Exclusive Memory

Chapter 10 You Look Like A Mistress (Part Two)

But Ashley insisted, "You don't want to tell me, or you don't dare to!"

"Nicholas Shen, it took you so long to go to the washroom. Have you finished your work?" It was the
director of the advertising department, Cindy Xu. It seemed that she came here to cover up someone.

When Ashley was about to pull her, her shoulder was gently pressed. She turned around and saw her
chief editor, Leona Qin.

Smiling, Leona blocked Nicholas's way for Ashley. "I was told by you in the compartment that my
subordinate was a mistress. Did you see that with your own eyes? Or do you have other evidence? "

Knowing that Leona was several levels older than her, Nicholas didn't think it was a good idea to leave
directly. Seeing this, Cindy squeezed through the crowd and said, "Leona, we'd better not get involved
in their little girl's conversation."

Leona strongly separated Cindy and asked, "Do you have it or not, Nicholas?"

Nicholas stammered, "No..."

"You raise your voice so that I can hear you clearly."

"No, I don't!"

"Now that you didn't apologize to my subordinate, I will pretend nothing happened today."

Nicholas's face turned red. Perhaps she had never been so embarrassed in her life. She said stiffly,

Leona turned to the girl who was gossiping with Nicholas. "Amy, I remember that your neighborhood is
called Maple Residence, right?"

Amy was startled by this chain of events Yes. "

"You doubted that the Ashley's family didn't have money, so I can answer your question. One tenth of
all the newly constructed buildings in A city for nearly ten years are developed by the her family's
company. Even the housing estate you lived in is the same. Do you think she's rich or not?"

A commotion was made in the crowd.

Amy and Nicholas's faces turned ghastly pale.

"And you, Ashley, come to my office with me. You shouldn't quarrel with your colleagues during working

"Yes." Ignoring others' eyes on them, Ashley followed Leona obediently to her office.

After they left, everyone else was in an uproar.

"She is the daughter of some real estate developer, and even suspects that she is a mistress. What a

"She even has the right to be a paparazzi and totally does whatever she wants to do with money."

"Ashley always kept a low profile. If the editor Leona didn't tell us about that, I couldn't see that Ashley
has such a wealthy family,"

The moment they stepped into the office, Ashley hugged Leona and said, "Boss! Thank you for saving
my life, boss! I can't repay you! "

Leona knew clearly what kind of person Ashley was. Although she said that she had integrity,
sometimes she really didn't care about her fame. She was a woman who knew when to yield to
humiliation. "All right, just stand up."

Ashley walked to Leona and poured her a cup of tea. However, Leona refused to drink it for she
thought Ashley didn't wash her hands and said, "I think you are a steady person. Why do you quarrel
with others today?"

"She said I was a mistress. I can't stand it!" Said Ashley seriously.

Leona also knew something about her family, so she responded, "Well, even though the method is a
little radical, it will frighten others in the future and make them afraid to provoke you. What about
Dylan? "

"Not yet, but I think it will come soon."

"Okay, do it as soon as possible. The sales is also depending on these stars' news."

Ashley went back to her work station, writing daily soft papers on the one hand and cursed to Jasper
over and over again in her heart. She knew that nothing good would happen as long as she met him.

Three days after this incident, as Ashley expected, there had been some progress in Dylan's case. At
four o'clock in the afternoon on the third day, Ashley found Dylan in the Moon Building.

Dylan was more shocked than the person showed on the screen, not only because of his appearance.
He was handsome and unrestrained, as if he was not wearing a T-shirt or denim, but a long sleeved
robe of Wei Dynasty, so that he looked so outstanding wherever he was.

He entered a room on the third floor first. Ashley took the photo of him entering the room. After a while,
a woman appeared. Her figure and hair style were similar to the woman on the photo that Jasper
provided for her, and she also took the photo of her entering the room.

Then it was the next three hours' waiting time, Dylan and the woman walked out of the Moon Building
and then drove away together. Ashley also took a picture of this scene. In fact, she could get enough

information if she stopped here. But for caution, Ashley wanted to verify the identity of that woman.

So, Ashley hailed a taxi to catch up with them.

As the night fell, the lights on the street were flickering, and restaurants were also packed with
customers, and the constant stream of cars and crowds were driving eagerly on the way back home.

When the business with Dylan was over, Ashley could take a couple of days off. Then she would take
her mother's favorite food to the graveyard to see her.

The taxi finally stopped in front of a Chinese restaurant. Ashley followed them and went out after
seeing which room they went into. Then she went to a clothing store nearby and bought a dress of the
same style as that of a waiter. She entered the Chinese restaurant again and stood outside the box,
pretending to make a call.

The Chinese food usually needed to be served one after another for a long time. After waiting for about
ten minutes, a waiter came to deliver the food. Ashley stopped the waiter and said, "Let me do it here.
You can go about your business."