Exclusive Memory

Chapter 15 False Pregnancy

When they went back to A city, it was already the afternoon of the next day. Sheila was not at home.
Ashley guessed that she might go to the company to have a sound painting, and Gloria was not at
home. She didn't know where she was.

When both of them were not in the villa, the air in the villa was much fresh. After eight hours' drive,
Ashley threw her coat and clothes onto the desk, and lay on the bed to have a rest, tired.

When there was a knock at the door, Ashley stood up from the bed and said, "Come in, please."

Betty opened the door and came in. "Miss, I want to tell you something."

Betty hesitated. Ashley knew how Betty treated her these years. Ashley saw that clearly and asked,
"What's up, Betty?"

"Just in the days when you went out with Mr. Samuel, I heard that Gloria and Sheila were talking about
the marriage of Mr. Francis."

Get married? Ashley got alert. She once heard from Sheila in the Crystal Palace that she was going to
be engaged. Now they were going to get married without being engaged?

"Betty, please take a seat and tell me what happened."

Betty sat down on the couch. She felt hard to open her mouth. Miss, I know that Miss Shelia has stolen
Mr. Francis from you with the help of a home wrecker. Back then, many things happened... I know I
shouldn't have spoken too much about it. I am afraid that they are keeping you from the truth. If you
find out about it all of a sudden, you will be overwhelmed. "

Betty explained.

"Don't worry, Betty. I won't blame you for being long tongued. I know you did it for my sake. What on
earth had happened these days?"

"On the day you left with the chairman of the board, Miss Shelia came back from the middle of her way
to work. When I was cleaning the furniture upstairs, Miss Shelia said that Mr. Francis was unwilling to
get married and he agreed to get engaged first. Then Miss Shelia lost her temper and said Mr. Francis
was an unfaithful man and a heartbreaker. "

"What happened later? Why did they talk about getting married?"

Then Mrs. Gloria pulled Shelia into the bedroom. Since it was about Mr. Francis, I was afraid that they
might hurt you. So I followed them in secret. Then I heard that they discussed for a while and they
said... " Betty paused and seemed to have made up her mind. "They said that Miss Shelia would
pretend to be pregnant and they should have the wedding as soon as possible. After the wedding, she
might miscarry and frame you with the miscarriage."

After listening to this, Ashley was stunned on the spot. What did their hearts do? How could they use
such dirty means?

"Miss, you must be stunned. I also was scared when I heard it. This scheme is only seen on TV. It's the
first time that I come across it in reality. I am really scared out of cold sweat."

"What else did they say?"

"They said they were going to make a fake certificate. I supposed they will do it in couple of days."
Seeing that Ashley was still in a daze, Betty couldn't help but remind her, "Miss, be careful not to be
hurt. I have to go out quickly in case they come back with doubts."

"Betty, please rest assured. I will keep my eyes on them. Thank you so much for exploring the news."

"My lady, you don't need to say that. Your mother saved our lives and I should do what I should do to
help you. Now I'm going out. Please have a good rest."

Ashley saw that Betty close the door and go out.

Men's desire could never be driven without a limit. For the desire, Gloria and her daughter would do
anything they could. Sheila, every dog has his day. Now, it's not easy to get what you want.

In order to find out what Sheila had done, Ashley asked Betty to keep an eye on them at home.

'Don't underestimate Betty. Although she is a woman, she is a good stalker, ' A few days later, Betty
called her. "Miss, Mrs. Gloria is out. She looks different today. I asked her where she would go, but she
didn't tell me."

"Okay, Betty. Thank you. I'll take care of the rest."

It was Ashley's masterpiece to find news.

"Miss, be careful not to be found by others." Betty warned.

Ashley could sense excitement from her tone. She was thrilled as well when thought that their trick
would be exposed. She reassured her, "Don't worry, Betty."

Ashley had been squatting at the door for several days. She even borrowed a car from the editor in
chief, waiting for them to get hooked.

With a print shirt and cotton skirt, Gloria wore delicate make-up. People who didn't know her would
think that she was going to meet a man in love. She hailed a taxi, and Ashley followed her from a

The car passed through the poplar forest villa area and drove all the way to the downtown. It was
getting more and more bustling with traffic and people. The more bustling the city was, the more
difficult it would be to be found.

The taxi finally stopped at a cafe beside a church. Gloria looked around before she entered the cafe.
Ashley had already changed her clothes. She put her hair in a bun and wore a hairpin. The big
sunglasses on her nose and a revealing dress with shoulder straps which she didn't usually wear.

