Exclusive Memory

Chapter 21 Revengeful plan

"Since people tend to seek benefits and avoid the bad. Mr. Yan, you must have investigated my family
in advance, right?" However, Ashley didn't doubt the fact at all and continued, "You should know what
happened that year. I will stay away from these people and I won't get involved."

Dylan stared at the woman in front of him with sharp eyes. His eyes seemed to pierce through the
depths of her soul to catch her true nature. The man gave a scornful smile and said, "Ashley, you are
not a snob. You are a coward. Your first reaction when something happens is to escape, not to fight it."

"Mr. Yan." Ashley spoke to him slowly, "you want to watch show. But with this attitude, I feel like you are
making trouble."

A big smile instantly crept onto Dylan's face. "Of course not! I'm the most kind." He replied.

The crowd began to applaud, the bride and groom in the front had finished their wedding ceremony.
Thinking about what Dylan had said just now, Ashley was not pleased with his attitude, but she admired
his acute insight.

Clapping his hands, Dylan continued the topic he had been talking about, "if you don't want be
reconciled with Francis, just change your mind, or maybe you will think like this: you seduce Francis
and let Sheila taste the feeling of being betrayed, and then dump Francis mercilessly, so that he can
also feel the pain of being abandoned."

Ashley widened her eyes.

"I dressed up to attend their ceremony is nothing but make them embarrassed. I never expect
substantive hurt to them. My suggestion is much more exciting" Dylan's voice was like the temptation of
Satan, which stirred up an uproar in Ashley's heart.

"But I don't want to have anything to do with Francis anymore..." Looking at the couple not far away,
Ashley was making the last struggle.

"If you want to take it, you have to give it first." Excitement surged in Dylan's eyes, but he tried hard not
to be so excited. Instead, he continued to provoke her, "how can you get more if you don't dare to
sacrifice something... Think about yourself. You lost your mother and then you were betrayed. You also
left with nothing. If you don't let them pay the price, it's too easy for them. "

Seeing that the couple was coming closer and closer, Ashley could not help but grasp the hemline of
her skirt.

"I can help you. Have you decided?"

Ashley nodded.

"Ashley, you don't look happy." Sheila held Francis arm tightly and asked deliberately.

Dylan took two steps back with a smile and left the place to the three.

"Yes, I'm worried about you. Your relationship is like a roller coaster. I don't know if you can make it to
the end, but I'm afraid that you will gain nothing from it."

"That's enough. Francis and I have been engaged. We'll get married soon. You will never have a

"Really? How do you know that I don't have a chance?" Ashley smiled with ulterior motive and she took
several steps towards Francis as she said.

Since Ashley got out of the car, Francis kept his eyes on her. He found that she had changed a lot. She
was more beautiful, more dangerous and charming. He knew it was wrong to do so. His wife was
Sheila. He should not fix his eyes on other people, but he could not resist.

He was right. When he was staring at the lively face of Ashley, he didn't expect that Ashley would
suddenly come over. He was astonished and stepped back.

"What are you doing, Ashley?" Sheila quickly blocked the way in front of Francis.

She raised her voice and drew the attention of the guests around her.

"I didn't do anything." Ashley said innocently.

Samuel had been paying close attention to the situation here, worrying about Sheila's recklessness.
When he saw something happened here, it created plenty of worries in his heart.

"Come here, Ashley. Let me introduce some people to you,"

Ashley looked at Francis and found he was staring at her too. They didn't say anything and she turned
around to walk toward Samuel.

Realizing that it was a short story and finished so quickly, Dylan felt a little pity. But he still put a
handsome smile on his face and teased, "Francis, you're so lucky. Two beauties are jealous because of

Then he looked at Sheila with a smile. It was obvious that he had a charming appearance. Sheila
immediately lowered her head with a blushing face.

"I thought you would be busy with filming and had no time to come here."

Certainly come for a good show.

"I come here to see what kind of person my sister-in-law is. You are really beautiful as I just saw. It's a
pity that I don't have such good luck." Dylan said with regret, "but your sister Ashley is quite a great
beauty. I'm satisfied with her. "

Hearing Dylan, a top-level handsome man and best actor, praised Ashley, Sheila was a little jealous.
"Teacher Yan, my sister didn't have a good past."

