Exclusive Memory

Chapter 4 Why Do You Treat Me Like This

The leather sofa was as comfortable and soft as the bed. As soon as Ashley sank in it, her lips were
held by someone before she could make any reaction. She struggled violently, but the more she tried to
move, the more violently Jasper would kiss her.

Ashley could feel a big hand shivering into her clothes. Different from the cold and domineering cold
hand just now, this time Jasper was wildly. With such a comparison, Ashley realized that it was just a
threat and now it was dangerous.

"You can't do this to me, Jasper!" Ashley got exasperated and waved her hands continuously.

He pulled off his tie and directly tied Ashley's hand, "Can't I? There is nothing in A City that I can't do. "

Ashley really wanted to bite him to death, but she also knew that this was the truth, that the Zhan
Family could do whatever they wanted in A city. Ashley had run out of her strength and stared at the
ceiling blankly.

She lost everything four years ago. Till now, she still didn't know who on earth had let Francis slept with
her in the bed. Four years later, she was again bullied by this wretch, leaving no room for her to
struggle. Was this her fate? No matter what she did, she was always the loser.

With tears in her eyes, she bit her lips and tried to hold them back, but in the end she still cried out of
grievance and complained in broken voice, "Why? Why do you treat me like this!"

Tears poured down her cheeks like cold water, and Jasper came back to his sense. Watching her
disheveled lips red and swollen like a rag doll under him, the bottom of Jasper's eyes turned cold. "You
should have predicted the outcome when you did that."

Ashley burst into tears. Her eyes, which were full of resentment, stared at Jasper. She clenched her
jaw and the stubbornness was written on her beautiful face.

"Did I force Flora into the hotel? Did I force her to have sex with other men? When she entered the
entertainment circle, she easily earned the money that common people would not get even for a few
years, and enjoyed the chases of thousands of fans. Didn't she have the responsibility to make
appropriate efforts to maintain her image?

What have I done! Do you think a paparazzo can be insulted like this? If possible, do you think I'm
willing to do this? "

Jasper's face clouded for half a minute, he stood up and left Ashley. He took off his coat and threw it on
her. "She should be responsible for her own behavior, but it is not in the way of your invasion of privacy.
You have no right to do that. I'll give you one night to think about it. If you still didn't destroy the video
tomorrow morning... "

The rest of the talk was not talked about. But what contained in it didn't need to be expressed in words.
Watching his back disappear from the room, and the room was also locked by him. She was totally
imprisoned here.

According to the rules of Jasper, she would have to either hand in the video or die tomorrow morning. It
seemed that it was easy for Ashley to choose, but she knew that even if she gave the video to him, she
would still bear the great anger of Jasper to go out safe.

What's more, she had already reported the surveillance video to her leader. Now it was not a problem
as long as she said she would give it to the leader. If she handed it out, she would in a dilemma to
report to her leader.

It took her a long time to calm herself down. She tidied up her clothes and looked around the room
blankly. Nothing useful.

Since the door was made of purple sandalwood, she couldn't even break her legs, let alone else she
would surely attract more attention. And the window is Wait, the window? She rushed to the window

and looked down as if she had saw there was a hope. It was the fifth floor

It's very high, but not bad, because there was a terrace on each floor.

After hesitating for a while, Ashley gritted her teeth and thought, 'Well, just go ahead!

Ashley's waist was tied with a piece of cloth, and she moved down carefully. She looked around and
sighed from time to time. "Is this the villa? It's a castle! "

She was now in the middle of the villa, and the other hundred windows were shining with warm light
under the night. The neatly trimmed lawn was located at the foot of the mountain. There was a
fountain, which covered an area of 100 square meters, in the middle of the villa not far from here. At
this moment, the fountain was not closed and was still flowing. In the west, there was a row of glass
flower houses. Indistinctly visible layers of flower leaves were visible, showing a variety of types.

She didn't see the gate at all. The yellowish lamps with carved lamps were shining on the marble Road,
leading the winding road. What was left was only lush trees which were hidden in the darkness. Only
the night wind caressed them gently, making the sound of beach sand.

"Damn it! How can I escape?" Cursed Ashley. She jumped off and stepped on a circle. She was just
about to ask where the stones came from, and suddenly the alarm rang.

The bodyguard at the distance looked over instantly and soon found her. "We found some suspicious
people in area C, on the third floor! Team 1, team 2, let's go and get ready! " As soon as he stopped,
two rows of strong men in black rushed over in succession, holding strong electric batons in their

"Damn it! I should step on the alarm! " Floating in mid air, Ashley helplessly watched herself being
surrounded. Before she could say anything, the servant had climbed up the ladder to catch her.