She had done so such thing before, so she wasn't nervous at all. She just felt excited about the
misfortune of Gloria and Shelia. She calmly passed by the dinner table of Gloria, and threw the
recorder pen that had already been turned on under their table when they were not noticing.

Then she went to a place with the best perspective, ordered a cup of latte and waited quietly. A woman
in her early thirties came in and sat beside Gloria. Ashley was a sophisticated woman and knew that
woman's job at the first glance. She was sure that that woman was a doctor.

After a while, Gloria said something and the woman took out a file bag from her bag and handed it
over. Gloria opened the file bag to read a lot. As they talked a lot, Gloria also took out an envelope from
her bag and handed it to the woman. The envelope was about one hundred thousand. That was a
piece of cake for Gloria.

Not only did Ashley look at them, but she also took several pictures of them with her sleeves camera.

About ten minutes later, Gloria left and the doctor also left the cafe. Ashley walked to the table and
picked up the recorder pen. She got in the car, tracking the doctor while turning on the recording pen in
haste. A noise came, and it was from Gloria, "Have you brought the thing?"

After a while, the woman doctor said, "Don't worry. Everything is fine. It's two months' fetal ultrasound."

"Okay, I'll ask you to do the prenatal checkups for my daughter from now on. You must take good care
of her, and don't let others know that she's pretending to be pregnant."

"Don't worry. I have been a doctor for so many years."

"Oh, and the miscarriage. You must be fully prepared for it."

"I see. Have you brought the money with you?"

"This is one hundred thousand. I will give you the rest of the money after it is done."

Ashley turned off the recording and heaved a sigh of relief. With these evidence, she knew that that
Gloria and her daughter couldn't afford the results. The woman doctor finally entered the women and
children care house of A city. Ashley followed her and saw the doctor's photo at the gate of the clinic,
and its name was above it.

Emily Wang.

The next step for her was to see what kind of performance Gloria and Sheila were going to play. Ashley
wanted to find the best opportunity to reveal the truth so that they could give themselves away.

Ashley went back home earlier than usual and stayed in her room since she got home. She didn't go
downstairs until Betty called her for dinner.

Her father was also in the dining room.

In the middle of the meal, Sheila was having her meal and suddenly vomited. Ashley glanced at Sheila
and the show was about to begin.

Gloria asked nervously, "What's the matter, Shelia? Are you having a stomachache?"

"I don't know. I just feel sick these days.

Hearing this, Samuel's eyes were filled with anger and fury. 'Well, how could he not be angry? His
daughter must be pregnant. It was a humiliation to for such a upper class like him.

"Why do you always feel uncomfortable. I'll take you to the hospital tomorrow."

Samuel heavily put down his chopsticks and said, "Save tomorrow! Betty!"

"What's wrong, Mr. Samuel?" Betty asked as she ran towards him.

"Go to a nearby pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test stick!"

"Daddy!" Sheila exclaimed. They hadn't prepared a two bar pregnancy test kit.

"Samuel, don't embarrass her in front of the servants. What are you doing?" Gloria tried to persuade

"She is shameless! She has robbed her sister's husband and now she is pregnant before marriage.
How can she still be proud?"

"It's not necessarily a pregnancy. Don't be angry. I will take her to the hospital for examination
tomorrow. Let's have dinner first."

Samuel stared at his daughter and rudely took up the chopsticks, without saying anything more.

Gloria breathed a sigh of relief. "Betty, you can go back to work now."

"Okay." Betty replied and went out.

But Ashley wouldn't miss this opportunity, "How about I go to buy it? I have finished my meal. I can go
out for digesting."

Gloria's newly released heart hung again.

"I don't need your fake courtesy!" Sheila immediately denied it.

Ashley sneered, "Why did you say that? It's fine that you didn't thank me for buying you things.
Besides, if you had known the result earlier, you wouldn't have been so worried and nervous all night."

"Ashley, don't get her wrong. Sheila didn't mean that. It's not convenient for you to go to the medicine
shop so late at night. I will accompany her to go to the hospital for examination tomorrow. On the one
hand, the hospital is quite accurate to do the examination. On the other hand, if she is really sick, we
can prescribe some medicine. "

Ashley thought she couldn't hold on any longer. After all, she didn't get along well with them, if she still
insisted, it would be fishy. Besides, Gloria would try her best to avoid it. She couldn't call her and
exposed herself. Things would be difficult.

Ashley showed an indifferent look, "I really don't understand why you make so much trouble. It's not
that simple. Why don't you just buy a pregnancy test stick?"