Seeming to know nothing, Dylan asked, "really? What's wrong?"

"Nothing. You were having a nice conversation just now. What's Ashley's impression on you?" Francis
tried to stop Sheila.

Dylan couldn't help a suppressed giggle. Reality was the best show. He paid close attention to my
conversation with Ashley, and minded her feeling on me. What great attention he paid to his ex-wife!

"She didn't even want to talk to me." Dylan looked depressed. It was really painful for anyone who had
seen such a handsome man get depressed.

Before Sheila said something to comfort him, Dylan continued, "Francis, she said you were the only
one in her eyes."

Francis was stunned.

So was Sheila.

Dylan was a good actor. He pretended to be sad and couldn't love Ashley more. "I'm good-looking, and
I am good at lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting, as well as riding archery. Why doesn't she
love me?"

Dylan had fun in acting, while the couple in front of him were far from good.

Sheila had fallen into a strong sense of crisis. Just now, Ashley even blatantly walked towards Francis.
She really wanted to take Francis away.

While Francis was in a trance. In her eyes, he was the only one. No, he couldn't believe that she also
had the history of cheating on him before marriage.

Meanwhile, Ashley was chatting with several wealthy men and women.

In fact, in the upper class, many of the rich young men and women made a mess in their private lives,
so they would not be disturbed in social relationships. They would be satisfied as long as their social
status was high enough.

Some of them were acquaintances at their young age. They hadn't contacted each other for many
years, so they could have a lot to talk about. One of the girls named June liked to play with Ashley
since her childhood. But later, Ashley became increasingly reclusive and didn't want to go out to play
with her, so they broke up since then.

At that moment, June was holding Ashley's intimately, "Ashley, you are so beautiful now. I'll be with you
to share your popularity."

Ashley was in a good mood when she saw her old friend. "Sit down please." She said

"I haven't seen you for years, Ashley. I miss you so much."

"I miss you too."

After talking with those gentlemen and ladies, Ashley hung around on the grass. She saw Dylan
leaning against a tree to have a rest.

"Why are you here?"

"I would attract onlookers if I am in the crowds. I'd prefer stay in the corner..."

"Well, if that's so. You would have drawn a large crowd. But you've been staying here for such long
time, I don't think no one notice you." Ashley said mercilessly.


"For example, you were right next to me when Sheila called me just now and everyone noticed you."


"Anyway, you are a super star. It was a bit dispiriting for not gaining enthusiastic treatment."

"Shut up!" Dylan said with a long face.

Ashley found a tree and leaned against it too.

Dylan looked at her and suddenly said, "give me your phone."

"For what?" Ashley said vigilantly.

"Help you to take the first step."

Taking Ashley's phone, Dylan dialed his own phone number and saved their contact information. He
found Francis's number in her contact list, and then edited text message, "I'll be waiting for you at the
rockery. See you there!

Taking back her phone, Ashley was stunned to see the outgoing message.

"When you meet later, no matter what happens, you should leave him an impression of weakness. If
you don't know how to answer, just say you don't know. Your expression must be blank, vulnerable and
helpless, understand?"

"Yes, yes!" Ashley nodded her head.

"Don't be too rash. The purpose this time is to disturb Wesley's mind. Don't go up and kiss him. You
have to play hard to get, you know?"

"Yes, yes!" Ashley nodded again.

Dylan said finally, "Ashley, you will thank me one day if you take the first step." Then he turned around
and walked towards the crowd.

But Ashley didn't agree with him. Dylan would be happy to watch the show if she proceeded with this

She looked at Sheila and Francis in the crowd and she was suddenly full of expectation for this plan. If
she seduced Francis, what would happen to Sheila? What would their ending be like?

When Dylan walked to the crowd, he was surrounded by a lot of people. After all, they were
sophisticate so they didn't ask for a signature from him. However, people were pretty excited to see

At this moment, Dylan looked in the direction of the crowd. He even raised his chin to her as if to say,
"You see. I said I would be surrounded by crowds."

Of course, she had already known that he would be surrounded by a crowd of onlookers. But this man
was too self-centered, she just wanted to make him frustrated just now.

In the other direction, Ashley saw Francis look down at his cell phone and then looked around. At last,
he saw her. They looked at each other for seconds, then Ashley turned around and walked towards the