A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 36

Nice meeting you again, Mr. Carrington. We met at the Richardson soiree? I'm the Senator's daughter
in law." Lydia says, and I'm beyond shocked.

"Daughter in law?" I repeat.

"It's a pleasure. Please, do make yourself comfortable here- I know you're my wife's close friend."

She nods, "Yes, Natalie. It was documents alone. I just had to sign some papers there was no

"But still, you should have told me, Lydia, I mean I would've come over to you."

"Excuse me, Ladies." Luke says before he leaves.

I hurriedly drag Lydia to the sofa, so we can sit and discuss. "You have to make sure David doesn't
come here." Is the first thing I can say. I couldn't risk having David or the senator around, especially
when Rocky was still present in the house.

Lydia nods, "I know- I came alone, and I come in peace. I just needed a getaway, Natalie. That's why I
came." She says, giving me a very weird look. I ignore it.

"Yes, yes, you're most definitely welcome here anytime but your husband," I say, placing emphasis on
the word. I continue, "And, your father in law mustn't come here, at least not while Rocket still lives
here. If that ever happens, my marriage is as good as over." I say, but I notice Lydia's breaking a sweat
and I can see she's not too comfortable. "What's wrong?" I ask.

"Look behind you." She says and I pause, a thousand thoughts going through my mind. Someone was
behind me and had heard our conversation.

"I didn't see or hear anything." Emmanuelle says as she turns to leave. I am in complete shock, utterly
confused as I watch her eyes look at me with disgust and mistrust.

"Wait!" I scream as I rush to grab her. "Please, please, no, it's not what you think. Emmanuele!"

She's breathing heavily, her eyes almost betraying her. She remains quiet. Oh, dear God. What have I

"Emmanuele, please. . ." I whisper as I sob.

"He loves you too much. How could you? In his house!" At this point, I look at Lydia for help because if
this continued, Luke would be here in no time. Lydia rushes over and although she doesn't say a word,
her standing beside me was enough moral support.

"How much did you hear? Please, just let me explain!" I sob, falling to my knees. "I don't love that man
and I never for once cheated on Luke- that man and I? There's nothing between us, there will never be

"Yes, you have to believe her. I know it's the truth, and since you know her too, you should know
Natalie would never do something so brazen."

Lydia says.

Emmanuele jerks her hands off, "Having that man here is enough brazenness already!" She yells. She
continues, "I know I'm just a mere cook, a worker—She says, looking me straight in the eyes. She
continues, "But I consider Luke to be my son. He's my family, and whoever cheats him, I will never
support." My sobbing intensifies as I caress my stomach.

"You can't mention a word of this to Luke, please."Lydia begs on my behalf.

"No, I won't." Emmanuelle says, nodding her head. "I won't break his heart in such a cruel way." She
says and my eyes light up as I hear those words. Those words meant the world to me. As I'm about to
speak, I'm distracted by the sound of clapping.

"Wow." I hear, as the voice chuckles. I turn to look and I almost faint as soon as I see Laurel.

She chuckles some more, "Wow, it almost felt like I was in a movie!" She says, a gigantic smile in her

"I asked you to leave. Get out!" I yell.

"You did. Luke did. However, I realized I left something valuable to me, I was going to sell it for some
cash, but we were already on our way, and since I was thrown out, I remembered about it and rushed
back here to pick it up and God really decided to bless me today. I think today's my lucky day." She
mocks, a grin on her face.

Bloody hell. . . "What did you hear?" I get up, immediately. Restraining myself from the nasty thoughts
coming into my mind. I wanted to strangle her so badly.

"Oh, I heard it all. Every single bit, and you wanna know the best part?"

"Don't talk to her that way!" I hear Aunt Ruth say.

"You heard something, so? As a servant, when you hear or see something, you pretend you didn't!
How dare you?" Aunt Ruth says. Lydia's holding my hand and I'm still sobbing.

