The Runaway Wife

Chapter 20: If you sign this agreement, your aunt will be saved

Chu Yiyao dragged tired body back to the rental house, looking at the empty house, and her heart
gradually sink.

What should she do if she couldn't find a job and she didn't have the money to her aunt’s operation?
The feeling of desperation was overwhelming.

She looked dispirited and almost gave up.

But her heart softened a little when she thought of her aunt.No, she can't fall.

There was always a way.Thinking about it, Chu Yiyao stood up and tried to wash away her tiredness.

The landlord was a kind-hearted person.

Knowing that she was difficult, she couldn't bear to see her alone in the street.

She rented this well-equipped house to her at a price three times lower than the market price.

Otherwise, she will be homeless.

As she entered the bathroom, the mobile phone suddenly rang.

Chu Yiyao looked at the name above, her eyes flashed.

An hour later, Chu Yiyao came to the Night entertainment club.

It was completely dark and the lights were on.

As the largest leisure and entertainment place in An'cheng, it was very lively, full of music and the
sound of wine cup collision everywhere.

She hesitated for a moment.

Her hands were unconsciously gathered tightly and finally she went in.

Through the noisy dance floor, Chu Yiyao came to the third floor, which was different from the chaos

This floor was private, independent, very quiet.

"Is it miss Chu?"

The waiter at the entrance of the stairs saw her and met her with a strange expression.

Chu Yiyao nodded.

She did not think much, followed him to room 302.

When the door opened, she was choked by the smell of smoke and wine.

She couldn't help stepping back.

Suddenly, she felt that someone pushed her behind her.

She was pushed in directly and the door closed tightly.

Chu Yiyao's heart sank, vaguely feeling that something was wrong.

She walked in, mahjong collision sound accompanied by several men's laughter made her
uncomfortably frown.

At the corner of the sofa, Mo Ziming was sitting in the middle, holding two sexy women.

On the other hand, several middle-aged men in suits were playing cards.

The heart was inexplicably stinging.

It turned out that what Mo Qiaoyu said was true.

Mo Ziming did really like staying in bars and entertainment places.

He never lacked women.

The modest and elegant man had gone from her mind.

"What are you doing there! Come here! "

Mo Ziming had found Chu Yiyao's figure for a long time.

Seeing her tardy, his face was a little impatient.

Chu Yiyao recovered her mood and walked over.

"Out of the detention house so soon? How many men did you sleep with this time? "

Mo Ziming's sarcastic words fell to her ears.

Chu Yiyao stopped, and her eyes gradually became cold.

She almost forgot that this man had changed, and she should not expect to hear a normal word from
him! "Oh! So this is Miss Chu! Such a pure girl.We did not expect she is so licentious, ah! It's really
amazing.I don't know how much money Miss Chu charge for one night! Why don't you come here?
Don't worry! Here are all big boss.I'm generous, and I won't let you suffer any loss..."

The woman on the right side of Mo Ziming said.

She was full of disdain.

As soon as she said this, other men laughed and looked at her wantonly, but Mo Ziming had no
response from the beginning to the end.

Chu Yiyao gathered her hands tightly, and her fingertips were deeply embedded in her palms.

It took a while for her to recover her calm.

"It seems that you came here to humiliate me.In this case, we have nothing to talk about."

She looked at Mo Ziming coldly, and she didn't love him anymore.

It's time to stop, right?


Seeing her turn to leave, Mo Ziming stood up, took out a document and threw it on the table, "Sign this

Chu Yiyao stopped, and her face changed, "Marriage agreement? What do you mean, Mo Ziming?"

Why should he marry when he thought she had betrayed him and was so disgusted with her? "Just
sign it.I'll handle the other procedures.I'll pay for your aunt's operation."

Mo Ziming spoke coldly, as if this agreement had nothing to do with him.

"Your purpose?"

Chu Yiyao didn't believe that he really wanted to get married.

Her intuition told her that the agreement can't be signed, even though she really needed the money.

"That's not what you should ask!"

Mo Ziming's words had no feelings.

Naturally, he married her because she was still valuable.

Originally, after the wedding day, they would go to register.

Unexpectedly, the woman was so disgusted that she went to sleep with other men on his back.

He was so angry that he decided to make her suffer.

But the person behind her made him feel uneasy.

He didn't like this uncontrolled feeling.

In order not to change things, forcing her to marry was the best way.

Only when they had that relationship can Shanshan be saved and he could get more benefits.

When the goal was achieved, he was in a high position, and he married Ruan Shanshan, this woman
would be kicked away by him! Even if he hated her, he would endure it in order to achieve his goal.

Chu Yiyao stared at Mo Ziming tightly, hesitating.

For three years, the man once spoiled her, but after one night, everything changed.

He completely changed, and constantly humiliated her.

Was it because he was still angry, or was he just taking advantage of her? Chu Yiyao can't think out the

She needed the money very much now.

Mo Ziming was her beloved man.

If they got married, she tried to be a good wife and good mother.

Would they become the same as before, and her aunt could be saved? But the fact told her that if she
really signed this agreement, she would regret it all her life Just as she struggled, He Meilan and Xu
An‘an stormed in.

"Chu Yiyao! You still want to cheat my son to marry you? How can you appear in front of my son again?
It seems that the lesson I gave you last time is not enough.Today I have to kill you! "

He Meilan was going to slapped her.

The pain on her face was still fresh for her.This time, Chu Yiyao responded in time.

He Meilan threw herself into the air and almost fell down.

Her heart was even more angry, "Stinky girl, you dare to hide!"

He Meilan's eyes were ferocious and wanted to kill her.She took the bag and hit her in the face.

The bag was covered with shining and sharp jewels, and her face would be destroyed.

Xu An’‘an smiled triumphantly.

How can this woman hook up with Mo ZiMing with a disfigured face! "Mother! Calm down."

Mo Ziming promptly pulled He Meilan.

His face was gloomy.

"Ziming, how can you protect this woman?"

"Mom, don't worry about my business.Leave here!"

Mo Ziming looked at the bodyguard on one side and ordered, "Send her back!"