Exclusive Memory

Chapter 24 The Date With Ex-Husband

There was no expression on Francis's face. He sat in front of Ashley and asked, "why do you want to
see me? Just tell me."

"Let's eat first. I'm hungry." Then she called the waiter over.

They had eaten together a lot of time when they were in love and knew each other's tastes well. Ashley
ordered two crab cakes and a pigeon soup, and then left the rest to Francis. Francis added a steamed
turbot, a bamboo shoots and a rich man.

A lightning streaked outside, followed by a loud thunder. After a short while, it began to rain, and the
raindrops hit the glass window near the table, making the clatter sound.

To improve their relationship, bad weather like this was very beneficial, because the danger outside
would urge people to come closer. It was human nature.

"In fact, I don't have anything important." Ashley picked up a piece of bread with a fork, dipped it into
the ice-cream ball and said, "I just want to have a chat with you."

Ashley had thought about telling Francis that Sheila had framed her up, but Ashley didn't have any
evidence. No matter what, Sheila was his fiancee, and she had a history herself, so Francis would not
believe her. On the contrary, he would think that she was a sinister person. This was more detrimental
to their relationship.

Since the truth had come out, it would not be buried. It was better to wait for the right time to let Francis
find the truth. At that time, Francis must hate Sheila very much. And if Sheila lost the love of Francis,
Sheila must be miserable. After all, she cared about Francis so much.

"Really?" Francis was not interested in her at all. The problem was that he still held a grudge against
her. It was not easy for him to accept her again.

"You have a good relationship with Dylan? Why didn't you know he is your friend before?"

"We have not gotten in touch with each other for almost two years, and Dylan has already taken over
some business of Hanfu Films. We are just business partners, so we are not even friends."

"Last time I saw you in the restaurant, were you talking about cooperation?"

"Yes." Taking a sip of soup, Francis continued, "Dylan told me that he had a crush on you."

"What?" Ashley almost spat out the food in her mouth and wondered what the hell had Dylan told

"Didn't he tell you?"

Of course not. How could she believe what Dylan said? It must be nonsense. Ashley was confused and
shocked, "I didn't know that."

"Yes. Although Dylan is excellent in every aspect, he has a promiscuous private life. I don't think he can

'Is Francis showing concern for me?' Ashley wondered.

Ashley couldn't help laughing and chuckled, "okay."

Francis sat opposite her and was a little lost in her smile.

After dinner, they went home respectively. Looking back upon the whole meeting, Francis disliked
Ashley and didn't want to talk to her. But he was a gentleman and he didn't embarrass her by
answering every question. Instead, he asked her some personal questions.

Overall, the meal was harmonious, it was a good start.

On the bus home, Ashley remembered what happened just now and called Dylan.

After a long time, he answered, "Hello, Ashley."

"Were you sleeping just now?" She felt something was wrong with his voice.

Dylan cleared his throat and sat up. "Yes, I slept for a while. Why do you call me?"

"Tell me, are you telling Francis that you are chasing me?"

"Oh, you mean this." It was obvious that the woman was blaming him. Dylan changed his attitude and
said with a smile, "I said that to make him jealous. It is better for your relationship."


"Right. Men always fight for what they want. The more you are popular, the better he feels about you
and the more he likes you." Hearing the voice from the other end of the line, Dylan could not help but
ask, "where are you now? It is raining heavily."

"In the bus."

"……" Dylan kept silent for a few seconds and then asked, "are you so poor? Take a taxi to go home in
such a bad weather! Why are you taking the bus?"

"Yeah, I am kind of poor. Since I graduated, my father has stopped offering me living expenses. I
should make money by myself and be careful not to spend too much."

Dylan had met many rich second generations from wealthy families who was poor, so he didn't think
too much about it. He asked, "how do you know that I have said that I want to pursue you? Have you
met with Francis again in private?"

"Yes. We had dinner together."

"Really?" The excitement on Dylan's face brought him back to his senses. "How's it going?" He asked.

"As you said, I am playing hard to get. I treated him as a friend and chatted with him. He would answer
my questions, but his attitude is indifferent."

"Well, it sounds good. But that is not what I'm talking about playing hard to get. If you want to play hard
to get, you have to play while you also need to get him." Dylan teach her seriously You can't treat him
as a friend. Otherwise, he will really think you as his friend then you will cry. You should take him as
your prince charming. Under this state of mind, you should subtle show your love. "

"Like what?"

