A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 35

It's almost seven in the evening and aunt and I had gone into the manor. I am on my way to the room to
check on Luke because he wasn't in his study. I'm in the room and I scan the room but I don't see him
around until I hear the shower running. I bite my lips in excitement as I remember my plans for Luke
and I earlier this evening. I take off my shoes and tiptoe into the bathroom smiling. My smile disappears
in no time as soon as I notice something odd. There was someone else in the shower with Luke. A
woman. I slide the door open.

"Luke." I state, disgusted at the sight before me. He turns, alert. I can see the confusion on his face. I
caress my temples in annoyance as I walk out. I quickly wear my shoes and I can hear Luke shouting
at his companion as he rushes behind me.

"Natalie, I swear! I thought it was you, my love, you have to believe me!" He says, holding my arm. I
jerk it off as I turn around. I scoff as I see Laurel walking out, wearing my robe.

"She's wearing my robe, Luke. Tell her to take off my robe!" I yell. "Tell this woman to take it off,
immediately. That robe belongs to me!"

He turns to her, "You heard her. I beg you, take off Natalie's robe! Leave!" He turns to me, "I thought it
was you, I didn't see her, you have to believe me."

Laurel chuckles. "Luke, we both knew she would find out sooner or later. We have to stop pretending
now! You wanted this, you told me to come here, Luke!" Laurel yells.

Luke looks at her in shock, "Laurel!" He yells. He holds my hands, "She's lying. She's lying!"

I jerk my hands off, yet again. "Don't touch me. Get this woman out of this house, right now." I warn
him. "I want her out of this house. If she doesn't leave, I will. After you've kicked her out, you and I will
have a very long talk!" I say as I storm off. Laurel had done way too much and this was the height of it

all. Luke had to choose now. It was either me or Laurel, and I knew he was smart enough to choose

"Jesus, calm down, Natalie. What happened? What's with all the shouting?" Aunt Ruth asks.

"I found Luke and Laurel naked together in the bathroom, aunt!" I yell.

"What?" Aunt Ruth and a third party say in unison and I realize that my friend, Lydia is present.

"Lydia. I'm sorry, I didn't see you." I say as I move to hug her.

"That woman has gone mad, aunt. She's gone mad! She wore my robe. I have never felt disgusted in
my entire life." I say

"So Luke cheated on you? While you were at home too?" Lydia asks

"Of course not. He was in the shower and couldn't see and I'm certain she took advantage of that. I
trust my husband, completely." I say, stating a fact and simultaneously making it clear to Lydia, that my
husband was incapable of such.

"That girl isn't an ordinary girl, if I were you, I'd kick her out." Aunt says, just as Laurel comes running
in. She kneels before me, "Please, Natalie, please, I have nowhere else to go!" She begs, trying to hold
my hands but I take a step back.

"Don't you dare touch me." I say, just as Luke comes in. "I told you to tell this woman to leave, Luke. I'm
getting impatient and I'll be forced to leave if she doesn't." I say, my arms folded as I look into his eyes.
I was definitely angry about the extremely compromising and suspicious position I found them in, but I
did trust the fact that Luke didn't get in there with her intentionally.

"Vangos!" Luke calls out and in no less than 30 seconds, a tall, well built man comes in.

"Yes, sir." He says, more of a statement than a question.

"Take Laurel away. Lodge her in a hotel or find her an apartment. You know what to do." Luke
commands and I feel extremely relieved to hear those words.

"Find one very far away from here. Very, far away." I demand, as I watch her get dragged away.

"Shall we?" I say to Luke as Laurel leaves. I give aunt a nod and give a small smile to Lydia. I lead
Luke to his study.


"I know what you saw was very convincing, but I swear, my love, you have no reason to doubt me."

Luke says, attempting to hold me. I shove his hands off as I take a few steps back.

"Did you ever believe me when I always warned you about that woman? That's all I want to know—yes,
or no?"

His hands drop down in defeat, "I did not touch her intentionally, I thought it was you—I had soap in my
eyes, I couldn't see."

"You touched her?" I say, being rightfully dramatic. "How far did you guys go and I find it extremely
insulting that you do not recognize my touch, Luke."

"We didn't have sex, if that's what you're thinking! It was just a few kisses." He says, his hands in the
air as though he wanted me to believe what he was saying.

"I do believe you, Luke. I know nothing happened." I sigh. I move closer to him and hold his hands.
"We're a couple, Luke and couples need to trust one another in every situation they find themselves in.

I trust you so much now and in return, I hope you give me the same trust if need arises in the future." I
say as I hug him.

He heavesa sigh of relief, "You don't know how happy and relieved I feel. I never knew Laurel would
turn out like this." He says.

"I tried telling you severally but you thought I was lying. She's no good." I say, as Luke and I share a
hug. Finally, Laurel was out of the way. The only obstacle left was Rocky and hopefully, Luke would
have a reason to kick him out and cut all ties with him.