The Runaway Wife

Chapter 23: Was Mr.Mo satisfied?

Chu Yiyao thought that he said something funny.

Did they have a relationship before? "There seems to be no difference between Mo Ziming and him?"

Mo Ziming forced her to get married and get revenge.

What about him? Was it not the same as forcing himself to be his lover? "You compare me to him?"

Mo Qiaoyu frowned and his eyes were full of anger.

He pinched the woman's jaw and made her face him, "Don't tell me he did this to you? You still care
about him? "

"Does it have anything to do with you?"

Chu Yiyao looked directly into his eyes.

That night, too many things happened.

She didn't think that she should thank him for saving her from Mo Ziming.

If he had not forcibly occupied herself, she would not have lost so much.

He and Mozi Ming were the same person, Mo Ziming was good at camouflage, but this man was
dangerous to the bone.

He was more ruthless than anyone else! She just escaped from the wolf's nest and into the tiger's nest.

"Say it again?"

Mo Qiaoyu's eyes gradually became scarlet, and the strength of her hands increased constantly,
almost crushing her bones.

Chu Yiyao frowned with pain, but she was still smiling, "Are you angry?"

"Do you still remember what you had said?"

"What do you mean?"

By the pain in her eyes, Mo Qiaoyu released his hands.

"I promise you I will follow you, as long as you give me money!"

What a shallow word, she didn't expect it would come out of her mouth.

This was what Chu Yiyao has never thought of in more than 20 years.

But now it really happened, and she had become the kind of person that she used to disdain most.

Chu Yiyao smiled bitterly.

It doesn't matter.It was not as important as her aunt's life.

If my aunt was not here, she couldn't think of any reason to live in this world.

There would be other plans for Mo Ziming.

She had no ability to resist, except relying on the man around her.

"Think clearly?"

Mo Qiaoyu stopped, complex.

"Yes, I think clearly..."

Chu Yiyao climbed up the man's neck and took the initiative to kiss him.

Still the same as last time, she was incomparably unfamiliar.

She can't even know how to kiss.

It seemed that she and Mo Ziming had not been intimate in those three years.

Mo Qiaoyu hooked his lips and pressed her head.

Pried her teeth and wanton plunder.

The palm poked into her clothes and touched her tender skin.

Chu Yiyao trembled, and suddenly pushed him away.

Fear and helplessness spread to all parts of her body.

Her eyes were dense with moisture vapor, and more and more tears gathered, and finally overflew from
the eye socket.

She didn't want to cry, but the tears still couldn't be controlled.

Mo Qiaoyu quickly noticed something was wrong.

He raised his eyes, and saw a pair of red and swollen eyes.

The desire disappeared in an instant, and his face was as cold as ice, and he was no longer interested.

"You still can't let him go? Can you? "

Otherwise, why dids this woman shed tears.

It was because she cared? Chu Yiyao was silent and did not dare to look at him.Mo Qiaoyu sneered,
"Listen, the woman who was with me must have only me in her heart! If not now, it can't be any other

man! "

He let go of her and got out of the car.

The door of the car was closed so loud that Chu Yiyao was stunned.

Did she have Mo Ziming in her mind? No! She was just completely hurt by him and couldn't control her
mood! Just, what about making up her mind? How can she shrink back at a critical time? "Miss Chu!"

A light call, Chu Yiyao back to reality.

The door had opened, and a woman in her forties or fifties looked at her with a smile.

"I'm a servant in the villa.Miss Chu can call me Chen Ma, and the young master asks me to pick you

She did as she was told, without asking.

Chu Yiyao was stunned, got out of the car and followed her.

When she came to the door, her steps stopped slightly.

Once she got in, she will never be able to turn back? "Miss Chu?"

"I'm fine!"

Chu Yiyao secretly mocked herself.

Did she have a choice? The door of the villa was open, and the gorgeous light was dazzling.

Luxurious design style.

The marble floor was covered with cashmere carpet, and the walls were hang with valuable murals,
which was low-key and luxurious.

She withdrew her sight and her thoughts were mixed.

"Miss Chu, I'll take you to your room.It’s so late.Have a good rest."

Chen Ma gave her a meaningful look.

Chu Yiyao noticed that her hair was messy, her clothes were torn and she was wearing a man's suit.

It was not difficult to guess what had just happened.

She didn't know what Chen Ma would think of her? Chu Yiyao put aside her thoughts and was taken to
a room on the second floor.

Then, neat clothes were sent up.

After a few words, Chen Ma left.

Chu Yiyao took the clothes and went into the bathroom.

That man wouldn't come back so late, right? She breathed a sigh of relief, immersed herself in the
warm water, and she gradually eased.

After an hour, Chu Yiyao felt soft.

There was a bang.

The bathroom door was kicked open fiercely, Mo Qiaoyu’s hair was in disorder, and his eyes were evil
looking at her.

The man had a glass of red wine in his hand.

His thin lips were stained with bright red liquid.

He was cold and bloodthirsty, like a wild animal.

Chu Yiyao felt panic inexplicably, shrank body, but she can't retreat, only to see he went toward her.

Mo Qiaoyu threw down the glass and did not give her the chance to refuse, and kissed her crazily.

Strong and powerful body hugged her and sank, splashing with water.

Chu Yiyao passively born his anger, and she was numb in the heart.

She couldn't feel any pain.

A long night......It was gradually light, and Mo Qiaoyu sitting on the sofa, fretfully smoking.

Chu Yiyao came out of the cloakroom with a pale face.

Even if she changed into conservative clothes, she still couldn't cover the ambiguous traces on her

"Is Mr.Mo satisfied?"

She looked at the opposite man, and her eyes were endless cold.

This time, he tried all kinds of ways to toss her, and she had no doubt that if things went on like this,
she would be tossed to death by this man.

Unfortunately, it was her own choice.

Listening to her cold and hoarse voice, Mo Qiaoyu's face immediately turned black.

Again, the woman's heart was full of hate for him, and he has to force her to bow her head in such a

She still cared about Mo Ziming? He thought that in An’‘Cheng, numerous women wanted to follow

But she was so stubborn! Mo Qiaoyu put out the cigarette in his hand and threw out an agreement.

"Sign it!"

Chu Yiyao expected and signed her name without hesitation.

"I've already contacted foreign doctors.Your aunt can have surgery in half a month.From today on, you
are my woman.

If I find out that you are still ambiguous with other men, don't blame me for being cruel!"