Exclusive Memory

Chapter 18 Was This True Love

"Yes, I've never cheat on you, Francis. I just want to marry you. Please forgive me this time, Francis."
Sheila cried and pleaded.

"Don't listen to her, Francis. This woman is very crafty. If you marry her, she would stir the whole family
into a tempest."

"Mom." Francis said in a bitter voice, probably because the blow was much for him. "Sheila did all of
this for marrying me. She loves me so much."

"You will not forgive her, will you?" Belinda asked in disbelief.

"Mom, I know you don't like her, but I think it's not easy to meet a woman like her who loves me with all
her heart and soul." Francis raised Sheila from her knees, "I still want to marry her. I believe she won't
be like this anymore after we get married."

When she heard these words, Sheila couldn't help but shed tears. She always subconsciously wanted
to take everything away from Ashley, but she never expected Francis value their relationship so much
that he protected her in front of so many people.

Ashley was also stunned outside the door.

'Why? Why he still forgave Sheila when she was so shameful?

Samuel was even more shocked. He had no idea of this expectation at all.

Gloria was also astonished and didn't know how to respond. "Well," she said awkwardly, If so... "

Belinda ignored Gloria completely and interrupted her, "I will never allow her to marry Francis!"

Francis said politely, "Mom, this is my own marriage. I am an adult now and I don't need your

Belinda was so mad that her husband Simon grabbed her in a hurry and said, "Francis, let's talk about
your marriage later. We are tired and don't want to talk about it anymore."

Francis also didn't want to be radical. So he softened his voice and said, "Daddy, mommy, we can talk
about marriage later, but I want to get engaged with Sheila first. Actually I want to discuss our
engagement with you for a long time, but I didn't find a good chance. Since you are all here today, let's
get it settled and fix a date. "

Gloria got active again, "Yeah, since the two love each other, let's bring it a happy ending."

Ashley couldn't bear to listen any longer. She walked through the long hallway covered with printing
carpet and walked down along the spiral stairs which were different in width. She missed her footing
and stumbled. A waiter beside the stairs hurriedly hold her.

"Miss, are you all right?"

"Yes, I am." She pulled away the waiter's hand, walked down the stairs, and then went out of United
Hotel. She hailed a taxi, and went back to the company in low spirits.

There was a filing cabinet under her computer desk. Ashley opened it with a key. A wad of photos were
in it. She had already developed the pictures which were concrete evidences that Sheila and Gloria
were lying. Ashley had made hard efforts to shoot these photos. She looked at these evidences. They
were in perfect angle and those facial features were very clear. But it's useless, useless!

Ashley threw the photo on the computer fiercely!

"Oh, lady Ashley is in her tantrums here!"

The voice.

Ashley suddenly raised her head and found that the woman with a sweet smile standing in front of her
was Kate.

"Why are you still here?"

"Then where should I go?" Kate said with a merry smile, "Ashley, I am back again. You didn't expect it,
did you? News about Dylan means nothing. It's simple for me to handle it if I want. Stop thinking only
your father has the ability to smooth it out and to back you up. This is not your ZM Group. It's Starlight

Ashley pressed her lips and didn't say anything.

"I know you have long wanted me to leave. You did Dylan's news on purpose, didn't you? Well, I've
been wondering why you be so kind to offer such a good news to me. Let me tell you, Ashley. Your
scheme won't work. I won't leave here. Let's wait and see! "

Ashley didn't say a word all along.

Ashley didn't want to stay in the office any longer, so she packed up photos and tided up the desk top,
then she took a taxi to a nearby commercial street.

An attendant in the clothing store received her with a smile. Ashley was staring at the clothes and all
she was thinking about what happened in United Hotel this afternoon.

In her memory, Francis was not such a tolerant person, and what he could not bear most was being

She remembered when she dated with Francis in university. He didn't like her singing in KTV. Once,
she sneaked out with her roommate and told him she went out for dinner with her roommate. However,

Francis got the news from someone. When he found her in KTV, he turned around and left quickly. No
matter how hard Ashley tried to placate him, he just couldn't stop losing his temper. He was so angry
that it took almost a week for him to cool down.

Then how did this happen to Francis this afternoon? Why did he forgive Sheila so quickly? Was it true
love? Why he can tolerate everything she did?

