Exclusive Memory

Chapter 7 The Luxury Cars Outside

According to the information provided by Jasper, Ashley chased after the news report for a week, but
she couldn't find Dylan, let alone the news. She even doubted if Jasper was playing a trick on her.
While she was thinking about it, that man came up to her.

On the early morning of that day, Ashley was sleeping and was woken up by servant Betty Yuan.

"My lady, wake up and don't sleep. Someone is looking for you outside the villa. There are more than
ten luxurious cars now. It looks amazing!"

Who would want to see her? She tried hard to open her eyes, but she was too sleepy to do that. She
just opened her eyes, but she couldn't bear the sleepiness and closed them. She said tiredly, "What's
the status of the visitor? Did they tell you?"

"No. he didn't want to come in. I didn't even see him. Only the driver sent a message to tell you to go

Ashley forced herself to open her eyes, which seemed like be glued to the glue. She had low blood
pressure and was furious after getting up. Although she didn't lose her temper, her face was not in a
good mood either. She said, "You ask the people outside to wait for a moment. I'll go wash up and get

"Okay!" Betty replied and went away.

After Gloria Wang married in, the maids at home were replaced with new ones. At that time, Ashley
was kept in the dark and sinister world, and she didn't realize that resistance. Betty was arranged by
her mother to be a group of hired servants. Since Betty was employed, she had covered many things
for Ashley and was willing to take care of her.

Her mother still missed Betty very much. While Ashley was washing, she thought about this.

She walked out of the room and saw the mother and daughter staring in the direction of the door. Both
of them wanted to get out but dared not to do so.

When Gloria saw Ashley walk downstairs, she asked her kindly, "Since when did you make such a
powerful friend, introducing him to me?"

Ashley really admired Gloria's brazenness. This pair of mother and daughter had ruined her families.
How could Gloria has the nerve to stick to her. It was no wonder that Gloria was so good at pretending
to be calm. After all, Ashley hadn't really broken up with them, and she just took some advantage of
them in words.

"I don't know who is outside the door. Auntie Gloria is at such an old age, but you still wants to make
use of wealth. Father will be unhappy if he knows this."

"Ashley, you should know I'm not that kind of person." As she was said to be old, Gloria didn't feel
unhappy at all. "Your friend is just one of Shelia's friends. It's not a bad idea to introduce your friend to

It was just the same trick used by Gloria, when she and her daughter had just entered the house of
Fang family, Ashley had been pulled by a few words to introduce her friends to Shelia. With her as a
middleman, this circle was not so exclusive to Shelia, who was an illegitimate daughter. Dylan gradually
became a lady from a rich and powerful family, but she was melted by his "tricks".

How stupid she had been in the past! Fortunately, she had seen their real faces clearly now.

Ashley frowned and pretended to be very embarrassed, "But this friend hates mistress most, so he
doesn't want to come in. I don't dare to introduce my sister to him."

"Ashley!" Sheila couldn't hear it any more, "Who are you talking about? My mother know our father first.
When I met Francis, you hadn't graduated from high school. You and your mother are the mistresses!"

Sheila and Ashley were in the same university. It was true that Sheila graduated a year earlier than
Ashley, and she met Francis earlier than Ashley.

Sheila had a poor academic performance, and finally she was admitted to C University with her
broadcasting skills. Ashley was admitted to this famous film and television university because she
really liked acting. Francis was only one year older than Ashley and he was the same class with Sheila.

"Is this kind of love the case of 'first come, first served'?" "But Francis still married me in the end. Even
if you get involved in our marriage, you haven't gotten married for three years. So I can see that he
doesn't take you seriously."

"What's wrong?" Samuel Fang walked out of the study and said, "Can you stop jumping about all day
long? After all, it's all about these things."

Gloria stood up from the sofa and said, "Samuel, don't be angry. You should blame me and Sheila. It's
not Ashley's fault. She said that I'm a mistress and we shouldn't have quarreled with her. We've already
gotten used to it, and it's not the first time that we have heard about it."

"Ashley, why did you mention this again? I told you that I knew your aunt Gloria long time ago. I didn't
know she was pregnant when we broke up. Then she married someone else and divorced with the bad
guy. That's why she turned to me for help! "

Ashley kept silent. She had suffered great losses in talking, but she still didn't learn from it. Or was she
too impatient that she had to start a quarrel.

"Excuse me." A strange man's voice came from outside the door, "Miss Ashley, are you ready?"

Ashley turned her head and saw a man in suit standing at the door. She frowned and found he looked

"I'm ready. Dad, I'll go out first."

