Exclusive Memory

Chapter 11 An Encounter With Ex Husband

As the night fell, the lights on the street were flickering, and restaurants were also packed with
customers, and the constant stream of cars and crowds were driving eagerly on the way back home.

When the business with Dylan was over, she could take a couple of days off. Then she would take her
mother's favorite food to the graveyard to see her.

The taxi finally stopped in front of a Chinese restaurant. Ashley followed them and went out after
seeing which room they went into. Then she went to a clothing store nearby and bought a dress of the
same style as that of a waiter. She entered the Chinese restaurant again and stood outside the box,
pretending to make a call.

The Chinese food usually needed to be served one after another for a long time. After waiting for about
ten minutes, a waiter came to deliver the food. Ashley stopped the waiter and said, "Let me do it here.
You can go about your business."

In general, waiters in this kind of restaurants were not as vigilant as the members in the hall. Therefore,
this waiter handed the dishes to her without thinking more.

"Knock, knock, knock." Ashley knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Ashley opened the door and saw Dylan wearing a hat and a woman. A man sat opposite them. The
woman took off her hat and revealed her beautiful face. The face was a little familiar, but Ashley
couldn't remember who she was.

Since she had accomplished her task, the next thing she should do was to think about who this woman

After carefully putting the garlic fans' steamed scallops on the table, Ashley stood up and was about to
leave, but at the moment when she turned around, she saw the man who had his back to her. Then she
was stunned.


Why was he here? What a coincidence! Is he going to blow the show? Would Dylan discover that
something was wrong, either?

Francis also saw her. In the blink of an eye, countless ideas flashed through their eyes.

Ashley naturally nodded and acted like nothing had happened. It was just like a waiter was facing a
diner. Francis was a little bit slow, but he still looked away from her.

That's good. He didn't expose her lie.

Feeling relieved, Ashley left the room. When she walked to the corridor, her legs became a little weak.
Handing the tray to the waiter passed by, she held the wall to make sure she wouldn't fall down. She
didn't realize how big the hotel was before she came here, but now when she left, she found the
corridor so long.

Hearing the sound of rapid footsteps behind her, Ashley couldn't help but speed up, and she even
wanted to run, as if there was a monster who was chasing her. But just now, she was so terrified that
her legs were still weak. As she was so anxious, she almost fell to the ground. Seeing this, Francis
quickly ran a few steps to hold her.

"Don't touch me!" She struggled to free herself and then leaned against the wall to steady herself,
staring at him warily.

Her cold stare made his heart ache, but Francis still looked at her with a brow arched. "You are an
entertainment reporter. How could you serve the dishes here? Is it to take a photo of Dylan? "

"What does this have to do with you?" Ashley smiled sarcastically.

"I have nothing to do with it? Okay, I'll tell Dylan right now. See how he'll deal with it! "

"Humph!" Ashley sneered, "Do I fear that you will tell him? What can't you do? You cheated on my
sister and asked me to give up all my marital property. But now, you're just trying to make me lose my
job. You did a better job than you did before! Why should I be afraid? "

Her sharp words angered Francis. "You betrayed me first. You can't blame me!"

"I betrayed you first?" Ashley giggled, "I don't even know how I betrayed you."

"You are still trying to justify yourself!" Then he dragged her into an empty box and said, "Let's figure
out who is to blame."

Ashley's strength was no match for his, so she was pulled back and stumbled. Being pressed against a
wall, she couldn't move in the dark room and yelled, "Francis, I've betrayed you. But for ten months you
have been cold to me and I've been pregnant for ten months at that time! Can't you be more
despicable? You chose to divorce me on the day when I gave birth, and you let Sheila irritated me
when I was weak after delivery. Don't you feel ashamed for that? "

These things had never openly told to anyone. They didn't expect that they would confront each other
on such an occasion.

Ashley had thought that the wounds he had brought were almost healed and wouldn't hurt any more,
but when they were picked up again now, she found that they were still bleeding. The pain was the
same, and she still felt regretful about her mother's death.

"Despicable? Shameless? You and I never slept in the same room. Do you know how I feel when I face
the pregnant you? I dare not make it clear to you. I'm afraid that it will be over if I do so. Therefore, I
pretend that I know nothing, but how can I not know anything! "

"What's the point of talking about it now, Francis? There's no point in arguing about it between us..." In
the end, she felt powerless and said, "Let's stop here..."

