Exclusive Memory

Chapter 14 Sweep The Tombs (Part Two)

"I just don't like your delicate look!"

"I'm not a spoiled child. Didn't I guard the news like Dylan every day and night? Is it the windfall that
hits me on the head? Why didn't I see such a pie on your head when we came to the company
together? Did you get any decent news in the past half year? "

"That's because you are lucky to get him."

"Don't you know that luck is also a part of strength? If you are unlucky, you should work hard and talk

"Miss Kate, Miss Kate, I have some questions about this information for you." Two interns tried their
best to mediate.

Kate glared at her and said, "Don't be so bitchy. I have to work now. I'll talk with you another day."

Ashley rolled her eyes. She had expected that they would have a fight when they would hand over.
After completing the handover, she happily wrote the daily routine and sent it out. Then she got off work

The dead body of her mother was not in the city, but in other province. So it would take her about two
days to go and come back.

The next morning, Ashley, dressed in a black dress, drove to B province with her father. Today was not
only the anniversary of her mother's death, but also the anniversary of her child's death.

In the car, Ashley talked with her father for a few minutes about work and then closed her eyes for rest.

Maybe it was because she was too tired recently, she fell asleep soon after she closed her eyes and
even had a dream.

In the dream, her mother anxiously called a taxi. In the taxi, she was still calling Francis, but like what
Ashley had called Francis years ago, the phone had not been connected.

After the taxi passed two roads, Ashley saw a black car coming from another road. She was so
frightened that she asked the driver to stop the car and ask her mother to get off quickly. However, no
matter how loudly she shouted, no one heard her. Her mother was still anxiously thinking of her
daughter, and the driver was still driving forward. In a hurry, Ashley fell down in front of the black bridge
car, and then a screeching sound of brake made her bleed.

Ashley suddenly opened her eyes and stunned for a long time before she remembered where she was.
She moved her stiff body and looked down at her watch. It turned out that only ten minutes had

"Have a nightmare?" Her father asked her while looking at the documents in his hand without raising
his head.


Outside the window, it began to rain. A few minutes later, a raindrops fell on the fields outside the
highway. These fields were covered in thick mist, which made Ashley feel even more gloomy.

Then the rain kept on pouring, for safety, Samuel asked the driver to pull over near a service area.

It was almost noon. Many people in the service area were having lunch. The air was reeking of sweat
and instant noodles. Ashley couldn't eat anything, and she even felt a little sick. She didn't know if she
was carsickness, so she drank a few mouthfuls of soup, and then she went to the door and stood.

Ashley wanted to talk to anyone she could get close to, but she searched the contact list and didn't see
anyone like that.

While she was lost in her thoughts, she received a short message from Nelson via the mobile phone.

"Have you eaten, aunt?"

"I have eaten. What about you?"

"Me too. I'm having a holiday with my father!"

What a happy little baby! Ashley couldn't help envying him. "Where are you on vacation?"

"Daddy said this is Brazil. We're going to see the Vikki waterfall."

From the bottom of her heart, she felt that it was so good to raise a child. She would be motivated to
work with him as long as he ate delicious food and enjoyed the scenery with him. It would be nice if the
child was still alive. Although it would be very hard to raise him alone, she still had a chance to live. But
now, she didn't know what to do.

After the rain subsided in the noon, they started off again. At four o'clock in the afternoon, they arrived
at the destination.

The cremains of her mother and her parents were buried together. Ashley put the chrysanthemum in
front of her mother's tomb and said silently in her heart, "Mom, I'm coming to see you.".

Samuel didn't say anything for now. Maybe he had said something in his heart. Both of them stood
silently for a long time.

On their way back, Ashley asked, "Haven't you found the people who ran away yet?"

"No, I didn't."

"But it has been three years. Dad, have you really looked for that person? Why haven't you found him

"Ashley, stop questioning!" Samuel couldn't help getting angry, "She is not only your mother, but also
my wife!"

"But you have divorced!" Before they walked out of the cemetery, the two began to quarrel again. "She
is not your wife. Your wife is Gloria in the villa!"

Samuel rubbed his forehead and said, "Ashley, don't let me lecture you here. Shut up. You know
nothing at all!" With these words, he strode out of here.

Tears streamed down her face, but she said in a normal voice, "You go first. I want to stay here with
mom for a little longer."

Then she turned around and went back to the cemetery.

Samuel turned around, looking at the back of his daughter, and saw her walking away. They had too
many problems, and he didn't know if he could be closer to his daughter in his