A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 41

The funeral service had come to an end and his body had been taken for cremation. I refused to go. I
didn't want to see my father that way. I didn't want to have such awful memories. I wanted to remember
him as the strong, courageous man he was even though he had his flaws. He wasn't perfect. He had
his flaws- many flaws, but all in all, he was a good man and a wonderful father.

I was lodged in a hotel, refusing to live with my mother or move in with Aunt Ruth. I needed my
personal space and some time off. I needed to think and come up with a plan for my unborn child. I
tried so hard to block out thoughts about Luke, but I just couldn't help it. A part of me still loved him and
wanted to mend our relationship, but a greater part of me hated him and wanted him to pay dearly for
everything he'd done to my family. After I'd been informed about dad's passing, not only did I realize
that it was as a result of my choices alongside mom's choices, but also, dad's death was a result of
everything orchestrated by Luke.

Dad's illness began as a result of excessive thinking, excessive thinking which came from the lack of
funds. There were too much expenses on him, and he had no money to cater to it all. The hospital bills
became a problem too. Lucas kept stealing our wealth, setting us up and destroying our businesses
and image. It was all him. I lost my father because of one single mistake I made; marrying Luke.

I couldn't just let my dad's death slide. I was in too much pain knowing that Luke and Laurel caused the
whole thing. His death wasn't natural, it was a man made calamity.

**** 3 months later.

"Judge Lahey will see you now, Mrs. Carrington." The secretary says, as she shows me the way to
Judge Lahey's office. Thankfully, I still held some amount of influence being a Richardson, and also the
wife of the famous trillionaire, Lucas Carrington.

"Good morning, Mrs. Carrington, please."The Judge says, gesturing to the chair.

"Judge Lahey, good morning to you too."

"Would you like a cup of coffee? Juice? Tetley tea?"

"No, please." I say, as I take off my shades. "I'd like to get straight to the point, please."

"Very well. How may I assist you?" The judge asks.

"I want an annulment. I want a divorce from my husband and I would like to request for half of
everything he owns. I want it filed today, not a day later." I say, my heart throbbing at the words leaving
my mouth.

The judge's mouth is agape. I wondered why he was so surprised, but I didn't care enough to ask.

"Are you sure you weren't made to sign a pre-nuptial?" He asks.

"Not that I remember. I wasn't." I respond. If I could remember correctly, on the day of our wedding, I
did sign some documents, but not a pre-nuptial document. "I didn't sign one. Now, can you make this
happen, Judge Lahey? I'm coming to you directly and not an attorney because, I could make things
much much better for you, you know? Mutual benefits? I know you can make this happen."

He coughs, "Your husband is a very powerful man, Mrs. Carrington. I don't think it's a good idea,
crossing paths with him."

"Then request for 60% of what he owns. I'll give you seven percent of his assets when I get them. I'm
carrying his child, surely, you can make that much happen?" I say, as I slam my fists on the table.

I rejoice internally as soon as I see his eyes brighten up as soon as I mention the seven percent he'd
be getting.

"Is there a reason why you want to divorce your husband?"

"Irreconcilable differences. Need I say more? Enlighten me. I'll say anything, as long as I get what I

The judge looks at me for a minute, then gives a big grin. Just like that, he was in. Money really was
powerful. I didn't understand the value of money until this very moment.

"Your wish, is my command." He says, and I see myself out. As I walk out of the building, knowing that
there was no coming back from the decision I'd just made, I begin to cry. Tears of pain, agony, sadness
and anger. This was the only way I could find peace. The only way I could balance the scores between
myself, Luke and Laurel. They needed to pay for my father's life and although, I've always been a
frequent to church, and I'd learned that we were supposed to leave all punishment to God. However,
this case was different. A life was lost in this sick game of revenge Luke started and I would be the one
to punish him and end his wicked game of vengeance. The tables had turned now. I wasn't the prey
anymore. I was the hunter and Lucas, alongside Laurel would be my prey.

Honnnnnnnnk! Is the last thing I hear, before I'm thrown into the air. I can perceive the metallic smell of
blood and also feel it dripping on different parts of my body.

"Dad?" Is the last thing I call out, before I'm swallowed by darkness.