Exclusive Memory

Chapter 12 A Date

There were few cars on the street, and they could drive at full speed now.

He didn't take her to the old alley. Instead, they arrived at a three-story building, which was of traditional
style and the eaves were drawn to its horns.

The moment they entered the house, they heard a beautiful "Snow Stewed With Poppi". Looking
towards the direction of the sound, they found that in the middle of the hall, two beautiful ladies in Tang
costumes were playing the violin. With the help of the loud speaker, they, together with a clear singing
throat, were singing gracefully in the middle of the building:

Still the same

Prefer the time of dream with a graceful beauty."

Half awake with the candle light, he chatted with her all night

"What a Wonderland!" Ashley couldn't help but praise.

Upstairs and below them were all well-dressed beautiful women. The whole interior structure was like a
stand to watch a drama. There was an empty courtyard on the three floors of the stage. The diners
upstairs were listening to the scene. They were holding the wine in their hands and watching the two
beauties on the stage in the first floor with great interest.

There weren't many diners at this time. They chose a private room on the second floor. The window on
the south side of the room was near to the window and a waiter opened it. A full moon in the sky came
into the room through the window like white sand, which was very romantic. On the North side of the
box was a heavenly well, and when they looked down, they could see the stage.

A song just ended, but the diner who was watching through the bar just now even threw the petals
beside him onto the two women. The petals floated feebly and fell on them. How romantic.

Ashley's eyes drifted away. After a while, she turned around and said, "I've been in A city for a long
time, but I don't know there is such an interesting place."

"Do you want a basket of petals, Miss?" The waiter responded and called her, which made Ashley feel
like she was in ancient times.

She took over the menu and found rose petals within it. The owner was really good at doing business.

Just as she was about to decline, Jasper had brought her a basket. "What else would you like to eat?"
he asked

Since he was the host, Ashley didn't need to be polite to him. She couldn't eat too much at night.
Although she was a little hungry, she only ordered a bowl of dumpling soup and an sweet stewed snow

Jasper ordered the same dishes as hers and he also ordered a fresh fruit, two bowls of stewed pigeons
and a cold dish platter.

The music was changed downstairs. Several girls were playing zither on the stage. A man with long
hair, who was singing a love song, followed by the music.

"What's your major? It's very hard for you to choose to work in the entertainment industry,"

Ashley looked down at the stairs and said, "My major is broadcasting, and I'm also getting a master of
communications degree from Columbia."

"You are my junior fellow apprentice and my university is the same as yours." The man smiled.

The smile on his face flashed away. Ashley blinked, not knowing if it was her illusion.

"But I majored in administration. You graduated from such a famous university and you got a master
degree. Don't you think that you're overqualified to be an entertainment reporter? Are you dreaming of
being a journalist?"

"No, my undergraduate major is acting."

Jasper nodded. "You should keep going. You have a gift."

Ashley's heart skipped a beat. The man's straightforward praise made her at a loss. "Really Why? "

"Haven't your teacher or friend praised you?" The corners of Jasper's mouth curled into a smile. Ashley
actually saw he smiled.

The man continued after a short consideration, "You are beautiful and your face are special among
normal people. Besides, your emotions are very explosive and infectious."

The servant took the petals upstairs. As Jasper pushed them in front of her, he encouraged and
seduced her, "Give it a try."

Ashley grabbed a petal with hesitation, looking like a fine silk. At the moment she grabbed the petal, an
image flashed through her mind. As usual, Jasper looked at her with his eyes quiet and calm, while
Ashley seemed to be attached to the image under such eyes. She didn't know if the image was
moving, or she was. The woman's arm crossed the bar, and her hand swung, and the petals in the sky
fell down the entire stage.

As blossoms fade and fly across the sky, Who pities the faded red, the scent that has been! "

However, her casual behavior somehow attracted other guests' attention. The same action, others did
was an action, she did, was a story.

Looking at the woman who was still in a trance on the other side, Jasper seemed to see a beautiful star
rising from the sky. He had his own judgment right. As such, it seemed that she was born to be an
actress in the show.

Ashley's breath was still rapid, and something seemed to wake her up, as if it had returned to the time
when she was under the camera.

"Hey, beauty, one more." The man who was watering the flowers in the bar shouted at her.

Ashley came back to earth and looked at him, confused.

"Spread more." The man shouted again, and two of his friends coaxed, "As long as you like, the guy
will pay!"