"Is he nice to you?" he asked after a long silence

"Who?" Ashley was confused.

"You know the answer. That man on our wedding night," he continued with an unkind tone.

It was hard for her to spit it out as she didn't know who it was, but how should she speak it out, it was
more embarrassed than betrayal.

"He is fine." It meant that Ashley admitted that she had an affair before they got married. But what else
could she do? She had already divorced, so she didn't care about it at all.

"Then you..." Why did you marry me? But he must feel sad thinking about the truth, Francis changed
another saying and asked, "Have you.. Have you ever really loved me? "

His tone was cautious, just like what the man in front of her was when they were in college. He asked
her gently in the dark hall without light, "Let's date?"?

Tears streamed down her face, but the man in front of her didn't see it.

"Let bygones be bygones."

'Yeah, it's all over. There's no going back.

Right at this moment, there was a noise coming from the door.

"Who?" Suddenly, Francis pushed the door open.

She saw that Dylan with a hat was standing at the door and no one knew that how long had he stayed
there to hear them talking.

Dylan didn't feel annoyed or embarrassed when he was found. Instead, he smiled and said, "I
happened to pass by the washroom. You can have a chat."

Then he walked towards the bathroom.

The light of the corridor shone in. Ashley had put away her sad expression and said lightly, "I should go

Under the light, Francis looked so cold and composed. "Okay," he replied

It seemed that the inquiry and unsettled state of mind were no longer exist.

Ashley still had to go to the company to write manuscript. She wanted to try to finish everything today,
so as to avoid more changes. On the way to the company, she sat in the back seat of the bus, thinking
carefully about what happened just now. She had been in the hallway with Francis when she said take
photos about Dylan. She was sure that they were in a place far away from Dylan's box, and she had
kept her voice low when she spoke. This wouldn't have been heard by Dylan. Judging from Francis's
attitude, she concluded that he wouldn't tell that to Dylan and there won't be any accident again.

Ashley let out a long sigh of relief.

There were still many colleagues in the company. Ashley opened her computer and began to write. At
this time, her mobile phone rang.


She checked the message, "Are you asleep?"

The message was sent by Nelson. He did not come to visit her these days. It was said that his father
was too busy to take him here. When the first time he sent her a message, she was surprised that he
could actually type at such a young age! Nelson told her that it was the maid that he asked to help her
send the message. Well, it made sense.

"Why doesn't he sleep? It's past ten. It's very late. "

"I'm going to sleep. Why don't you sleep?"

It was always warm to be cared by others, especially for such a little child, who was considerate. "Aunt
is still working in the company," said Ashley with a smile

"Then I won't bother you."

"Good night, little boy."


It was already eleven o'clock in the evening when she finished with the manuscript. The light on this
floor was almost out, and only a few colleagues were still working overnight.

Ashley sat on the seat with nothing in her mind. She was tired both mentally and physically. She hadn't
had dinner yet.

After sitting here for a while, she packed up and said goodbye to everyone.

The night breeze in summer was blowing along with the poplar tree downstairs, making the rustling
sound. There was only one lamp on the door of the office building, and a dim street lamp was on in the

distance. Ashley walked down the stairs, and the wind blew on her Chiffon white shirt, which felt cool
and comfortable.

There was also a car parking in front of the gate, and a man was standing outside. Because of the dim
light, his face could not be seen. There was only a cigarette flickering between the fingers of the man.

As she approached, she was surprised and said, "Jasper? Why are you here? "

The man stood straight and said, "Nelson said you were still working and asked me to pick you up."

Ashley didn't know what to say, but said, "In fact, you don't have to take kids' words too seriously."

"Even if he's a child, I have to keep my promise." The man's voice was somewhat distant and
inexplicable at night, making people feel like falling into a dream. She didn't know whether it was
because of the night or the wind.

After listening to this, Ashley smiled. She thought that it was because of the night. People in the night
were always bold. Now she was no longer afraid of Jasper. She called his name very smoothly just
now. "You treat your child so well."

"Would you like to have some night snack? I'm a little hungry." He suggested.

After thinking for a while, Ashley replied, "Okay." She hadn't had dinner and was hungry.