Exclusive Memory

Chapter 20 The Engagement Ceremony Between Ex-husband And Stepsister

Sheila's face turned blue with anger, but what Ashley said was true, and she couldn't find anything
wrong. "I think it's not that you don't want to attend the ceremony. It is you don't dare to go. You still
can't forget Francis, right?"

She was prodding her into action.

However, Sheila prodded her in the right way. "I certainly dare to go. Why not?" Ashley snorted.

Things were settled then.

When she went to work, Samuel stopped her and asked her to hitch a lift to the ceremony.

After driving for a while, Samuel said, "I'm sorry that you must feel greatly wronged. Whatever you
need, just let me know and I will do my best as long as I can."

Ashley snorted in her heart. "I don't need anything."

"Sheila wasn't grown up with me. It's not her fault to cultivate such character during the resource-
scarce periods when she was a child. Although she did a lot of wrong things, please forgive her for my


Regardless of her attitude, Samuel shifted the topic to her work, "Ashley, I'm driving you to work today,
not to relax your tense relationship with Sheila. What I'm going to tell you is your future. You came back
very late last night, didn't you?"


"Tell me, what do you work for?"

She didn't say a word.

Seeing that she didn't say a word, Samuel continued, "maybe you don't feel deeply right now, but when
you are at my age, you will know time flies. You will know life is too short to do many things. I'm lucky.
Although there are some ups and downs in my career, I've already achieved something. My life is not in
vain. What about you, Ashley? Have you realized your dream? "

"You made some achievements?" Ashley turned around and looked at her indifferently, "money, status,
power, are these what you're talking about?"

"This is just the common standard of measuring in the society. You don't have to always go against me.
You know I don't mean that."

"Then what are you talking about?" Ashley said aggressively, "You just want me to take over your
business, bury my life in steel and concrete and pretend to be cordial to those people with whom I
never want to associate"

"Ashley!" Samuel trembled with anger, "Speak properly! Do you believe I beat you?"

"If you have the energy, you'd better mind Gloria and Sheila to do less disgraceful things." Looking at
her father, Ashley said word by word, "You never care about me before. It's too late for you to mind my
business now."

"Get out! Get out! Get out! Get off my car!"

The driver parked the car by the side of the road. And then Ashley opened the door and left without
looking back.

Now he wanted to interfere with her life. Then why not took care of her when she was in high school. If
he took some time to give her some care and love, he would have known how miserable her life had

been at that time. She was cowardly and helpless at that time. Why didn't he help her at that time?

A week later, Sheila engagement ceremony was imminent. Samuel had been ignoring her for the whole
week while Ashley had been living her own life, being unaffected by her father's attitude.

She had spent lavishly in Banquet Night Building and bought that pricey dress. After that, Ashley was
so regretful that she didn't want to spend more money on a new dress. She picked up the dress she
had worn last time to attend the engagement ceremony. Although it was a little inappropriate to wear a
black dress on such a wedding ceremony, she didn't plan to bless this couple at the very beginning.

The wedding of Sheila and Francis was held on the grass of the Xue's villa. Although it was just an
engagement party, they invited many business partners, close friends as well as young men and
women from aristocratic family. Everyone took advantage of this time to communicate with each other
about the potential cooperation opportunity.

Naturally, Ashley came with her family's car and well dressed with great care.

Ashley was very clear how beautiful her face was, especially after makeup. Her etiquette teacher had
once said that she was a true beauty even without makeup; she looked fabulous with light make-up,
making her extraordinarily beautiful in ancient costume; while she was in heavy makeup, she was just
like a top star and a vengeful woman. She was the leading lady even without words or actions.

Because of the assessment of her teacher, she became an undoubted campus belle. It was just
because of the title she attracted many boys by her fame. And Francis was one of them.

The car of the Fang, of course, had attracted much attention at the engagement ceremony. Samuel
and Gloria got off the car first, and then Sheila came off in a creamy white engagement dress. The
upper part of her wedding dress was a sleeveless top, sexy and dignified. Under the waist of the dress
was a two-layer design. Inside was the lining and outside was the pleated printed organza.

