Exclusive Memory

Chapter 16 Visit The Former Mother-In-Law

She acted as if she didn't mean it. If ordinary people heard her, they would at most think that Gloria and
her daughter were not efficient, but Samuel would have a better understanding of it. Having been in the
business world for many years, he was well aware that there must be something wrong with their
behaviors. Immediately, he took a different look at Gloria and Sheila.

The next day, Ashley went to work as usual. Since Betty was at home, she could focus on her work
since Gloria and Sheila wouldn't make any trouble for the time being.

Journalists were relatively free to work because they often had to go out. Today, Ashley was in a good
mood. She came to the company after having crab cakes at the Crystal Palace. By the time she
arrived, most of her colleagues had already been there.

Just as she sat at her work station, she heard a swearing voice from Leona's office.

"Are you out of your mind? Or are you just an idiot? You have worked in the company not for a day or
two. Do you really think that the company's rules and regulations are to be wiped out?"? Are you
forgetful? Or are you blind? It's fine that the intern is ignorant. Why don't you understand? "

"You always feel good about yourself. Who do you think you are? An immortal? Or a Weldon?"

Leona's voice was so powerful that everyone in the office could hear it. Nobody knew who was that
unlucky man.

Carol slid her spruce chair to her side and greeted, "good morning, Ashley."

"Good morning. Who is in the office?"

Carol smiled, "Your deadly foe."

"Kate?" Ashley was surprised, "Is there anything wrong with the news about Dylan?"

"You are right." Carol snapped her fingers.

"Basically, everything about Dylan's news has been settled. What else could happen that makes Leona
so angry?"

"It was said that she had taken the restricted pictures. And Kate thought she caught some big news.
Without Leona's permission, she posted them on the official website in the middle of the night, and the
Hanfu Films has filed a lawsuit."

"Ah." Ashley was speechless. She thought that Kate was really bold. As an artist in Hanfu Films, Dylan
had been widely recognized by the media even though he was in a decadent private life. Even if the
media wanted to release a news, they just wanted to molest him in a casual tone, joking with him about
his romantic life. Including the draft released by Ashley last time, it was released after review by Leona
and notified by Dylan's agent. How bold Kate was.

"Our company's rules and regulations are clearly written. Before the announcement is released, we
should ask the higher authorities to review it. It is not the first day for Kate to come here. Don't she
know that?"

Carol smiled again, "What's the biggest evil in the world? It was stupid. "

Ashley's heart skipped a beat. 'She's a girl who doesn't speak a word but she could see things with a
sharp eye.'.

"I wonder what company will do with Kate."

"They have to dismiss her for such a serious matter." Carol guessed.

Ashley also thought so.

But she didn't have the time to gloat. She had two person at home to deal with. If she couldn't handle
this matter well, they would try to make trouble for her.

At half past ten in the morning, Ashley received a call from Betty. At that time, Ashley was in a small
park near the gate of the building.

"Hello, Betty. How's it going?"

"They're arguing, Miss Ashley." Betty said, "Mr. Samuel quarreled with Mrs. Gloria and Miss Sheila."

"What happened?"

"Mrs. Gloria and Miss Sheila went to the hospital to have an early morning report. When they came
back, they were carrying a B-ultrasound report and learned that Miss Sheila was pregnant for two
months. Because of this, Mr. Samuel didn't go to the company and waited for her at home this morning.
He was so angry after hearing the news. Now the three are still quarreling in the study! "

The more Ashley thought of that scene, the more excited she became. But unfortunately, she couldn't
go back to see it.

"Betty, keep an eye on them. Be careful not to be found out by them."

"Yes, Miss Ashley. Don't worry."

Gloria and Sheila reported the incident to Samuel first. Their purpose was self-evident. They wanted to
use this opportunity to put pressure on Francis. As long as Samuel agreed, he would try all means to
let Francis marry Sheila for the compensation from him to his illegitimate daughter.

When she returned home in the evening, it was already calm at home, and Sheila was not in the living
room but in her bedroom. Gloria looked normal as before. The other two servants were doing
housework nicely. It was a peaceful scene.

Ashley asked Betty in secret. As she expected, although Samuel was angry, he would support Sheila's
decision. Her father just lost his temper for a few days when he knew that Sheila and Francis had an
affair. Although Sheila was even pregnant before marriage, which was not a big deal.

