Exclusive Memory

Chapter 26 The Party

Looking at Ethan with a large cattail hassock fan on her hand, Ashley said, "no wonder that man
treated me in an unfriendly way. It seems that my sister has spoken a lot of bad things of me to him."

"It's not just that. We have heard a lot. But it doesn't matter. These young men and ladies are smart.
They won't be tempted so easily." June comforted Ashley, "take a seat, Ashley. I'll go get two cushions.
There are too many mosquitoes next to the water."

"All right."

As soon as June left, Sheila and Francis appeared at the bridge. Francis was in a smoky shirt and
black casual pants today, looking a little lazy. In Francis's arms, Sheila wore a knee length white dress
with orange tiny flowers, looking young, pretty and charming. They looked like a perfect match.

Remembering that Dylan said she was playing hard to get, Ashley stared at Francis directly and turned
away without saying anything when Francis looked at her.

Being glanced at from the other side made Francis feel uncomfortable, and Sheila, who also saw
Ashley, pulled Francis not to look at Ashley jealously.

Ethan was waving a cattail leaf fan to drive mosquitoes off in the bridge. Seeing that Sheila was coming
over with Francis on her arm, Ethan was about to say something. Sheila pretended not to see him and
turned around to say hello to others.

Standing there, Ethan froze and felt a little embarrassed. His friends giggled and pulled him back.
"Ethan, there are so many mosquitoes here. Help me fan it, too."

Watching this, Ashley felt funny with her chin on her hand.

After a while, June came back with two cattail hassock fan. They ate, chatted, and then went to see the
meadow flowers in the yard. The sea of flowers was so beautiful that they had buried themselves in it

for a long time before they met William halfway. Since William said that he had something to talk with
June, they went somewhere else to have a talk. As for Ashley, she had no other choice but to walk into
the depths of the sea of flowers by herself.

Ashley always had a good sense of direction, and she was not afraid of getting lost.

Ashley walked through several arched doors. There was a sea of flowers. As expected, Acacia Garden
lived up to the name. When she was about to leave, suddenly she heard someone arguing not far
away. Ashley walked carefully to the direction of the voice and saw that Sheila was arguing with Ethan.
She hid herself behind the rockery and heard Sheila said in a low voice:

"Don't bother me anymore. It's already over between us!"

"But why? What makes you think that I am not as good as Francis? I'm from a rich family, and I'm also
a good looking man. We've been together for so many years. Why did you break up with me? " Asked
Ethan with a painful look on his face.

"The reason? I've told you earlier that I don't love you, and that means I don't love you. There's no
reason at all!" Sheila didn't want to say anything more. She turned around and was about to leave
when she was pulled back by Ethan, "I don't believe you. Why don't you love me anymore? Did I do
something wrong? "

"Why is it still the question? I'm leaving. Francis can't find me that he should be worried."

"No, I won't let you go. You are mine. I won't let you marry Francis!" With these words, Ethan pressed
Sheila against a tree and kissed her.

Seeing this, a bold idea came into Ashley's mind. What would happen if Sheila had been pregnant with
Ethan's child?

At first, Ashley was shocked by the thought, but then she was relieved. She just paid Sheila back in
Sheila's own coin. She just wanted to pay back the pain that Sheila had caused on her.

Sheila struggled desperately to free herself from Ethan's control. When she got rid of him she dared not
to stay any longer and ran away.

Ethan was still standing in the same place, staring at the figure of Sheila's receding figure. After a long
time, he left.

After he went far away, Ashley slowly came out from the rockery and found a clean stone, sitting down
to have a rest. She was afraid of being found behind the rockery, so she didn't dare to move, and her
legs were numb.

Not long after she sat down, a voice called Sheila's name again.

"Sheila? Are you here, Sheila? "

Ashley didn't recognize Francis's voice until he was getting closer to her.

When Francis went to the bathroom just now, Sheila was not there. She didn't take her phone, so
Francis had to walk while calling her. After passing through an arch, he was about to shout again when
he saw Ashley sitting on a big rock under a big tree alone.

It was dusk at this time. The woman wore a long red dress, with a sea of flowers on her head. Wearing
a gorgeous evening glow, she seemed to walk out of the painting. Immediately, Francis was somewhat

"I just sat down and had a rest, so I didn't see Sheila."

"Okay." After a pause, Francis continued, "perhaps she isn't here. I will go to another place."

