Exclusive Memory

Chapter 6 Daddy, Who Is She (Part Two)

She could have pretended not to know anything when Jasper had personally taken actions because
that was a matter between them. But now there were so many men's eyes staring at her. How could
she ignore them? He was insulting her!

In the past, she had never felt so humiliated even on the day when she divorced in the hospital bed,
even on the day when her sister who shared the same father but a different mother with her teased her
with her husband. At that time, she was still covered by sick clothes and could stand on the highest
point of morality to fight against her sister and her sister's husband.

But now, she was almost naked. What she had done was immoral. 'How on earth has she become a
totally different person now? A noble lady from Fang family turned into a totally naked entertainment

Between the bodyguards in black and the deep red carpet, the snow-white skin caught everyone's
attention like a luminous body.

Jasper couldn't ignore her, especially her eyes which stared at him anxiously. At the same time, he
admired in his heart that the woman's mood was so explosive and infectious. If she was shown on the
screen, she would be extremely gorgeous!

The bodyguards were shocked by the woman's sudden change. A moment ago, she was just a
coward, stupid paparazzo. How did she suddenly change? One of the leading bodyguards asked
hesitantly, "Sir, do you want to continue to take off her clothes?"

Biting his lips, Jasper said after a short silence, "All of you may leave now."

"Yes." Everyone took the order and left. As the door was closed, there were only the two of them in the
large study.

Jasper stood up and slowly walked to her side, and squatted down. Her eyes were still the same,
staring at him. But when they were close enough, apart from humiliation and hatred, he could see more
from her eyes.

He reached out his hand and tore the ragged cloth away, revealing her good figure wrapped in
underwear. There was no surprise in Ashley's eyes even no extra actions she could do, except for
hatred which became more deep.

As Jasper touched her skin, he clearly saw that the woman in front of him widened her eyes again. His
fingers were as warm as hers and his voice was hot which made her anxious.

"Don't pretend to be a rascal??" He asked.

She didn't say anything.

"Now is the real you."

She still compressed her lips tightly. Tears kept blinking in her eyes. They were so attractive and

"You feel humiliated and you hate me. You chose to work in this kind of career. Aren't you well
prepared? Curiosity Kills the cat, don't you know? "

As his hands were about to reach her bra, he said in a cold voice, "You can't escape today. Do you
want me to help you or you want to undress yourself?"

Her expression changed again in an instant. There was no hatred or humiliation on on her face.
Instead, it was a dead silence. He knew she had resigned herself to her fate.

He put his hand behind her back then he realized how fast his heartbeat, which seemed that it was the
first time he had done such thing. The woman's eyes reflected his shadow, which was as illusory as a

dream. Jasper seemed to be troubled by her eyes. The window of the study was half open, and faint
cicadas outside the window could be heard. He couldn't tell why he did that. Was it because he wanted
to take a photo of her or because he really wanted to see her.

When he unbuttoned her bra, Ashley closed her eyes. Two drops of tear, which had lasted for too long,
finally fell down from her face as if she couldn't bear the thick patch of her eyelids.

When Jasper saw the scene in front of him, his heart was beating fast and he seemed to be possessed
by a devil. His blood was so boiling that his hands were trembling.

Closing her eyes, Ashley accepted her fate. There was no way she could escape from today's
humiliation. Since it was impossible for her to face the blow, she decided to close her eyes and let it be.

In the darkness, she thought of the first night of her wedding. It was very similar to the current situation.
She was held by a stranger, and her clothes were taken off by him. Then he took off her clothes to
check every inch of her body.

Fortunately, Jasper had kept his promise. After shooting, he asked a maid to come in and change the
new clothes for her. After that, a bodyguard took her out of the villa, and he did not appear in person.

But it was also good for her. Ashley didn't know how to face him.

Standing in front of the floor to ceiling window, Jasper looked at the car that carrying Ashley slowly slide
into the jungle in the darkness and gradually disappeared. He was holding a pile of photos that he had
just took in his hand. The woman in the photo was lying on the dark red carpet with her eyes closed,
and her long hair spreading over her body. Her body was like a piece of jade in black waves, falling
down and beautiful.

It took a long time to drive the car out of the villa. Outside the window, the sky gradually lit up. The
orange sky began to rise from the East, while the sky in the West was still dim blue. The trees and tall
buildings were still sleeping quietly when the dawn broke.

The night had passed.

"Mr. Jasper prepared a document bag for you. He said that the document bag was prepared for you, it
was put on the back seat and you could open it."

Slowly, Ashley moved her numb body, picked up the kraft paper bag, untied the knot behind it and took
out a pile of photos from it.

There were eleven photos in total. Each of them was the same man who was kissing and hugging
another woman intimately. Ashley was very familiar with the man in those photos. Because she spent
her pregnancy watching this man's TV series.

He was the superstar, Dylan Yan.