Sheila looked very pure and noble in the dress. With her nude makeup and naive face, she was like a
noble lady.

Seeing that Sheila got off the car, Francis walked up to her and held her with his hand. His peers
around him were about to cheer up when Ashley got off the car.

Everyone was silenced by her luxury dress and charming face.

That was what she wanted.

Francis was stunned too. He knew that Ashley was beautiful, but he didn't expect her to be so
beautiful. Before they divorced, she had shown some sort of hidden beauty. He was not sure whether
all these years' experiences had changed her mind. Now she was just like a blooming poppy with a hint
of danger that made others dare not to approach her but still hard to resist her beauty.

It was Samuel who broke the eerie silence. "Come in, please. Everybody, come in."

At last, the guests started to chat with each other.

Many of the guests had attended the wedding of Ashley and Francis. Now they were all very excited to
see Ashley also attended the ceremony. It seemed that gossip and be a looker-on were the common
characters of human beings.

The site was set up as a buffet party, so that it was more convenient for people to talk with whom they
wanted to talk. As an ex-wife, Ashley was too embarrassed in the engagement ceremony, so she didn't
want to go around. With a cup of soda in her hand, she leaned against the tree and squinted her eyes
at people who were talking to each other on the grass.

"Are they beautiful?" A man's magnetic and low voice whispered in her ear.

Ashley abruptly turned her head and saw an enlarged handsome face in front of her. The face was
deformed like a ghost. She got nervous immediately, feeling so weak that she could hardly stand.

Although she was really scared, Ashley had a strong point--although her heart was thumping wildly but
she never let her face show any emotion.

"Yes, they are." She answered.

Noticing she had a flat reaction, Dylan was a little listless, but he couldn't walk away immediately, so he
looked at the unmarried couple in the front of the crowd and said, "I feel sorry. It was rude to overhear
your conversation with Francis last time."

"No problem." Ashley answered briefly. It seemed like she didn't want to continue the conversation.

Seeing that she kept rejecting him, Dylan became more interested in her, "don't you hate them? The
couple ahead. "

At this time, Francis was putting a garland on Sheila's head, and then Sheila helped Francis wear the

"Not really. Let it be. I have no fate with Francis."

"Now, let the couple exchange engagement rings!" The emcee announced loudly.

"I don't think so." Dylan said with a sly smile at the corners of his mouth. "You are the real miss of the
Fang family, and Sheila is nothing but an unlawful daughter. In terms of beauty, you are more beautiful
obviously." I heard that you and Francis were each other's first love. It's always different. "

"Teacher Yan, if I'm not mistaken, do you want me to take Francis back?" Ashley said with a half-smile,
"Is it good for you to encourage me in this way?"

"It makes me a bit older to call me teacher. I'd prefer you call me Mr. Yan or brother Yan." Dylan
corrected her.

"Mr. Yan."

"I don't think we can gain any benefits. I just like to be a looker-on to watch fun. The relationship
between Fang and Xue family is so complicated. Isn't it a better show than a family drama on TV? "

Ashley was a little angry. She didn't want to talk with Dylan any more. This man was really bad in

Dylan didn't feel annoyed. He followed up and said, "You dressed up for their wedding is nothing but
you are jealous. You still can't forget Francis. As I said before, first love is different, which is

Dylan's comment sharply struck Ashley's heart.

"What's more, in my opinion, Francis still has feelings for you."

"How did you know?" Ashley stopped.

Dylan knew he drew her attention, so he put on a bigger smile and said.

"Because I am a man too. If he didn't have the feeling for you that day in the restaurant, he would not
set off in pursuit and trapped you in the private room to talk about persona problems between him and
you. If a man doesn't love a woman, he won't do such a boring thing. "

Ashley turned around. "Even if you're right, and even if he's still in love with me, so what?"

"Oh, what a stupid girl!" "Since you and Francis are still in love, why not take Francis back." Dylan
replied angrily, with his palm on his forehead, Then you can revenge on Sheila and get the man you

want. "

"No." Ashley denied without mercy.

"Why not?" Dylan was confused, "Or you don't love Francis at all? Why do you have no desire of
possession of him at all? "