"Are you having nothing to talk with me that you only have Sheila in your heart?" Ashley was not sure
whether she was really jealous or just pretended. But the displeasure on her face and the coquetry in
her voice showed that she was really jealous.

"How could that be?" Francis retorted

"Then come and sit with me for a rest. It's so boring to sit alone."

Francis struggled to resist the tempt but he couldn't resist that and went over to sit down. The stone
was not big, and the distance between the two was only one palm.

"Why is Sheila better than me? Can you tell me?"

"She can't hold a candle to you in any way." "The only good thing about her is that she treats me
sincerely." Francis said.

The atmosphere suddenly became heavy as they were about to talk about the affair before marriage.
However, Ashley had to get past this, no matter what kind of way she used. If she couldn't get past it,
they couldn't go further.

"It wasn't my choice. I thought it was you all along." Said Ashley gloomily. Many of her expressions
were real as they didn't need to be pretended.

"Why? Why can't you tell the difference between me and others? "

"I couldn't tell. I was not sober that night. Who else could have entered the bridal chamber except you?
So I never doubted the people around me that night." Ashley looked at him with burning eyes and said,
"Francis, when we divorced, I was desperate when I saw you and Sheila together, so I acquiesced in
everything. But I didn't have an affair before marriage."

Francis was stunned. For a moment, he didn't know whether he should believe her or not.

"It was already happened. I haven't thought about explaining this till now. But I didn't know how painful I
was until the day you and Sheila got engaged."

"So that's why you wanted to see me around the pond the other day?"

"Yes." Lowering her head, Ashley looked gloomy. "But I was unable to tell you. How can I tell you that I
was defiled by a stranger and I didn't even know who that man was?"

Ashley bent down and covered her cheek with her hands. Her pain was real. Every time she thought of
the man who ruined her virginity and marriage, she wished she could change her skin, as if only in this
way could she get rid of the man's bad impression on her. But it was useless to change the skin,
because it was etched in her heart and would never be erased.

"We have been together for four years. Don't you know what kind of person I am? I just want a stable
family..." Ashley's voice was blurry through her hands, which sounded quite tired. "You suspect that I
have an affair, but why do I have to choose to have an affair on my wedding night? Besides, when you
and I were in a relationship, have you ever seen that I have any contact with other men? You even can
check my mobile phone casually..."

There was a moment of silence of Francis.

Ashley knew that Francis didn't believe what she said at this moment. She stood up and said, "I have to
go now."

After walking through the arched door, Ashley picked up her cell phone and called June.


"Where are you? I'm going back to waterside pavilion," June said on the phone.

"You can come back. I'm in waterside pavilion."

Ashley didn't go far that she smelled the smell of barbecue when she passed the stone bridge. Several
chefs were doing the barbecue. Then Ashley sat down next to June. Besides, there were William and
another group of people sitting together with them.

The young men were very considerate towards Ashley, pouring food and tea for her. June's food and
drink was taken care of by William. He was also consideration, he just didn't show it.

Ashley saw them, it seemed like William was pursuing June. 'Is it possible that this party is William held
for June? It's not appropriate to ask June out directly. William don't want to be too abrupt. That is why
he invite so many people?' Ashley thought.

Seeing that, Ashley couldn't help turning her head to take a look at William. He was good-looking and
sitting upright, but not rigid, instead he was reassuring.

June, what a lucky girl! She was born in a good family, and she was beautiful. Besides, she was
capable, and knew how to take care of people. She was good in all aspects. However... Ashley looked
down at her friend. But June didn't seem to realize that she ate so much and behaved as if William was
a good friend when she talked to him.

Ashley couldn't help but feel sorry for William. He was too shy to say anything, and apparently, June
didn't realize that he had a crush on her. So they had to wait for a long time to be together.

After dinner, they sat by the lakeside and took a breath of the wind. Then they caught mosquitoes and
went back home.

William also walked June to the door and asked in a reserved manner, "it's so late now. Do you want
me to send you home?"

He asked Ashley politely.

Just when June was about to refuse, Ashley said, "okay. Since I don't have a car to go home, please
drive me home first, then you could send June back home."

June frowned and said, "wouldn't it be too much trouble? When he sent us home, it's already very late."

"Nothing." "I want to take a ride. It's not late." William showed that he didn't mind it.