The Runaway Wife

Chapter 21: The real purpose of Mo Ziming He

He Meilan didn't expect that he would do so.She thought it was Chu Yiyao who said something in his
ear.She hated her more deeply.

In a few words, his son changed his mind.

If she married with her son, the family would be in trouble! He Meilan glared at her fiercely and tried to
destroy her face.

Mo Ziming's look was a little dark, "stop her now!"

"Yes. “ The tall bodyguard easily stopped her and took her out.

"Madam, please!"

He Meilan knew that Mo Ziming was really angry this time, so she had to give up and went out with a
face full of reluctance.

Xu An’an did not expect him so determined.

"Ziming! How can you..."

"You go out too!"

Mo Ziming's face was already very impatient, "Don't think I don't know that you instigated my mother to
come.Who disclosed the information to you?"

Why was it so coincident? He Meilan came to know that he and Chu Yiyao were talking about


Xu an wanted to tell the truth, but at the thought of Ruan Shanshan’s warning to herself, she
immediately stopped, "I sent someone to check..."

"Get out of here!"

Mo Ziming also no longer investigated.

Xu An‘an stamped her feet angrily and walked towards the door reluctantly.

She was very unwilling.

Passing by Chu Yiyao, she suddenly thought of what Ruan Shanshan had said to her and gave a cold

"Chu Yiyao, don't be complacent.Do you think Ziming still love you? Stop dreaming! He married you
just to revenge you for cheating on him, and then he will deliberately treat you rudely, send you to other
men's bed.If you have children, he would also personally kill it! Ziming did all this for revenge! On that
day, you will become the joke of the whole An’cheng, become the most miserable wife.Even if you
regret, he will not let you go! "

"You don't believe it? Then I might as well tell you that that Chu family was framed and you was jailed
was all done by Ziming himself! No man will tolerate his wife's cheating..."

Xu An’an was excited, and Mo Ziming's face had become a black.

What a stupid woman! "Get out of here!"

Xu An’an had been chased out by bodyguards before she can Say it.

Quiet was restored in the room.

In addition to them, only a few other middle-aged men were left with a good posture.

Chu Yiyao is frozen in place.

Her body seemed to fall into the ice cellar.

She suddenly remembered what Mo Ziming said to her at home that day before he left.

He said to let her wait, and he would not break the engagement, and he would drag her to death.

Was that what it meant? Chu Yiyao smiled bitterly.

Just a moment ago, when Mo Ziming helped her stop He Meilan, she was still grateful to him, thinking
that he still love her.

But the reality gave her a hard slap.

She was so disappointed! Mo Ziming is no longer the same as before.

Maybe he never loved her.

"Is your purpose revenge? What Xu An‘an said is true, isn't it? "

Chu Yiyao raised her head and questioned him in a deep voice, with an unexpected calm on her face.

Mo Ziming stopped.

Her eyes, actually let himself rise a retreat.

He was annoyed and missed her sight and planned to break the jar.

Although Xu An’‘an was not completely right, he had a deeper purpose, but the result was the most
important! "Yes."

Two decisive words made Chu Yiyao complete disappointed.She suddenly laughed, "Oh! It's really a
good way! This kind of revenge is really cruel! Even if lam tortured to death by you, I can't get
divorced.With the reputation of Mo family, you can still live a good life.When you get revenge, you can
dump me, and you can still marry the woman you like! "

"Mo Zi,ing, I have been with you for three years.You disguised yourself well enough.It turns out that this
is your true side.I was really blind at the beginning! Unfortunately, your plan has come to light! I will
never marry you.”

Chu Yiyao looked at him coldly and turned to leave.

How could Mo Ziming let it go? Since she had guessed it, he would no longer pretend.

When the marriage agreement was signed, there were many ways for him to let her forget what
happened just now! He made an eye at the bodyguard, and Chu Yiyao was blocked in an instant.

"You can do it without signing! There are a few managers here who want to taste you.Let them do it.”

Chu Yiyao was stunned, and a bad feeling came up.

"Mr.Wang and Mr.Chen, haven't you been in love with this woman for a long time? Now you can do
it.It's just that you can serve her comfortably.Naturally, there are some discussions with Huayi Group
about cooperation! "

As soon as he said this, everyone could understand his meaning.

On the sofa, several men stood up and looked at Chu Yiyao wantonly.

No matter how many men she had, at least she was one of the most beautiful beauties! Chu Yiyao
couldn't believe it.

Looking at Mo Ziming, and his eyes were cold and cruel.

Was he forcing her? If she didn't compromise, she had to deal with her in such a dirty way! Why didn't
she know that Mo Ziming was so cruel.

One of the men first came over and gave a grim smile, reaching out to tear her clothes.

Chu Yiyao subconsciously wanted to escape and is stopped by a bodyguard.

"Little beauty, you've been with so many men.Why do you pretend to be pure at this time.I promise to
be gentle to you..."Your fiance opened this mouth, so don't be embarrassed and enjoy it..."

Several people teased and forced Chu Yiyao to the corner.

The nose was full of smoke and wine, disgusting, and Mo Ziming was sitting on the sofa watching the
good play.

Chu Yiyao's heart was dead! "Hiss" The neckline of her shirt was torn open by someone, which
revealed a wonderful scene inside.

The desire of several men's eyes was more and more strong, and they were approaching her.

Chu Yiyao forced herself to calm down.

She must not die here.

She must try to escape! Her eyes fell on the empty wine bottle on one side.

She saved the bottle in the palm of her hand and hit the head of the nearest man.

The man fell to the ground in pain.

Taking advantage of their stupidity, she stood up and ran outside, only to be caught by one of them.

"How dare you run when you hurt someone, bitch! I have to kill you today."

Chu Yiyao was dragged to go inside, and finally ran to the door.

If she went in, she would never come out again.

Her eyes were cruel, picked up the fruit knife hidden in the palm of her hand and put it on Mr.Wang's
neck, which soon exuded blood.

"Don't move!"

Chu Yiyao threatened coldly, "the knife in my hand doesn't have eyes!"

Mr.Wang didn't dare to move again.

He was afraid of seeping cold sweat on his forehead.

None of the people thought that this scene would happen.

They all stopped at the same place for a time and did not dare to move forward.

After all, this was a matter of human life and nature.