Samuel also saw a long queue of cars outside and knew that they were not simple people. He calmed
down and said, "Go quickly. Don't let them wait for you."

On the way out, Ashley was still wondering where they met and why he looked so familiar. When she
reached the door, she finally figured out who he was. He was the driver who sent her to Zhan family's
villa that night!

It meant that the person in the car was actually Jasper!

Ashley's body stiffened. The humiliation that night was still vivid in her mind, and the man's voice and
breath were ringing in her ears. If she could, she would never want to see this man again in her life.
Seeing him was just like seeing herself, stupid and pitiful.

"Miss Ashley." The driver said with a gesture of welcome.

After composing herself, Ashley walked slowly towards him. If she wanted to stay in the business, she
couldn't offend him easily.

The driver opened the back door of the car in the middle and saw that Jasper was sitting inside and
The one who was excited but still sat upright, the little child Nelson!

The situation made Ashley's mind in a mess. She couldn't understand why Jasper wanted to talk to her
with a child.

"Hello, auntie," Nelson waved his round body to greet her.

"…… Hello. " Ashley hesitated.

As soon as Jasper saw her came, he nodded and said, "Nelson has been missing you these few days.
I hope you don't mind if I come here in a rush."

"Of course not." Her voice was stiff.

"Miss Ashley, please get in the car." The driver said with a gesture of "please" again.

Ashley took a deep breath, leaned over and sat next to Jasper. The driver closed the door, went back
to his driver's seat and locked it.

With his back slightly leaning against the leather seat, Jasper crossed his hands on his laps and looked
straight ahead.

They were sitting close to each other, and his breath seemed to be clear to hear, the man who turned
over his hands to cover the clouds and rain in the industry was sitting beside her now. In a trance,
Ashley remembered the admiration words the girls in the office said to him

As an abstinent male god like Jasper, he was calm and self-restraint. People who were indifferent to
women were most charming. Once this kind of person fell in love with someone, he would express his
deep love and enthusiasm. Oh, just thinking about it makes me excited

He is the most handsome, powerful man in the world. If one day I have the luck meet Jasper, even if I
sit next to him and listen to his breath, I will be very excited.

"I think you came from a rich family and you work very hard." Jasper said in a casual tone.

It never occurred to Ashley that Jasper could be so gentle in private. Her nervous heart was finally
relaxed. She was hypnotized that nothing had happened between them. She turned her head to look
into his eyes and smiled flawlessly, "I'm flattered, Mr. Jasper."

It had been more than a week since the last time she met him. Now she could clearly see his face. He
had a handsome face with bushy eyebrows and starry eyes. If he were born in ancient times, the
appearance would be very suitable to be a general.

His skin was slightly wheat colored, glowing healthy under the light. His eyes were very quiet and deep,
like a deep pool that could not be seen through. Only the kid beside him could make the water ripple.

The girls in the office commented very well: calm and self-sufficient, silent and reserved.

Only a man with such a character could make his peers in this circle so afraid of him. What had she
thought at the beginning? Flora was an artist trained by him. How dared she provoke such a person.

'Maybe I only heard of him but didn't see him then. He is indeed an ignorant and fearless man.'. Ashley
thought to herself.

"I thought you were here to get the video,"

"It doesn't matter whether I take it or not now."

As soon as Jasper took a glance at her, Ashley felt like she was sitting next to him naked.

"I think you have a sense of propriety and won't do anything excessive."

His gaze made Ashley uncomfortable. She forced a smile and asked, "I don't know why you came to
see me today."

"Auntie, it's not my daddy looking for you. It's me." After waiting for a long time, Nelson finally spoke, "I
want to play with you, but I don't know how to contact you, so I begged my father to bring me here."

The corners of Ashley's mouth twitched. In other words, Jasper had held her handle and feared
nothing. He dared to bring his son to her because he knew that she wouldn't do anything beyond his


"You are so relieved of me." She chuckled and turned to Nelson. "Nelson, I have to go to work. How
long will you play with me?"

"Auntie, when do you go to work?" With both his hands and feet twisting, Nelson laid his head on
Jasper's legs. Perhaps he wanted to talk to her.

Afraid that the Nelson might not be able to sit still, Jasper freed one of his hands to hold the his waist.
Seeing this, Ashley could not help thinking, 'He is very considerate to his child.'.

"I'm going to the company at nine." Ashley looked at her watch and said, "It's after seven o'clock. We
can only..."

The driver braked suddenly.

As she said, she was so distracted that she didn't sit properly. Ashley was about to bump into the front