"Like? It's too much. Picking food for him, accidentally fell on him while walking, often care about what
he's doing recently. If there's anything you need to help, ask him... "

Hearing this, Ashley burst into laughter. "Mr. Dylan, if you were a woman, you would be a green tea

Dylan shrugged his shoulders and continued, "it's called flirt with men, okay? But you know nothing
about it, how could you win your weirdo sister."

Hearing Sheila's name, Ashley couldn't laugh anymore. "Well, if the opportunity is appropriate, I'll try
the skill you just said. It's late now. You should go to bed."

"Okay, call me if you don't understand. I'm your think tank."


After hanging up the phone, Ashley thought that she had to start from Sheila's wechat moments to deal
with her not only focus on Francis.

Ashley called June, "June, I've decided to go to the party you mentioned last time."

"Really? That's great! I'll send you the location and time."

It was said that Sheila and Francis would also attend the Party of the rich men and women. If Ashley
went, it would be very lively.

There was still more than a week left before the party. To buy a dress for the party, Ashley chose a time
to go shopping in the mall. Her figure was well proportioned, and her skin was white. She almost didn't
choose clothes. If it was as efficient as her normally, she could buy it in two stores. On the one hand,
she had got Francis's attention. On the other hand, she had to keep a low profile in case she would
steal the show from the organizers. So she continued shopping in several stores.

Just then, Ashley ran into Kate by accident in the mall.

In fact, Kate was from a rich family. Her parents were healthy, and she was their only daughter. It would
be difficult for her to go shopping in this mall. Besides, the commodities here had reached at least four
figures, if it was a better thing, it had reached at least five figures. It would cost at least one or even
several months' salary of a wage earner. .

Kate was holding several shopping bags on both sides, with her right hand holding a man around 40
years old. Wearing hat and sunglasses, he was apparently unwilling to show his face.

Kate seemed to feel elated when she saw Ashley, so Kate held the man's hand and walked towards
her, "what a coincidence, Ashley. Why do you still go shopping during working hours? Leona is too
loose about your discipline."

"You went shopping during working hours, didn't you?" Said Ashley lightly.

"How can I be like you?" Kate gave her a scornful glance.

Ashley didn't want to talk with her any more. She turned around and was about to leave. How could
Kate let her go in this way? "Stop, Ashley!"

"Alfred, look at Ashley. She goes shopping during working hours. What's the use of a person like her in
the company? Fire her!" Kate held the man's arm, acting like a spoiled child, and looked at Ashley

Ashley felt deeply sorry for Kate. Carol was right. The biggest sin in the world is not anything else, but

It was obvious that Mr. Alfred didn't want to expose his identity. But Kate was still flaunting his power in
front of her colleagues. Ashley couldn't even look at her. Ashley had to turn around. "Oh, it's you, Mr.
Alfred. I didn't recognize you just now. Are you taking your employees to pick a gift for the customer?"

"Yes." Mr. Alfred nodded.

"We didn't pick a gift for a customer. Alfred bought it for me." Kate corrected Ashley.

Ashley was completely silent.

"I'm telling you Ashley if I want to fire you, I can fire you. You need to be careful in front of me."

Then, she left with Mr. Alfred.

However, before Ashley was fired, Kate had bad luck.

This morning, all the employees were buried in their work. A woman at the door spoke loudly, "who is
Kate? Come out!"

Kate was eating sunflower seeds in front of her computer. Now she almost did whatever she wanted in
the office, and Leona didn't care about her at all. Kate was pissed off when she heard someone call her

name impolitely.

"Who is it? You are so bold. Do you have manner..." Before Kate could finish her sentence, she was
slapped hard in the face.

"Bitch! You don't even know me. How can you be a mistress? " Then the woman slapped her again.

Seeing this, other people in the office also came round.

As Kate's hair was pulled by the woman, Kate raised her head and said, "who are you? I'm going to call
the police!"

"Call the police? How dare you call the police? The police office shall allow a wife to abuse a mistress,
right? " The woman said, grabbing Kate's hair and slapping her in the face twice.

The slap made Kate dizzy, and she asked, "are you Alfred's wife?"

"Yes, I'm his wife. You just know that?" The woman tugged at Kate's hair and said, "you are a reliable
employee! You not only serve the company, but also boss is making love with