Trapped In Tasty Lips

Chapter 3 Conspiracy

Wendy stared at the floor-length mirror. Gone were the casual clothes she had been wearing during the
day. Instead, it was replaced with the hotel's red uniform. The well-designed fabric wrapped around her
good figure, and her black hair was pulled back into a pun, displaying her delicate features.

She couldn't even recognize her own face anymore.

In fact, she almost forgot how she had gotten here in the first place.

"Miss Wendy, Mr. Leo is here. It's your cue." A lovely girl rushed towards her.

Wendy couldn't even make out her face. Maybe it was because of her nervousness that she couldn't
find it in herself to process what was happening.

She quickly placed the medicine Leah had given her and tapped it into the whiskey. Taking a deep
breath, she plastered a smile on her face and walked to his room.

She knocked on the door.

"Come in."

A deep and magnetic voice echoed from the other side of the door.

Trying to control her heartbeat, she pushed the door open.

Wendy could make out a slender man curled up on the spacious bed. His back was facing her. If she
didn't know any better, she would think that the man had fallen asleep.

He must be Leo Jiang.

At the thought, her heart skipped a beat.

"This is the whiskey you asked for, Sir." Following the instructions given to her, Wendy poured the
whiskey in a glass carefully, but the man still didn't move. "Just put it there. You may leave," he said.

His chilly voice made her heart race.

After pouring in the wine, Wendy tried to control her trembling hand while keeping a good eye on the
man on the bed.

Once everything was set, she sighed in relief.

"Mr. Leo, I've already poured you the whiskey. If there's nothing else, I'll leave." Wendy bowed her head
respectfully, but Leo Jiang didn't even bother to turn around. Instead, he waved her away.

The company had a lot of things to deal with. What made things worse was that he was suffering from
a headache.

He had been busy the entire day, so he was exhausted. All he wanted to do was lounge on his bed and
not think about anything else in the world.

Clang! A harsh sound echoed throughout the room.

Finally, he turned over and frowned. "What happened?"

Wendy motioned to the broken vase. Her eyes were wide in panic. "I'm sorry, Mr. Leo. I really didn't
mean to do it."

She had been so nervous that she knocked it over.

"Are you new here?" Leo Jiang knew exactly how many employees were working in his hotel, and he
could also recognize them by face. He had never seen this woman before.

Wendy stood up and smiled shyly. "You're really observant, Mr. Leo. Yes, I'm new here. I really am
sorry for the vase. It was truly just an accident."

Although Leo Jiang was annoyed, it still didn't mar his handsome face.

When he stared at Wendy, he hesitated before returning back to his stoic resolve, which made her
wonder if what she had just seen had all been an illusion.

"Clean the room first before you head out." Normally, if it was any other woman who knocked it over, he
would order them to leave and have them fix it up tomorrow. He had no idea why he asked her to stay.

What the hell was wrong with him?

Knowing that her trick worked, Wendy sighed with relief. Her heart raced in her chest, but she
pretended to be calm. She quickly plastered a smile over her face. "Okay."

Wendy grabbed a cloth attached to her belt and wiped the shiny table on the room. As she did so, she
subtly stared at him. It was said that he was the young master of the Jiang Family. Not only was he
incredibly influential in the business sector, but he also had a promising future ahead of him.

Plus, it didn't hurt that he was handsome and had a very muscled figure.

Wendy couldn't help but feel something indescribable rushing through her system. She stiffened.

When she was just a teen, it would be a lie to say that she didn't have her own foolish fantasies of
meeting her Prince Charming. Upon staring at him, she couldn't help but relieve those little dreams she
once had.

But she quickly shook her head and reminded herself why she was here in the first place. Now, she
could only succeed. Failure wasn't an option.

"How old are you?" Leo took a sip from his whiskey and stared at her casually.

He was bored.

Wendy moved closer to him. From far away, she could only make out the rough outline of Leo's face,
but now she could observe him even more clearly. He had a straight nose, thick eyebrows, and dark
eyes. He could rival any male model on any magazine.

"I'm twenty, Sir," she quickly answered. Seeing that Leo finally tasted the whiskey, her cheeks flushed
at the thought of its contents. Afraid that he might see through her, she struggled to hold herself

It was rare to see such pure and shy girls in this society. Leo smiled secretly as he took another sip.
This woman was interesting.

Suddenly, a feeling took over him.

He felt something hot scouring through his veins. No matter how much he struggled and resisted
against the feeling, he could feel it taking over him.

It was as if the drink was sucking out all his control.

The impulse to break free had grown even stronger.

Digging his nails into his fists, Leo tried his best to suppress the feeling, but all his efforts were in vain.
When he raised his head to see that the woman still didn't leave his room, he finally understood what
was going on.

She must've put something in his drink.

Wendy feared for her life when she saw how Leo was looking at her. His jaw was clenched, and his
eyes glinted with unimaginable fury. She instinctively retreated to the corner.

She looked like a kitten, all soft and innocent.

"Why did you do it? Who sent you here?" Enduring the pain that racked over his entire system, Leo
managed to hold on and questioned her. Although there was cruelty in his eyes, his actions showed

It seemed that the medicine was taking affect.

Now, he couldn't even think, but he knew for a fact that someone must've arranged it. Otherwise, the
girl wouldn't have been able to enter the Jasmine Hotel.

As the owner, he knew exactly how rigorous his security detail was.

Wendy gazed at the floor shamefully. If people didn't know her any better, they would think she was a
shameless girl who was trying to sell herself. "What are you talking about? Are you okay?"

she asked worriedly.

"You don't know? Do you really think I'll believe you? Shouldn't you be afraid of me? Shouldn't you

The more he resisted, the stronger the heat became. It devoured his sanity, and he could feel his mind
screaming in madness.

He dug his nails into his palm and snarled at her.

This woman! She was going to be the death of him! "I-"

Wendy tried to explain, but Leo suddenly pounced on her. Before she could react, her body was
already trapped under him.

He carried her onto the carpet. Although she already knew what was going to happen, she couldn't
help but feel terrified under his animalistic glare. She slammed her fists against his hard chest, trying to
push the man away.

"What are you doing? Let go of me! Let go of me!"

At this time, Leo had completely lost his mind. He had no idea what he was doing anymore.

The disparity between their strengths made Wendy feel even more helpless. His drunk scent entered
her nostrils.

She could feel herself being suffocated by the horrific smell.

Shame and disgust overwhelmed her. It was only then did Wendy feel actual fear. She tried her best to
shove the man away, but it was to no avail.

There was no escaping her fate.

She could hear Leah's words echoing in her ears, followed by her harsh laugher.

"As long as you bed the young master of the Jiang Family, I would pay your mother's medical

'This is for my Mom,' Wendy told herself again and again. She must let her mother live on.

For a moment, Wendy forgot all about her struggles.

Tears welled up in her eyes.

Leo didn't let go of her that easily. He was like a beast searching for his breakthrough. He pulled her
against him and entered her.

She shrieked, feeling her entire body being ripped apart right in front of him.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she sobbed relentlessly. She hated this, but she had no other
choice but to endure.