It's not good to be caught. She might be attacked by the bodyguards first, and then brought to Jasper,
and beat her again. That would be her death. Ashley was in a cold sweat and looked at her seat - the
third floor or above.

After hesitating for three seconds, she decisively untied the strip on her waist, letting herself fall. She
fell on the balcony of the second floor. The window of the balcony was not closed. She hid herself in it.

She had thought that there was no one in the room, but when she entered it, she found a weak light.
Ashley nervously looked at the light and saw a small stuff curled up on the bed.

"No! No! No Get away from me! " It was a baby's voice.

Ashley was surprised and walked towards him. It was a boy about four or five years old. The little guy
seemed to be having a nightmare. He furrowed his brows tightly, his forehead full of sweat, and kept
crying and shouting. It made Ashley's heart ache.

"Ah! Help! " In a trance, the boy kicked his short legs and was about to fall to the ground.

Ashley hurriedly picked him up regardless of her own safety. Subconsciously, she comforted in a very
gentle voice, "Don't be afraid. All the monsters have been driven away."

Hearing this, the little guy miraculously quieted down, sobbed and fell asleep deeply. He rested his little
head in her arms and murmured, "Mom.".

The two words were like a small hammer that hammered on her heart and made her tremble. Her hand
froze in the air. Eyes reddened. At last, she couldn't help but touch the little boy's soft face.

If her son could have survived, he would have grown up to this age. He would also be so adorable and
weak that cried out for his mother in midnight when having a nightmare.


Ashley was badly hurt, and her chest was stuffy and painful. She bent over, trying to put the little boy
down. At that time, the window of the balcony was broken, and the door was kicked open. Bodyguards
in full gear stood in front and outside.

"Let go of Nelson!" Jasper stood at the door and shouted.

Holding the boy carefully, Ashley wanted to explain.

"Can you be more despicable and shameless with the help of a four-year-old kid without any missing
bones?" Jasper asked, looking at her with extreme disgust and disdain.

She was stabbed by his scolding eyes. She didn't do anything bad, even she was helping the little guy.
Why should he accuse her for no reason.

The electric baton in the bodyguard's hand made some noise, and Ashley's fingers tightened little by

With a sneer, she changed her position and held the little girl in her arms. "You're right. I'm using him as
an excuse. I want you to let me leave here safely at once. Otherwise, this child will die together with
me! "

After saying this, Ashley clearly felt that the temperature in the room had dropped and the air was filled
with pressure. Ashley mumbled in her heart. She did not know what the relationship this little boy had
with Jasper. It would be awkward if he did not listen to the threat.

When Ashley was regretting for her impulsive actions, Jasper moved aside from the door, and the
bodyguards behind also stepped aside to let her pass. Half of his body was still in the dark. Ashley
couldn't see his expression.

The child was sleeping soundly in her arms. She didn't know why he was not awakened by such a loud
noise. It was the first time that she had done this kind of thing. She appeared to be tough, but in fact
she felt guilty. She rushed out in a hurry, wishing to escape as soon as possible.

But she did not notice that as soon as she went out, Jasper rushed over like a dormant cheetah.

"Ah --" before Ashley could see how Jasper took the child away, her arms were empty. She was
already pressed on the floor by the other hand in the blink of an eye. Just now, Ashley was worried
about Jasper didn't care about this little guy, but now it seemed that he did care about him.

She could feel the pain on her arms, and it seemed that Jasper was almost break her arms into pieces.
Ashley could feel that Jasper was really angry this time. "Congratulations! You gave me a better reason
to deal with you."

Ashley moved her lips and turned her face away. She disdained to explain. He was so arrogant that he
would only believe what he thought as his eyes saw. Nobody else could change his mind.

After taking a look at the little boy in the bodyguard's arms and seeing him safe and sound, Ashley was
relieved in silence, but she was glad that the incident didn't hurt him. Ashley didn't know why she cared
about a child who had been strange to her.

"It's so noisy What? Daddy, uncle bodyguards, why are you here? What happened? " The little guy was
finally awakened. He rubbed his eyes and looked at everything in confusion.

Hearing the way the little boy called Jasper, Ashley was not surprised, but she was still surprised. She
had guessed that this child might be his son, but as everyone knew, Jasper was single, how could such
a big son suddenly come.