The Runaway Wife

Chapter 22: You went to him for money?

"Chu Yiyao, put down the knife in your hand!"

Mo Ziming’s face was cold.

He shouldn't look down on this woman!


Chu Yiyao looked at him coldly, "do you think I dare not do it?"

"Oh! You make me anxious.I can do anything.Let your people back! Anyway, I don't have anything.If I
do die, you will be in trouble! "

"Step back! "

Mo Ziming ordered the bodyguard outside, for that he would not have been pissed off by a woman!
There wa no one outside.

Chu Yiyao pressed Mr.Wang and walked outside.

The corridor was empty.

She kept pushing him to the top of the stairs, pushing Mr.Wang away and running downstairs.

However, she underestimated Mo Ziming.

Even downstairs, it was his people.

She can only run in the opposite direction.

The footsteps behind her were getting closer and closer.

Her heart was extremely flustered.

Her physical strength had reached the edge of overdraft, but she still kept running forward.

She can't be caught by those people! "Dame, stop!"

Mr.Wang had taken the lead in catching up.

Chu Yiyao's eyes were black and she ran into a tall figure.

She fell to the ground, struggling to stand up, but the arm was pulled by the man.

"What are you doing?"

A burst of strength hit her waist, and she was taken into the arms of the man.

The familiar mint fragrance penetrated into the tip of the nose, unexpectedly reassuring.

She raised her eyes, and a handsome face ran into her eyes.

Was it him? Mo Qiaoyu hugged the woman tightly.

Her hair is messy, her clothes were torn, and she also held a fruit knife with blood in her hand.

It was not difficult to guess what just happened.

The deep black eyes immediately cooled down.

How dare you do it to her? At this time, manager Wang had sent someone to catch up, and Mo Ziming

Looking at the man around Chu Yiyao, Mo Ziming secretly saved his palm.

It's him again! He regained his composure and said slowly, "let the prince laugh.Yaoyao is my
fiance.She just made a joke.Now she should go back with me!"

Mo Ziming can not hide the unwilling and anger.

Mo Qiaoyu is his cousin, but because he is the successor of the Mo family, he can only respect him as
Prince! He will always be inferior to him! "No! He's lying.

"Chu Yiyao looked at him angrily.

Her body shrank because of fear, and unconsciously went into the man's arms.

Mo Qiaoyu is satisfied, and it seemed that this woman still trusted him! Manager Wang immediately
calm down when he saw this prince.

He heard the rumors of Mo family.

He obviously felt the smell of gunpowder.

He didn't want to get into trouble and wanted to leave.

Mo Qiaoyu didn't miss his small movements.

With only one look in his eyes, Qin Yu pressed Mr.Wang back.


He was straight kneeling in front of him.

Mo Qiaoyu took the dagger on Chu Yiyao's hand, pointed to his face, laughing, "Say! What just
happened? Deep voice, as if from hell.

Mr.Wang's body began to tremble and told the story all over again.

After all, compared with Mo Ziming, the prince was so powerful that people were afraid.

Mo Qiaoyu understood probably, and his eyes wrapped with a layer of frost, "OK, you can get up!"

"Thank you, Prince." Wang was relieved, but before he got up, a sharp pain came.

His shrill cry penetrated the whole night.

The sharp dagger went through his palm and embedded in the wooden floor.

The blood flew all over the ground.

It is silent.

No one dare to speak, and no one had saw just how Mo Qiaoyu did it.

"The scene is too bloody.Don't look at it!"

Mo Qiaoyu held down Chu Yiyao's head and covered her eyes to prevent her from seeing this scene.

Until the man in his arms did not move, he raised his eyes, and the cold sight went straight toward Mo
Ziming said, "This is the end, if you hurt her again!"

The threats and warnings in the words were unabashed.

Mo Ziming's fingers trembled slightly, and he did not dare to refute with half a sentence, "What the
prince said is right!"

Mo Qiaoyu hooked his lips and said with a smile: "Mo Qiaoyu, you should be more restrained.If this
word falls into the ears of grandfather, do you think your position of general manager of Huayi group

can still be maintained? Don't forget, Mr.Mo, how did you get all this? "

Hearing the speech, Mo Ziming's body suddenly froze.

His grandfather trusted Mo Qiaoyu, and he would never doubt him.

If this news was disclosed, his modest, elegant and affectionate and dedicated personnel will collapse.

What would his grandfather think of him? He had to compromise, "Thank you for your teaching."

Mo Qiaoyu glanced at him, turned around and left with Chu Yiyao in his arms.

He did not forget to say, "Within three days, I want to get the news that you and Chu Yiyao have broken
the engagement, otherwise, you will bear the consequences!"

The two people's figures gradually went away, and they are extremely matched.

Until they disappeared completely, Mo Ziming could no longer control his anger and hit the wall with a

Didn't that woman have nothing to do with Mo family? Why does Mo Qiaoyu protect her everywhere?
Have they been together for a long time? He was such a pride man; how can he like Chu Yiyao?!
"Mr.Mo, what's going on..."

The manager of the Night saw such a bloody scene, and asked in a hurry, but he didn't know that he
just hit the muzzle of the gun.

"Didn't I wrap it up here? Why would other people come in? Who is responsible for breaking my plans!

"lam really sorry, but the prince is the real boss of the Night.The whole Night is his.Who dares to
disobey his orders..."

So it was.

Mo Qiaoyu, right? Fight him as soon as he came back! He wouldn't make him live comfortable! Four
years ago, he was able to plot him, and now he also can do it! Inside the Rolls Royce, the atmosphere
in the car was a little low.

Chu Yiyao looked out of the window in silence and shrunk herself in a corner without saying a word.

Mo Qiaoyu took off his suit and wrapped her body.

His dark eyes looked at her straight, "You go to him for money?"

Calm voice, and people can't distinguish joy and anger.

But Chu Yiyao could feel that he was angry.

Yes, she received a phone call from Mo Ziming.

He could provide her aunt's operation expenses and let her go to find him in the dark night.

Holding a trace of trust, she really came, but did not expect such a result.

Silence meant acquiescence.

Mo Qiaoyu's face became colder and colder, "Don't I have any money for you? "

He knew the woman's situation and waited for her to compromise and take the initiative to find himself.

He just didn't expect her to look for the other man! If he didn't come, did she know what would happen
to her?