Addicted To Your Sweet Talk

Chapter 28

Everett shook his glass and looked at the people in the hall with his dark eyes.

"You're here too."

Hector turned around and leaned against the fence behind him to look at the bustling hall.

All men were in suit and leather shoes, all women's makeup was exquisite and they wore elegant
dresses.It was an attractive scenery.

But this man really knew how to find a good place.

From here, they can see the whole hall, especially Olivia and Frank.

Was it intentional or accidental? "There's nothing I can do, you know."

The CEO of H&Y Company was his uncle.

His sister-in-law invited him, so he couldn't refuse it.

"But you, why isn't Melody with you today?"

The two of them would show up together at any party since they were a couple.There were very few
times that they were not together.

"She's busy.’

"What's the matter?" Hector was surprised.

‘'I thought nothing was more important than being by your side for her.’’

In the past two years, the two of them were like a couple of immortals, making them envious.Everett
didn't answer.He looked ahead.

Hector also looked ahead.He raised his eyebrows as he looked over.

Olivia was hugged by aman, and a waiter in front of them kept apologizing.

It looked like the waiter had spilled the wine on Olivia.

The man was blaming the waiter.

Hector curled his lips and looked at Everett.

Three years ago, Everett suddenly wanted to get married, and the bride was not Melody.

They were all shocked.

No matter how shocked they were, Everett married this ordinary woman and gave her the best.

They thought that Everett really fell in love with such a woman.

But just as they thought so, the two of them divorced so quickly.

Then Everett and Melody were together.

They were shocked by his speed.

They couldn't believe it, but when they knew that Henry had caused this woman's miscarriage in front
of him and Melody, they knew that Melody was the only one in Everett's heart.

However, after two years of separation, he saw his ex-wife, who was still with another man here.

Hector didn't know how Everett would feel.

But when Hector looked over, he found that Everett did not look ahead.

He was drinking.

His eyes were half-closed, and he could not hide the frightening dark inside.

Olivia was taken upstairs to the dressing room to change her clothes.

They had a good chat.

It was the waiter's mistake that ended this pleasant conversation.

"Miss Hadley, which one do you prefer?"

The assistant came to a row of hangers, on which hung with expensive clothes and dresses with tags
on them.

"Okay:" Olivia picked out a white ankle-length dress.

"This one."

"Okay, you can change and go downstairs.I have something to do so I'll go down first."

"Okay, thank you."

"You're welcome."

The assistant left, and Olivia took off the dress to the changing room.

But soon she was upset.

The zipper of the dress went up to her hips and was close to her body.

She could not zip it up to her waist.

She regretted letting her assistant leave so soon.

Covering her back, she turned around and went out.

There was no one in the large lounge but herself.

It seemed that she could only do it by herself.

She wanted to go back to the dressing room, but just then, the door to the lounge opened.

Subconsciously, she covered her back and turned around.

The next moment, she froze.

The man was dressed in a suit, calm and reserved.

It was Everett's special assistant, Davis.

Olivia saw him and clenched her hand immediately.

But soon, she turned around and went into the changing room, pulling up the curtain.

The moment the curtain was drawn, she leaned against the partition in the dressing room, her heart


How could he be here?