Exclusive Memory

Chapter 9 You Look Like A Mistress (Part One)

"Ashley, why are you running? You look guilty." A beautiful woman with long hair sneered. She was
Kate Yan.

Speaking of the grudges between them, it had a long history.

In short, they worked as interns in the company and got a regular job. Because she knew that Ashley's
family was rich and she had studied abroad before, she couldn't bear it and always satirized her.
Ashley wasn't the weak self anymore. Each time when Kate wanted to find trouble with her, she would
fight against with her and won the battle. It was okay they had argued orally. But what was worse, she
did a mischievous trick to embarrass Ashley secretly. How bad she was!

Before Ashley could say anything, another one said in surprise, "Were that row of cars sending you
here? I saw you just ran over there."

Ashley looked to the direction where the sound came from and saw a girl in her early twenties, wearing
a green dress and long hair tied back without any make-up. According to Ashley's impression, this girl
was a member of the post personnel of her department called Carol Lou.

There was no need to deny it. Ashley nodded, "A friend of mine. He gave me a ride."

As soon as she confessed, all the people on the first floor turned to look at her, and she immediately
became the focus. "Wow, so rich..." people around began to whisper.

Kate began to be jealous of evil as well, "Humph, the rich are not benevolent, the moral quality is
spoiled by you guys!"

Ashley really wanted to slap on her face and to find out what was wrong with this woman's brain! 'Why
does Kate said she like that? Is she killed for loot, or is she involved in drug smuggling! She didn't run
naked on the street, nor hit a car or blackmail. How could she ruin the social trend!

People around heard what Kate said and glanced at her in surprise. They hadn't seen such a weird
topic before. Ashley didn't say a word. She didn't want to quarrel with this woman in public. Since Kate
was shameless, she wanted to be polite.

However, Kate thought that Ashley finally obeyed her discipline and raised her chin with satisfaction.

Carol also moved a little away from Kate. If she was close to her, she would get into trouble easily.

"Ashley, you are so amazing. How did you know such a rich friend?"

Ashley gave a grim smile. Carol was obviously a higher level than Kate. She answered, "Nothing, I
know him at work, and we are not very familiar."

In the morning, the gossip about Ashley being picked up by the a row of luxury cars went viral all over
the editorial office. The more the news spread, the more bizarre it became. At first they say the man
was her friend, but gradually the man became her boyfriend. The most unbelievable and most
annoying thing was what Ashley heard when she was in the bathroom. The bathroom in the office
building was the gathering place for all kinds of rumors. People who went a few more times, they could
hear all kinds of gossip.

"I think that Ashley has no money either. And no rich man wants his children to be a paparazzo. It's not
reasonable to think about it."

Yes, it was right. She didn't have money. It was her father who had money.

"How could she be picked up by a row of cars? She must be a peacock. She must have hired someone
to do that because she wanted people to flatter her,"

'How idle she is!' thought Ashley.

"Look at her! She must be a home wrecker! Ha ha!"

The smile on Ashley's face froze.

"What do you think she looks like in her investor's bed? She always pretend to be righteous in front of

The people outside didn't know at all that the person they were talking about was sitting in the
bathroom. They were still presuming recklessly, and the more they said it, the more obscene it was.

Ashley knew that rumors never stopped at those who were witty. The wise man was few and solitude.
However, people were always good at making mischief and spreading rumors. The most effective way
was to strangle the rumor before it expanded!

Moreover, it was not just a matter of bad words. It would be difficult to explain it clearly after two days'
spreading. Once it was confirmed, it was difficult for her to stay in this company, let alone in the
industry. This was the moral bottom line!

The door of the compartment was opened!

The two girls who were beside the wash basin, looked at Ashley who was going to wash their hands.
Both of their faces were pale and red.

"Who said I was a mistress?" Ashley stared at them expressionlessly.

They looked at each other awkwardly without saying anything.

"You coward! Dare you do it and don't dare to say it in front of me!"

One of them couldn't help but retorted, "I said that you were a home wrecker. If you are rich, how could
your parents let you to be a paparazzo!

The quarrel in the ladies' room drew the attention of people from other departments of the company. A
manager came to mediate and said, "How interesting it is to stay in the ladies' room! Go back to your
seat and work. Just leave here."

The girl who quarreled with her was eager to leave as soon as possible. But Ashley blocked her way
and asked, "How do you know that I am a mistress?"

"Ashley, do you mean to quarrel with me?"

"Why did you say that? Am I being mean or you just being mean? You think that I am a mistress, and
you are only being mean when you speak ill of me. Why, I've been falsely accused. To make things
clear is to quarrel?"

"Get out of my way. I don't want to talk to you."