Hearing what he said, Ashley smiled but bantered in her eyes, "Then I will accept your treat."

So she picked up the basket of flowers and threw it at the ground floor. Therefore, in an instant, the
square space between the bars was colorful and prosperous.

"Manager, the charge of the flowers will be paid by the man opposite there!"

The lobby manager was watching the fun downstairs. When he heard Ashley's question, he
immediately answered, "No problem, Miss!"

After a while, several men opposite also walked over. The man with petals said, "Jasper, who is this?
Don't you introduce her?"

It turned out that he was acquainted with Jasper.

"Ashley, she is a reporter, her father is Samuel Fang, who is holding the stock market of the ZM group,"

"Nice to meet you, Miss Ashley. I'm Karl An, the general manager of S Company. They are my friends."
Karl introduced them to each other. "It's Adrian Lu, who is in the Z Trade Company. And Bob Liu, who
is in the Starry Technology Company."

As they looked like in their thirties, Ashley stood up and shook hands with them.

"Jasper, the CEO of Sheng Grou."

Hence, Jasper shook hands with the two men and exchanged business cards.

"Jasper, is she your girlfriend?" Karl teased.

"Good friend."

"Oh..." Karl seemed to understand. "We have to leave now. We'll have time to chat. Sorry to interrupt
your date."

"Mr. Karl, don't get me wrong. We are just friends." If it weren't for clarification, how embarrassing
would it be for her to sit with Jasper alone later.

"Really?" Karl looked at Jasper again and shrugged, "Fine."

Then the three of them went downstairs. It seemed that they had to go home now.

After the three of them left, Jasper seemed to be in a bad mood, and he didn't smile anymore. After
dinner, Jasper drove her home. After parking his car at the door of Fang's house, Jasper did not open
the door for a long time. He just silently looked at the dark road ahead, wondering what he was

The night wind blew up her long hair, and one of them hit his arm, which was itchy and his hand holding
the steering wheel tightened.


"What?" She tilted her head.

It was all dark except for the two orange street lamps in front of the villa. Dim light could be seen in the
car and they could see each other's outline.

Her heart was beating fast and she didn't know why.

As he said, fidgeting his hand on her cheek, he moved his body close to her. Feeling his breath close to
her, she held her breath and her heart beat rapidly.

"Jasper." Her voice trembled.

"Ashley." The man's fingers drew the outline of her face, which was tender and treasured, as if he were
stroking a very precious work case. "I've been thinking about it these days, I think you can consider it."


"Become an actor." He withdrew his hand and stood back. Then he continued, "You shouldn't waste
your talent to be just an entertainment journalist. I feel sorry for that."

All of a sudden, she got choked and coughed.

"If you come to my company, I will arrange a good agent for you."

Ashley coughed for a while and calmed down. "Well, as for your opinion, I will consider it."

"Well, then, go back and have a good rest. You decide to contact me." And then he unlocked the door.

"Good night, see you."

Ashley got off the car, opened the door and quickly went back to the room. Covering her hot face, she
threw herself into the quilt.

"What are you thinking about, Ashley?"

After burying her face in the quilt for a while, Ashley pulled out her face.

When she entered the bathroom to take a bath, she remembered what Jasper had told her in the dining
room. She could not help but pick up a towel and wiped the water on the mirror. Her figure was in the
mirror. Her long wet hair fell over her shoulders, making her skin even whiter. She touched her face
with her hands and looked at herself in the mirror. The woman in the mirror was as beautiful as a peach
blossom after being washed by hot water.

Haven't your teacher or friend praised you? You are beautiful!

She couldn't help shrinking her ears, as if the words were said by her ears. Because of Jasper's identity
and talent, it would be rather dangerous for him to be kind to others.

With no more those unrealistic thoughts in mind, Ashley took a shower and thought about what Jasper
had just suggested.

Indeed, it was a very attractive proposal. The Sheng Group was rich, and with the main business of film
and television production and actors and agencies, the actors of the Sheng Group almost dominated
half of the entertainment circle. Given the fact that she could work on such a good platform or that the
boss promised to hire a good agent for her, these were really very generous.

She had no reason to refuse him.

However, once she entered this circle, which meant that she had to deal with Guantang Group and that
meant she would meet Francis. It was for this reason that she wanted to draw a clear line with the past,

so she gave up her major after divorce and studied communication science in related major.

Jasper's invitation made her waver. After all, she had always dreamed of it.