjust my
living habits and temper. It is better to live by myself alone comfortably.

"You don't like to make friends?"

"No, it's not like that. I just don't want to associate with other people all day long. If with friends, it will be
no problem to live together. But with a half familiar colleague, and we can't always hide in our own
room without coming out. Do you think so?"

"I understand." She's a real thorn to Jasper, "But your home is too far from the company, and it takes at
least an hour and a half to drive. You will receive intensive training, and I'm afraid that you can't stand
the pace even if you go out early and come back late."

"It's okay..."

"How about this? You can live in my house."

Ashley was stunned.

"My home is very close to the company. It takes about ten minutes to drive, and there are many empty
rooms. You can choose one with an independent bathroom. If you feel tired to communicate, you can
just go back to the room and take a rest."

It's It's That's not what I meant. Why should I live in your house? I would rather live in the company

However, what Jasper said had not only solved her problems properly, but also had helped her to train
well and manage the artists of the company at the same time. Now the boss sacrificed his house. What

else excuse she had to refute?

But anyway, she didn't want to go. She just wanted to stay at home!

Ashley struggled and said, "In that case, I would bother your parents."

"My parents travel abroad all year round, and my grandfather lives in the suburbs. Only Nelson live with
me, and others are servants. Nelson is busy. He won't disturb you, let alone the servant. "

Nelson? It was good to have a child live there. She liked kids, but she didn't want to go...

Ashley wanted to make the last struggle. However, Jasper had already ordered her, "go home and
pack your clothes and personal belongings. Henry, go to the Fang family to help Ashley with her
luggage tomorrow."

"Yes, sir." Henry replied.

Seeing that Ashley didn't say anything, Jasper continued, "do you have any other problems?"