Exclusive Memory

Chapter 3 Give Or Strip (Part Three)

'Someone was taking photos of me when I was taking photos of Flora?!'

"It's... Heh, is it really that surprising to take pictures of your idol? You can't assume that I've done
something bad to Flora just because I shot some beautiful photos of her!" 'This girl is really thick-
skinned! Even with solid evidence, she still has the audacity to deny it!'

Jasper went back to his chair and sat down with his legs crossed. A smile flickered on his lips as he
rubbed the edge of his jaw. "Is that a confession? You just said earlier that you've never even met her."

It took a long time for Ashley to react to these words. Jasper just asked her if she had seen Flora in
person, but she denied it. 'Oh shit! How could I have been so careless! It's fine. I can get through this.
It's a good thing I have a hidden backup of the photos. I just need to play it cool.'

Since things had come to this point, Ashley tried a different approach.

With a natural smile on her cheeks, she smoothed down her wrinkled clothes. She raised her chin
slightly, and calmly looked at the man in front of her with her big and beautiful eyes.

"Mr. Jasper, you don't have to be so harsh. After all, I have been in this business for years, so I've
already gotten used to threats."

At that moment, Jasper felt that something was wrong -- Ashley's attitude completely changed in a
matter of seconds.

"The things people try to hide at night often appear by day through vigilant reporters such as myself.
Since Flora was so careless to do what she has done, she should be prepared to face the

"Well, then have you ever thought about the consequences of provoking me like this?" Jasper asked as
he furrowed his brows.

Ashley frowned, not sure what he was trying to imply. There was an uneasy feeling growing inside her,
but she could not let herself be at a disadvantaged position. Otherwise, she would be completely at the
mercy of this man.

"Although I haven't met you before, I know that you are a candid person. You won't do anything that will
draw any unwanted attention," Ashley stated confidently.

Jasper laughed sarcastically. "You're smart, but I don't care much about reputation. It's useless to flatter
me. If you don't hand over what I want, I will soon find out yourself that I'm not as candid as you think I

"Everybody in the entertainment industry says you are wise and decisive. You are nothing more than a
shameful man who threatens women! I will never give you the photos I took. Since you are so powerful,
why not take remedial action until I publish the photos? Your exceptional competence would be fully
demonstrated in such way, wouldn't it?"

Jasper shook his head, his fists clenching in rage. He raised his hand and beckoned his underlings out.
Then he picked up his cellphone and walked slowly towards Ashley.

Instinctively, Ashley took a step back, feeling that he was about to do something to her. "What... What
are you doing?"

"Well, you've said it yourself. I need to take action, don't I? I don't want to disappoint you. Since you
seem to be fond of such scandalous photos, I'm going to do you a favor and shoot some for you."
Before Ashley could move any farther, Jasper gripped Ashley's hands tightly. "Either give me the
photos or get yourself stripped off!" Although his words were threatening, his voice was as warm as
honey, ringing delightfully in Ashley's ears.

"No!" Ashley pushed Jasper away furiously. But Jasper pulled Ashley towards him effortlessly. In one
swift movement, he was able to pin her down on the floor. As Ashley struggled helplessly, Jasper

pressed himself between her legs and grabbed her wrists.

"Get away! I will charge you with sexual harassment! I swear to god you'll be thrown in jail!" Ashley
threatened feebly.

"If you say so..." With an evil smile on his thin lips, Jasper stretched his hand to Ashley's waist and
slowly lifted her clothes.

"No, please don't... Ah..." Ashley was in a panic, as she did not expect Jasper was capable of such a
thing. There was an immense strife in her heart as the mountainous man pressed hard on her body. It
took her nearly a year of work to get those photos. And now she finally got them. But was it worth the
price of having this man assault her?

With her heart beating loudly in her chest, Ashley closed her eyes and quickly leaned forward, biting
onto Jasper as hard as she could.

"Ah!" Jasper gave a grunt and released her hands.

'This is my chance!' Ashley thought joyfully, thinking that her trick worked and was about to escape. But
when she opened her eyes, she saw bulging veins on Jasper's forehead and there was a ghostly light
gleaming in his dark eyes. A closer look made her notice a row of red teeth marks right at the side of
Jasper's neck, the skin slightly sleek with saliva.

'How... How could've I bitten there! On such a sensitive part of his body!'

"Good, very good," Jasper said through his teeth, smiling down devilishly at Ashley. With his body
against the light of the lamp overhead, his face was blanketed by an ominous shadow. However,
Ashley's face was clearly reflected in his dark and deep eyes. The small trail of saliva at the corner of
Ashley's mouth caught his attention.

They were in close proximity to each other. Jasper could feel the warmth of Ashley's slim body and he
could smell a faint fragrance emitting from her clothes.

"Let go of me, or I will bite you again. Do you really want other people to see you with teeth marks on
you?" Ashley swallowed while she said it. It was obvious that she was acting tough even though she
really felt fearful inside. But in this situation, she had no choice but try to stand up for herself.

Jasper's voice was a little hoarse but still calm. "I will give you a chance. If you hand over the pictures, I
will consider letting you off unscathed."

"Go to hell!" she shouted at him. Ashley knew that she had been on Jasper's 'death list' the moment
she was dragged into his study. There was a slim chance that he would actually kill her, but it was likely
that he would do something to her that was worse than death. 'There's no way out of this. I just need to
stay strong... I just need to bite back!' Ashley thought determinedly.

"You drove me to do this!" she cried. With her arms around Jasper's neck, she used all her strength to
try and hurt Jasper again by biting his shoulder. If she was going to suffer either way, Ashley thought,
she might as well put up a fight. In addition, she had made up her mind that maybe if she bit down on
Jasper hard enough, he might let her go and she could try to escape. There was no use thinking of
what would come after. She just needed to get out of that study!

"You stupid woman... Do you want to die?" Jasper shook off Ashley violently -- it was exactly what
Ashley expected. To her surprise, instead of completely letting her go, Jasper picked her up and threw
her on the sofa.