"Miss, this dress is a new arrival and it is the only one in A City. Other flagship stores haven't got this
yet. Would you like to try it on?"

Ashley's hands were on a black slip dress with Camisole gauze. The dress was gleaming with golden
stars ornaments. The stars were clustered from chest to hip and gradually became more and more

It looked really gorgeous.

"This dress flatteringly lightens your fair skin. Would you like to try it on?"

Ashley nodded.

The shop assistant took the dress off the rack and led her to the fitting room.

Since she became a reporter, she had been wearing denim shirts and a denim t-shirts for the sake of
convenience, so she had not worn dresses for a long time.

The straps of the dress flare out from shoulder into a triangle shape, wrapping around her chest. The V-
neck in the middle was designed with perfect ratio, not showing cleavage while making her breasts
luscious and in perfect shape.

Ashley walked out of the fitting room and stood in front of a mirror. The attendants in the store were all
stunned to gazing at her when she came out.

Exactly the same as what the attendant said, her skin was so fair and white that the black skirt set her
skin off as white as snow. The most stunning was not only her white skin but also her figure. When she
wore the dress, she looked like a noble queen. Her straight back and thin waist were wrapped in a
beautiful arc, all of which showed that she was well-cultured since childhood. With some mixed hints of
alienation and nobility on her face, she was just like a fairy, even the most popular stars today can
hardly match her beauty.

Looking at herself in the mirror, Ashley said, "Well, I'll buy this one. I don't need my clothes left in the
fitting room anymore. Please throw them away for me."

"Ok, miss. What else can I do for you?"

"I would like to apply some cosmetics. Do you happen to have get some?"

Ten minutes later, Ashley was perfectly made-up. She coiled up her long hair with only a streak of hair
on her right shoulder, exposing her white and slender neck.

With her bag in her hand, Ashley walked into the dark night.

She didn't know where she was going. She just walked aimlessly and she didn't know how long she
had walked until she arrived at a three floor building with lights on.

It was the place where Jasper had brought her half a month ago.

A board was hanging in front of the door, on which there were several words in cursive script--Banquet
Night Building.

Ashley walked in, feeling as if she were transcending time and space. There was a band on the stage
of the first floor who was playing "as long as live one day for you."

The moment when she stepped in, the guests on the three floors seemed to perceive something and
looked in her direction. Ashley was immersed in her own thoughts and didn't notice it. She looked
around as if she was looking for the prosperous life in the building, as if she didn't see anything.

"Miss, are you alone this time?" The lobby manager was impressed by her.

"Yes. Is the table where I had dinner last time still available?"

"Yes. Please follow me."

Ashley hold the hemline of her dress with one hand and the guests in Banquet Night Building fixed their
eyes on her wherever she went.

She entered in a private room, opened the south window and looked outside. A crescent was hanging
in the sky with a great many stars were shining.

"May I help you?" The waiter put the menu on the table.

Without turning her head, Ashley said, "I would like a bottle of your finest wine, a medium done filet
mignon, and a vegetable and fruit salad.

"Ok, miss." The waiter took his leave after ordering.

The outline of night sky was split into irregular shapes by tall buildings, which lacked the nature of
creation. Looking at it for a while, Ashley found it boring.

The waiter served the salad to the table, uncorked the red wine, poured it into the wine decanter, and
then he left.

Ashley poured some wine into a glass and took a sip. The decant duration was too short so that the
wine was filled with thick sour. She swallowed it without hesitation, feeling a burning sensation in her


After drinking three glasses, she stopped.

After a while, the waiter served the steak and brought a basket of flower petals. "Miss, these petals
were sent to you by the man opposite."

Ashley turned her head and looked at the opposite room. The man who proposed a glass to her from a
distance seemed to be a friend of Jasper whom she had met last time. She still remembered his name
was Karl.

She poured a glass of wine and proposed a toast from her seat.

Just now, Karl was talking with someone in the room. Suddenly he felt something and looked
subconsciously toward the first floor. He saw a woman came in with a cold expression on her face. She
looked extremely gorgeous! He almost didn't recognize her because both her dressing and her look
were dramatically different to what she looked when they met last time.

She looked so amazing that everyone in Banquet Night Building was staring at her. However she didn't
seem to notice it, and still kept casting a glance at the interior decoration.