Things were in a standstill now. She had to tell people about Sheila's fake pregnancy, but there would
never be a good time like last night. If she did this thing on her own, it would be too intentional, so she
had to find someone else.

But who should she look for?

Ashley didn't know what to do.

Maybe she could find a breakthrough from Francis's parents.

Therefore, Ashley bought the Liuan tea and spent the whole afternoon to pay a visit to his mother.

Ever since she got married, she got along well with her mother-in-law.

Since the day when she gave birth to their baby, Francis had sighed on the divorce agreement with her
without any signs. Since then, their parents of both sides also knew that she had an affair before
marriage. Although she was always confused about her extramarital affair before marriage, it was true.

So after that day, Ashley had never seen her mother-in-law. It was true that she felt ashamed to see
her. And Belinda, her mother-in-law, probably didn't want to see her at all.

Holding a tea gift box, Ashley rang the doorbell and waited outside the Xue's villa.

She hadn't come back here for more than three years. Looking at the villa, she recalled the past.

Through the iron fence, there was a small garden in the East. It turned out to be a lawn. Since their
marriage, Francis was not at home most and his mother Belinda had her own social circle, leaving

Ashley alone at home. So she asked the butler to get the tools from the warehouse and clean up the
grass on the lawn in person. She even turned the ground over to make the grass soft and muddy. A
seed of sunflower was planted on it.

She liked beautiful flowers, such as roses and all kinds of blooming red and purple flowers, just
because they were beautiful.

After she had grown up, her favorite flower was sunflowers. When she was a child, she didn't think
sunflowers were good. After experiencing all kinds of storms, she thought sunflowers were the best.
They were so shiny and energetic, living under the sun every day, which was exactly what she was
looking for.

Because the weather was suitable, the seeds would sprout in less than a week, and they would bloom
in two months after resting well. Francis didn't even cast a glance at the flowers. Instead, Belinda
praised her for a long time.

Now, the land had been restored to the grassland. It must be Francis and his family that they couldn't
tolerate the existence of anything that was related to her, so they asked people to clean it.

The golden sun in the summer almost blinded her. The cicadas on the tree were also piercing into her
eardrums. Standing in the little dark outside the villa, Ashley could barely cover her face. The other half
of her body was exposed to the sun, and the heat waves steamed her dizziness.

Not knowing how long she had waited, the steward of the Xue family came to open the door for her.

The moment she entered the villa, she felt refreshed and fresh.

Belinda was having afternoon tea in the living room. With the gift in her hand, Ashley reviewed her
sketches again in her heart. Then she walked quietly towards her and put the Liuan tea on the table.

"Belinda, I've brought your favorite tea."

"What are you doing here? Francis has divorced you," Belinda didn't even look at her. No mother would
be kind to a daughter-in-law who had betrayed her son.

She was a little disappointed and answered, "I know I can't change anything now. Believe it or not, I
come here to see you because I miss you."

"You've been back for half a year. If you really miss me, you should have come here earlier. Why do
you wait so long?"

Ashley said in a self-deprecating tone, "I don't have the face to see you. If it wasn't for..." She paused
as if she had some unspoken reason, but then she changed the subject. "I just think of that you have
taken good care of me and I am very grateful, so I come to see you."

"What did you just say? Why do you stop?" Belinda finally raised her head.

"Don't you know? that Francis is going to marry my sister? "

"Francis is going to marry Sheila, who is just a mistress!" "Why didn't I hear?" Belinda asked in disbelief

"Shelia is pregnant, so Francis must marry her. Otherwise, what should she do?"

"Sheila is pregnant!" Belinda screamed again.

Ignoring her astonishment, Ashley continued, "If it weren't for the fact that Francis was going to marry
my sister, I'm afraid I wouldn't have a stand to see you anymore. That's why I am here."

"You can go back now. Francis will not marry Sheila. I will never allow a mistress to marry into our
family, let alone someone from your family!"

"But..." Ashley wanted to say something more.

"Well, you two girls, you cheated on your husband before marriage, and your sister stole your husband
and got pregnant before marriage. You deserve better than our Xue family. Butler, see her out!"

"Miss Ashley, this way please."

While walking out, Ashley muttered, "I don't know if Sheila is really pregnant or not. If she is not
pregnant, she will never marry Francis!"

Belinda had heard all of her words. She was the wife of a rich family and had lived in this world for
more than half a lifetime. She had seen a lot of them. So she couldn't help but keep an eye on what
she heard.