Exclusive Memory

Chapter 5 Daddy, Who Is She (Part One)

Ashley searched information on Jasper in her mind. At the age of thirty-one, he received a master
degree from Columbia Communication Department. Yes, they were schoolmates, and this man could
be counted as her senior.

The point was he was single all the time without any girlfriend for love affairs. That was admirable. It
was well-known in the industry that the relationship between men and women was confused. Many
female colleagues in the company regarded this man as their idol. After all, he was handsome and rich.
And he was also so pure and proud.

But what did she see now?

Ashley couldn't control her excitement as she watched the breaking news! However, she still forced
herself to press the "exciting" button, because not all the news could be spread.

Seeing that Ashley was thinking about something, Jasper coldly warned her. Looking at the child again,
he was like a different person, pampering, and his voice was unprecedented tenderness. "Nothing. Go
back to sleep."

Jasper held the child in his arms and wanted to go back to the bedroom. The little boy was lying on his
father's shoulder, but he pointed at Ashley and asked, "Dad, who is she?"

Jasper was stunned just now, Nelson showed no interest to strangers, but he would never take the
initiative to ask.

"She is just a despicable man." Jasper said coldly.

"Really?" Nelson looked at Ashley with a warm smile on his face. "I think she is kind, not like a bad

"Nelson, bad people will never write bad on their faces." Knowing that his son was not in his right state
today, Jasper frowned. He intended to call the doctor to do a physical examination for his son. He
wondered what strange medicine Ashley had just fed his son.

"This aunt, you..." With his eyes fixed on Ashley, Nelson wanted to say something. Instead, Jasper
worried about his health. He interrupted him and carried him back to the room.

While Ashley was dragged back to the room at the beginning by the host. The window was locked, and
the bodyguards were standing downstairs, so was the door. She couldn't run any more.

Ashley had no idea on how Jasper would deal with her later. He would not let her die, and she was
afraid that he would let her feel worse than death. While waiting in fear, Ashley fell asleep. She was
exhausted. It took her three days to take this videotapes and didn't close her eyes for a while. In order
to protect this videotapes, she had put a lot of efforts into it.

She didn't know how long it took when a cup of cold water splashed to her. Ashley shivered and
opened her eyes.

"Who are you?" Jasper looked down on her with his eyes was as sharp as a knife.

Ashley struggled to stand up. She didn't understand what he was talking about.

Jasper added, "Knowing the existence of Nelson, you entered his room and inexplicably got his
attention. Who sent you? What do you want? "

Ashley was amused. It turned out that she was more like a spy than an ant in Jasper's eyes.

The result of the quarrel had worn her out. She was so desperate that she had no strength to argue
with anyone. She directly threw the handle after the blade and yelled, "Who do you think I was sent to?

And then who sent me. Anyway, in your eyes, people like me can do anything for money. It doesn't

There is only one thing I can tell you. If I don't go back home on time today, the news of Flora will be
reported on time tomorrow. If you want me to leave safely, I can also consider discussing with the
leader and choose a relatively peaceful way to deal with it, which is good for both of us. "

Ashley stared at his depressed eyes. She was gambling! Of course, there was nothing that she couldn't
get back the news would be published. She was not God and how could she expect what happed to
her today. If she had known it, she would have taken precautions long ago, so that she wouldn't have
been caught so easily.

"Are you threatening me?" Jasper asked deliberately

Ashley remembered that just now, she used his son to threaten Jasper, and he could deal with her
without hesitation.

If she was still alive, she might die without knowing how.

Then she spoke in a much softer way, "It's a fair deal."

Obviously, Jasper could tell Ashley's little trick, he asked, "How to deal with it?"

Ashley took a deep breath and became bold. "I know you want the photos, if you promise not to take
revenge on me, I can satisfy you. However, I lost all these materials, which made it difficult for me to
give a satisfactory explanation to my leader. So... " Ashley took a deep breath and looked vigilantly at
the cold face of Jasper, and added:

"Can you give me a piece of news of equal value? I give you what you want and we can take what we
need. It's a happy ending for both of us,"

Jasper squinted at her with a dangerous smile, "Why should I believe you? You are a paparazzo. You
are good at making irresponsible remarks and provoking public opinion. In my opinion, you are an
untrustworthy woman. "

"Then how can you believe me, Mr. Jasper?"

"It's easy, just leave each other's handles. I can make sure that you don't break your promise." Jasper
made a gesture and all of the bodyguards around him knew exactly what their boss meant, so they
walked forward to trap Ashley easily.

With her arm restrained, Ashley had a bad feeling!

"I don't care about Flora's matter. Although I'm her manager and helped her a lot, she deserves to be
blamed for her obscene private life. But... " The man's face suddenly turned cold. "I can't let the rumors
about the matter of Nelson out. There are too many rumors in this circle. I just want him to grow up

Ashley was completely desperate. Looking at the attitude of Jasper towards that child, she knew that
the child was his bottom line. She shouldn't have seen her son, let alone knew his relationship with

"What do you want?" Ashley's heart sank. She couldn't escape this time. It was no use to quip or
pretend to be silly.

With a cold face, Jasper took out his camera from the desk in the study. "Take off her clothes," he
ordered his guards

Without hesitation, the bodyguards took off her clothes quickly. Her thin shirt was torn in a flash.

With a scream of horror and humiliation bubbling up in her heart, she struggled to get rid of the
bodyguard. She held tightly to the broken clothes on her chest, curled up on the carpet, and stared at
the man at his desk with her obstinate and hateful eyes, with tears in her almond eyes.