The Runaway Wife

Chapter 8: The young master lost his temper again

"Mr.Mo, we just found out that Miss Chu is not the woman who had sex with you four years ago."

"Are you kidding me?"

At that time, although he was not sober after taking the medicine, but he could remember her face and
body shape.

Obviously, he was so similar to her, and his body felt so familiar to her.

How could she not be? "We found that Miss Chu was not present at that time.

Of course, the investigation might be wrong or that the information was deliberately concealed."

"Keep searching!"

They had never made any mistakes in their investigation, but Mo Qiaoyu's intuition is also accurate.

He didn't believe that this matter was simple.

It was very likely that the information had been concealed.

It seemed that the identity of Chu Yiyao was not so simple.

Mo Qiao Yu suddenly found that things become more interesting "No, sir.Miss Chu pulled out the
needle and ran away secretly."Qin Yu frown

“What are you waiting for? Take people to chase her! I asked you to send Miss Chu back to the villa of
Mr.Mo, but she ran away and was almost killed by He Meilan.Now the person escaped.Can you be
responsible for this? How do you do it? "

"Yes, The two servants, trembling with reprimand, were about to look for her, but were stopped by Mo

"Let her go."

Qin Yu stopped, "Mr.Mo, are you going to completely let Miss Chu go?"

"How could it be? Whether she was the woman four years ago or not, she is very much to my taste in
all aspects.The old lady also likes her.I want this woman! "

Now let her go, and let this woman suffer first, so that we can see the essence of the Mo Hua family!
Mo Qiao Yu's eyes showed the look of his ambition.

Qin Yu knew that Mo Qiaoyu was going to catch the prey step by step.

His tone became trembling, "Mr.Mr.Mo, one more thing..."

"Say it!"

"The young master is angry again.He doesn't want to go to school.He doesn't eat or drink.This..."

"Let him do it!"

Mo Qiaoyu interrupted, and the cold face actually shows a trace of helplessness.

Qin Yu did not dare to speak.

He followed him.They drove the luxurious and low-key Rolls Royce phantom to Mo family.He couldn't
help laughing.

Mr.Mo said he didn't care, but he still pushed back his work and went home.

If there was anyone who can't deal with this frightening business emperor, it had to be a four-year-old
young master.

After Chu Yiyao came out of the hospital, she went straight to Chu's house.

On the eve of the wedding, she disappeared inexplicably.

The next two days, she did not contact her aunt.She must be worried.

But just when she was about to take a taxi, she found that her mobile phone, key and wallet had been
left in the Wenting garden.

It was so far away from Chu’s house that she couldn't walk back.

She had to go to the apartment to get things back.

Half an hour later, she stood in front of the apartment door and hesitated for half a minute.

This house is a new house for her and Mo Ziming’s marriage, which is decorated by her.

They could move here after they got married, but she didn't expect such an accident.

Mo Ziming's cold and angry tone still reverberated in her mind, lingering.

Chu Yiyao gasped for a while before recovering calm.

She opened the door, glad the key to the apartment was still in her hand.

Seeing the men's shoes at the door, she was stunned and the familiar voice came.

"Are you willing to come back? Don't spend more days with your lover?"

Cold sarcastic tone poke Chu Yiyao's heart slightly painful.

She looked at Mo Ziming who was so cold, and suddenly felt that he was very strange.

"Why don't you talk?"

Seeing her silence, Mo Ziming's anger was even stronger.

Automatically ignoring the wound on her forehead and the five fingerprints on her cheek, he walked to
Chu Yiyao, grabbed her neck and put her against the corner of the wall.

Choking, Chu Yiyao gasped and looked at him in disbelief.

Was this still the Mo Ziming she knew? She knew that he would misunderstand her and be angry, but
she didn't expect him to hurt her! "Mo Ziming, let me go..."