Exclusive Memory

Chapter 27 Join Shengshi Group (Part One)

Since they came back from Acacia Garden, Ashley had spent a lot of time watching where Ethan was,
but she had not found anything all over the past half month. Ethan went to work on time. She had spare
time to drink with her friends, swim and play balls, without any sign of stick to Sheila.

While in Starlight Weekly, it had been a month since the resignation letter was submitted. On the last
day of the resignation, Leona invited all the colleagues of their editorial office to have dinner with her
treat for farewell to Ashley.

"Ashley, are you really going to work as an actress? It's an undeniably hard work." Carol turn
entertainment journalist from post production few days before, because Ashley and Kate left editorial
office, and the new comers were not recruited yet, and there were not enough people for them.

"Carol, no matter what kind of job, we have to work hard if we want to deliver a good performance."
Said Ashley, patting the girl on the shoulder.

"Although it's true, being an actress, you will have no much freedom because so many people will fix
their eyes on you."

"Anyway, I wish you can have a bright future, Ashley!" Leona stood up and raised her glass, so did the
rest of the people.

After the dinner, it was already eight o'clock in the evening. Someone suggested going to sing at a
karaoke club, but Leona refused, "I think it's you want to sing yourself. Ashley never wants to go there."

Ashley bowed her head embarrassedly. She had been there several times when she was in college,
and she hadn't been there after graduation.

After the dinner, Leona paid the bill and took a walk with Ashley in the food street.

"Editor in chief, do you have something to tell me?"

"I have been an editor for so many years. I think you are a very promising employee. I feel sorry for
your departure." Leona said with a smile.

"Really?" Ashley didn't notice that before. But now she had resigned, she could talk freely with Leona,
"I had thought you didn't like me. I feel that you have scolded me the most."

"An uncut gem goes not sparkle. Don't you think that you can make the fastest progress among them?"

Such is the case.

"I saw you help Kate that day. You did a good job." Leona stopped and said, "There are a lot of
pressure and temptation for you to step into the circle, if I have anything to say, I hope you can
remember the feeling you have when you helped Kate in the past. Don't forget it in any case."

Leona's words made her feel both confused and shocked.

What did she mean by saying that the feeling she helped Kate? Was it pitiful, helpful and
magnanimous? Ashley thought about it for a long time, but she couldn't think of any idea.

On the second day after her resignation, Ashley had a good sleep. At noon, she went to the company
next to June and had lunch with her. After that, she went shopping alone and had an afternoon tea
before leaving for Shengshi.

After she explained to the receptionist about her arrival, she was guided to a meeting room and waited
there. After a while, a plump woman of about 40 years old entered the room.

"You are Ashley, right? I'm Lynn Du, the director of human resources. "

Ashley stood up and shook hands with him. "Nice to meet you!"

Lynn sat in the opposite site of Ashley, "I heard from Jasper that you would come to the company for
contract negotiation. Why did you come over a month later?" She continued

"I have been going through the resignation process last month. I left the job yesterday."

"What did you do before? What was your major in college? "

"I used to be an entertainment journalist in Starlight Weekly, I majored in acting in university and then I
went to Columbia University to study communication.

"You don't need to be nervous. Today is not an interview. You don't need to have an interview either.
Just sign a contract. So today I am here to discuss the contract content with you and the arrangements
after signing the contract.


"First of all, it's about your income. Artists have no basic salary. You will get paid when you have
announcement. In regard to commission, the new comers get 40% of the income. Can you accept

Ashley nodded, "okay."

"You have to sign a contract with the company for eight years. During this period of time, you need to
follow the company's arrangement and take orders from customers. Of course, these are not obligatory,
we will discuss the content of the notice and respect your opinions. Besides, your private feelings
should also be handled according to your agent's opinion. You can't follow your own will... "

Lynn had spoken a lot of rules and regulations, such as new comers are not qualified for negotiation.
Ashley didn't refuse. She nodded her head to show her agreement.

"There are three months intensive training after the contract is signed. The training starts at 9 a.m., and
ends at 11 p.m. When the training is over, your agent will arrange for your further education and notice.
You're mainly an actor, right? Or you will consider to diversify your career?"

"If it's necessary, I can accept extend my work in other fields as appropriate. But I still hope to be an

It seemed that Lynn was very satisfied with her obedient attitude. "This is our contract. You take a look
first. I will ask for Jasper's opinion."

Ashley thumbed through the contract. The content was the same as what Lynn had said just now, but
the content were more detailed.

After about half an hour, Lynn came back. "The contract needs to be changed. Jasper said that the
commission to be changed to 50%. The contract period should be changed into five years. In fact, it's
better for you. Do you have any problem? "

"No problem. I will follow the company's arrangement."

Lynn asked her assistant to revise the contract. After confirming that everything went well, Ashley
signed her name on it.