"I've told you countlessly, old hag. I'm not a servant here. Get that into your thick skull, and your nieces

"Laurel!" Emmanuele yells.

She rolls her eyes, "I'm going to meet Luke, I'm going to play this so he can hear all about your
rendezvous and you know, your special little friend. Is he still here, by the way?"

As she walks, I begin to sob again, and Aunt rushes to hold me.

"Jesus!" Aunt Ruth gasps and I look up. It's Rocky, and he's strangling Laurel. I gasp in shock.

"You'll what?" He says to her & she's grabbing his hands on her neck. "How dare you speak to Natalie
that way, huh?" He asks. I knew he was going too far, but I was glad he was keeping her shut.

"You won't say a word, get that?" Rocky continues as she pushes her. She falls on the floor. He turns
around, "I want you, yes, but I won't play dirty. When I get you, I'll fight like the man I am. I'll get you
myself and I'll be at peace knowing I wasn't your last option, your second choice." He says.

"I don't know if I should hug you or slap you at this point, honestly!" Aunt Ruth says.

"Just go, Rocky. Go, because you're the cause of all this. You shouldn't bother someone you love,
that's not love that's an obsession you have." Lydia says. I'm still looking at Laurel and I realize she's
been thinking of how to run up the stairs without getting stopped.

"Get the phone!" I yell, and immediately she runs up the stairs. Lydia rushes behind her. "It's over, aunt.
It's over." I sob on her shoulders.

"Oh, Natalie. This isn't the time for passing blame around, but I did tell you. It would've been much
better if you had told your husband the truth earlier." I begin to shed hot tears realizing that aunt Ruth
was right, and now, there was no hope. My marriage was over.

"Stop crying, Natty." Rocky says. I turn to look at him, disgusted.

"Are you satisfied? I told you countless times to leave me alone. Let me be! I told you I was, and am
happy with Luke. I'm even carrying his child, but you fell deaf to my pleas, and now, you have the guts
to call me 'Natty'? Don't you dare. Don't you dare!"

He holds my shoulders, "Don't you see, I'm the only one suitable for you! You still love me!" He says.
"You still love me, you just don't realize it because you've been locked up with that bastard for too

"Let me go!" I say as I push him away. I give him a slap. "Never, ever, touch me again!" I say, and in a
second, I begin to hear things getting smashed and Laurel screams. Luke knew. Luke knew, and he
was coming for not only Rocky, but myself.

I rush to the kitchen and pick a knife. I can hear aunt Ruth calling out my name, panicked. I return to
the living room and aunt Ruth screams when she sees me.

"Jesus, Natalie, have you gone mad?"

I place the knife on my neck, "Get out of here, Rocky. Go! If you don't, I'll slit my throat right here and
right now!"

"Easy, Natalie, you're not holding a toy." Rocky says, shocked at my action.

"I'll count to five. I'll slit my throat on five if you don't leave!" At this point, aunt Ruth is crying seriously,
saying a silent prayer all the while, holding her chest. I wasn't actually going to kill myself, I just needed
Rocky out of there before Luke got downstairs. I could still hear him smashing things.

"Get out! What are you waiting for?" Aunt Ruth yells at Rocky and he rushes out. I follow him to the
door, ensuring he really did leave the manor.

I lock the door, "Aunt. I refuse to leave my home. I refuse to let my marriage shatter. I'll be damned,
before I let Laurel take my husband and my home."

Slowly counting my steps, I approach the stairs. I can't tell if Aunt Ruth's behind me or not, but for some
reason, I feel calm. That is, until I see Luke coming down the stairs. His hair, a mess, and his face, void
of emotion.

| lock the door, "Aunt. | refuse to leave my home. | refuse to let my marriage shatter. I'll be damned,

before | let Laurel take my husband and my home."

Slowly counting my steps, | approach the stairs. | can't tell if Aunt Ruth's behind me or not, but for some
reason, | feel calm. That is, until | see Luke coming down the stairs. His hair, a mess, and his face, void

of emotion.