Exclusive Memory

Chapter 2 Give Or Strip (Part Two)

She stared at the ward in a daze. It occurred to her that she had called her mother to see her before
the delivery. 'Why isn't Mom here yet?' Ashley thought.

Suddenly, Ashley had a bad feeling and looked around in the ward for her cell phone. "Where is my
phone?" she mumbled.

"There's no time for that now. Sign the papers. Stop delaying." Francis impatiently tapped his foot.

"I am going to call my Mom. Why hasn't she come yet?" Ashley replied.

Sheila's eyes were as vicious as a viper and she uttered a snorting laugh. "Your mother? She's dead!
When she was driving to hospital last night, she lost control and drove right through the guardrail. The
car sank along with her down the river. Neither you nor your Mom is a match for me. You just wait until
I'm finished with your pathetic life! You will become a completely poor wretch who can do nothing but
beg for mercy!"

Ashley's face turned pale. "No, it's impossible! You are lying..." It was like a thunderbolt hit her. Feeling
short of breath, she coughed and gagged, spurts of blood coming out of her mouth.

Her whole body felt like it was going cold, as if the life was getting drained right out of her, just as her
happiness was ruthlessly deprived by Sheila.

Even at the last moment before she lost consciousness, she heard Francis urging, "Hurry up and get
everything done before she dies."

Huh, this was the man with whom she had planned to spend the rest of her life?!

It was at that moment that Ashley recalled her 25 years of existence. Was it all just to end like this?

However, she was unwilling to accept defeat. There was a lot of doubt in her heart as well.

Francis said he had never had sex with Ashley...

If that were really true, where did her son come from?

Four years later...

The Zhan Residence was situated right in the heart of the city. It was the most expensive and luxurious
piece of real estate in the entire metropolis, and encompassed over 2000 sq. meters of land. In the
study on the second floor... A woman was violently frog-marched by two black-clad bodyguards. "Sir,
we've caught her!" One of them reported coldly.

The black-leather chair behind the desk slowly turned around. "Very good!" A low and seductive voice
rang in the air.

The words sent a shiver down Ashley's spine. She knew that she was in trouble at the moment she
stepped in the study.

Suddenly, she felt a shadow cast over her head.

Ashley looked up carefully, an extremely handsome face coming into her sight.

This man's features, appearance and figure were impeccable! But what was more impressive than his
appearance was his imposing manner.

His eyes were as deep as the night. He didn't need to do anything deliberately, because a single
glance at you would make you feel too stunned to move or to resist.

Ashley tried to keep her legs from trembling. Swallowing hard, she tried to muster up an apologetic
smile. "Ja... Mr. Jasper, nice to meet you," she stammered.

The man raised his eyebrows slightly. "You know who I am" he asked.

"Yes, of course. Who in A City does not know of you?" Ashley answered with an obsequious smile.

The Zhan family, a top aristocratic family in A City, was one of the most powerful and influential tycoons
in the film and television industry.

That was the man's family who was currently towering over Ashley.

"If you knew who I was, how did you have the guts to provoke me?" Jasper Zhan lifted Ashley's chin
with his hand. His eyes slightly squinted, looking cold and cruel.

Ashley wussed out immediately, her heart felt like it was jumping out her chest. "No, no, Mr. Jasper. I
know you but really this is the first time I've ever seen you! And I wasn't trying to provoke you, I
promise. It's all just a big misunderstanding!"

Then, his gaze fell on Ashley's pink and tender lips. At that moment, Jasper Zhan had the sudden urge
to kiss her right then and there. He raised his finger and gently rubbed it on her lips. It felt as smooth
and soft as butter. "Do you know someone named Flora?" Jasper asked all of a sudden.

Hearing his question, Ashley stared wide-eyed at him, her forehead starting to bead with sweat. Of
course she did. She was very familiar with her too.

Her mother's death was a great blow to her at that time. Meanwhile, she was divorced from Francis,
and her father was biased in favor of her stepmother and stepsister. As a result, she had nowhere else
to go.

Ashley didn't want to stay at home any longer. What she wanted to do the most was focus on her
studies while she gave herself some time to heal emotionally. With a determined mindset, she got
accepted into Columbia University to study Communication.

The different environment broadened her perspectives in life. It was also helpful that her classmates
and her teachers were so kind and helpful towards her. Because of this, her wounds slowly healed.
She got her master's degree three years later. Afterwards, she returned to work as a journalist for an
entertainment weekly magazine.

As for the question on who Flora was... She was one of the hottest stars in the entertainment circle who
had just been named the most popular top actress of the year. Coincidentally, Ashley was designated
by her studio to write an article about her.

Day and night, Ashley almost always had her eyes on Flora, waiting for something news-worthy to
happen. Her hard work paid off yesterday--she finally got some striking news. At around one o'clock at
night, Flora sneaked into a five-star hotel with some strange man! What's more, Flora didn't even
bother to draw the curtains even though the bed was right beside the window!

It was almost a walk in the park for Ashley to jot down all the details and get a lot of clear photos. What
sensational news that was! It could provoke a howling tempest in the entertainment circle. The release
of these photos would definitely make their meager studio into a sudden roaring success overnight.

But, as soon as Ashley had the photos developed, she was dragged here by Jasper Zhan's underlings.

Jasper Zhan started his career as an agent in his early years. He had made many actors and actresses
famous, many of which were still active in the entertainment industry, such as Aimee, and Sean Shen
to name a few.

Although Jasper Zhan didn't have much time on his hands since had taken the charge of Sheng Group,
he was still able to give directions to some people who had potential -- Flora was a rising star in Jasper
Zhan's main push.

"Are you deaf or just playing dumb?" Jasper Zhan sneered when Ashley didn't answer his question. He
grabbed onto her chin tighter. No one had ever dared to ignore him like this.

"Ouch," Ashley inhaled sharply, trying her best to suppress her fear and guilt. "Flora is such a famed
actress! How can common people like me have the chance to meet her!" she quickly lied.

Jasper gritted his teeth. 'Is this woman really not going to give up?!' With a scoff, Jasper went over to
his desk and took a wad of photos from a drawer, and smacked them on the desk for Ashley to see.
Ashley looked down, absolutely stunned. They were photos of her holding on to a camera right across
the hotel Flora was staying at!